New Haven Cemetery

New Haven Cemetery
Coffee County, Alabama
Surveyed by J.D. Bedsole and C.T. Bedsole
and submitted May 2007

From Opp, Alabama, this cemetery is located on the east side of Coffee County Highway # 410, about 3 miles north of the intersection of 410 and Alabama State Highway 134; that intersection is about 1 mile north of the Ino Community on 134.

From Elba, Alabama, this cemetery is about a mile and a half west of the intersection of County Highway 410 and Alabama State Highway 87.

This Cemetary was inventoried on May 4, 2007 by JD Bedsole and CT Bedsole.

Adkinson, Mavis N. 1/30/1928-10/13/1993.
Adkison, Fred W. (Son) 7/20/1949-4/26/1970.
Adkinson, Fred N. 12/16/1923-8/7/1991.
Adkisondkison, Karl N. 8/4/1962-No Date Of Death.
Adkison, Mary Nettie 10/7/1900-1/11/1992.
Adkison, James B. 3/30/1893-6/19/1973.
Barnes, Baby Boy, b. & d. 11/25/1976.
Barry, G. Wayne 12/2/1939-No Date Of Death.
Barry, Shirley A. 8/20/1945-8/31/2004.
Barry, Greg (Son) 1973-1974.
Campbell, J.T. 3/15/1913-Do Date Of Death.
Campbell, Josephine E. 1/26/1919-11/6/1993.
Campbell, Daniel J. 8/16/1964-1/31/2000.
Coppage, Ben M. 3/19/1905-5/15/1975.
Coppage, Louise 9/5/1918-8/22/1985.
Danford, James A. 11/30/1931-2/20/2006.
Davis, Rebecca Carnley 1865-1955.
Davis, Malcom S. 1902-1969.
Davis, Sarah E. 1903-1984.
Davis, Clarence E. 12/15/1909-5/30/1992.
Davis, R.A. 1/17/1937-10/1/1975.
Davis, Vernie Mae 4/16/1939-No Date Of Death.
Dawkins, Lee 11/15/1913-3/25/1991.
Dawkins, Mattie 8/19/1925-No Date Of Death.
Ellis, Renzo L. 6/4/1900-3/26/1968.
Ellis, Mary A. 6/13/1987-9/3/2002.
Ellis, Jess Willard 1/22/1940-7/17/1953.
Farris, E. Joe Lane 9/1/1945-10/5/1945.Son.
Farris, Carl Ren 5/11/1956-8/5/1966. Son.
Farris, Edna Knight 11/11/1928- Mother, No Date Of Death.
Farris, Rudolph 5/4/1924-2/20/1993 Father.
Farris, John Bibb "Paw-Paw" 12/1/1934-5/26/2006.
Farris, Jeanette J. 3/20/1941-3/24/1974.
Farris, William Eugene 11/29/1915-1/23/1994.
Farris, Ollie Thomas 10/6/1919-No Date Of Death
Harden, Johnny B. 12/27/1932-4/19/2005.
Harden, Cynthia L. 9/23/1955-No Date Of Death.
Harden, Oliver 12/22/1904-5/18/1978.
Harden, Minnie Ola 4/1/1910-2/2/2000.
Hataway, Winfred C. 6/11/1919-2/20/2007.
Hataway, Pasteen D. 12/15/1922-8/1/1989.
Haywood, Judge 9/23/1914-7/15/1972.
Howell, Frances A. 4/23/1934-662006.
Howell, Julian Kenneth 10/18/1953-5/19/1995.
Hollinghead, William J. 8/25/1948-No Date Of Death.
Hollinghead, Melba J. 8/15/1951-12/16/2006.
Hudson, Dock 4/1/1914-11/17/1988.
Hudson, Velma B. 10/1/1922-4/26/1977.
Isler, Hazel D. 4/22/1904-3/23/1980.
Isler, E.M. 3/22/1905-4/23/1991.
Johnson, Jo Ann 9/8/1950-12/24/1994. No Date Of Death.
Judah, Charles Mack 2/5/1931-5/21/2002.
Knight, Bob 6/22/1926-8/1/2005.
Knight, Ada Ruth 8/10/1940-No Date Of Death.
Knight, Stella 7/18/1895-11/25/1901.
Knight, Garry 7/25/1894-10/31/1973.
Knight, Betty Sue 12/16/1938-10/7/2006.
Miles, James Verson 3/16/1948-3/23/1986.
Miles, Vernon 1/14/1925-10/2/1962.
Miles, Connie Haywood 7/17/1928-12/14/2002.
Money, Melissa A. 2/7/1971-4/23/1971.
Parrish, Jeremy Bruce 6/12/1969-12/5/2006.
Parrish, Byron M. 9/28/1961-No Date Of Death.
Reeves, Carlton William 3/3/1923-No Date Of Death.
Reeves, Lenora 8/16/1926-No Date Of Death.
Richards, Ashley Renee b. & d. 11/14/1984.
Spinks, Pinkie 9/17/1914-11/20/2005.
Spinks, Doll 12/12/1807-10/21/1976.
Spurlin, Joe A. 5/3/1946-No Date Of Death.
Spurlin, Jean 3/14/1946-No Date Of Death.
Stokes, Paul 9/5/1944-3/3/1988.
Stokes, Glenda F. 6/2/1944-5-29-2005.
Thomas, John Leroy 8/19/1921-8/13/1994.
Thomas, John C. 10/23/1892-9/8/1968.
Thomas, Connie D. 1/11/1895-6/6/1981.Married 6/28/1911.
Tucker, William S. 5/25/1892-4/30/1972.
Tucker, Thelma G. 6/11/1906-5/15/1990.
Watson, Daniel b &d. 7/16/1972. Son of Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Watson.
Wesley, T. (Husband) 1/12/1937-No Date Of Death.
Wesley, Rita Faye (Wife) 7/4/1938-No Date Of Death.
Wesley, Dina Lynn 12/7/1958-11/28/1980.
Wilkins, George H. "Pete" 9/22/1927-4/11/1964.
Wilkins, Grace Adkison 9/12/1928-No Date Of Death.

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