Bethel West Cemetery Photos
Submitted by: Bryan Sims

Alabama Highway 106 in the Bethel Community

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John A. Byrd 10/26/1861 to 6/17/1911
His wife: Mattie A. Byrd 7/6/1868 to 2/8/1919
And their son: James Zollie Byrd 8/9/1897 to 11/22/1918
The inscription below his name suggest that he was a veteran and a casualty
of World War I, "He have his life for his country....."

I do not know for certain, but I suspect a connection between this Byrd
family and the wife of George Washington Sims, Martha A. Byrd Sims who is buried

Stephen Ernest (aka S.E. or Ernie) Sims
The arch over the entrance (see sign above) to the Bethel West Cemetery
is dedicated to the memory of Ernie and his wife Margaret.



Mentoria Harwell Sims (June 30, 1845 to March 28, 1920).
 She was the wife of William Henry Sims.  I believe this may be one of the
oldest markers located with the Bethel West Cemetery.

Walter L. Sims and his wife, Emmie.  Walter was the son of William Henry and
Mentoria Harwell  Sims.

 Bethel West Methodist Church
(across the street from the cemetery)