Old Town Cemetery and Teel Creek Cemetery As Explained by Mr. J.D. Bedsole

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Old Town Cemetery and Teel Creek Cemetery
As Explained
Mr. J.D. Bedsole

The following is an attempt to clear up the names Old Town Cemetery and Teel Creek Cemetery as being the names used for the Old Town Cemetery. Mr. J.D. Bedsole explains below on January 11th, 2005.

Old Town Cemetery in Coffee County is also known by many as Teel Creek Cemetery. This is confusing several people with the use of two different names.

Old Town Cemetery and Teal Creek Cemetary are one and the same. At first, that location was where only three log houses were located.

But a sawmill was built there because it was near the river, where lumber could be sawed, put on wagons, backed down the bank, and the lumber shipped off on river barges for a profit. You can still see what looks like a ditch there, but it is not a ditch. It is the result of the loading and unloading of numerous wagonloads of lumber, tar and other stuff there. All that backing down to the river and coming back up, in the same tracks caused the "Ditch".

Anyway, Old Town was the name of the town there after several others moved there and built log houses and worked at the sawmill. When the sawmill went out of business, the town collapsed and was abandoned.

I remember when I was 10, there were still two old loghouses and log barns there and three more on the right side of the road coming in to the site.

Most people still called the cemetery Old Town Cemetery.

However, over the period of many years, the little stream of water running near the cemetery became "Teel Creek". After that, some started calling the cemetery "Teel Creek Cemetery".

Some still call it both Old Town Cemetery and Teel Creek Cemetery. And some like me, have never called it anything but Old Town Cemetery because that's what it really was in the first place.

The cemetery was for the settlers of Old Town. Old Town apparently got its name after it was abandoned and people started calling it that.

It was an old town......................


Created by
Phyllis Jeannae Kwanja Owens
January 11th, 2005
With "special" thanks to
Mr. J.D. Bedsole
Last Modified January 11th, 2005