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Autauga County, Alabama
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Searchable Autauga County Records

   1830 Census Index    1840 Census Index
   1850 Census    1860 Census
   Cemetery Listings   Super Index
   Index to Commissioners Court Records      Index to Land Records, 1818-1878   
   Index to Orphans Court Records, 1823-1849       Index to Wills and Estates, 1822-1888   
   Marriage Index, 1829-1898       Errata Sheet  

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Searchable (and Correctable) Autauga County Records

For most of the searchable records on this site, errors cannot be corrected because we must maintain the integrity of the original databases. These links search some records using a different method that will allow me to annotate the records so errors can be noted. Please send me your comments, suggestions, or errors to be corrected.

   1830 Census Index    1840 Census Index 
   1850 Census Index     1860 Census Index 
   Cemetery Index    Autauga County Marriages

 Additional Autauga County Census Data 

 1850 Census by Beats   1850 Census Index 
 1860 Census by Beats   1850/1860 Census Beat Location Map (from Larry Nobles) 
 Partial 1910 Autauga County Census   Partial 1910 Autauga Census Index, ED 1 (from Sue Wycoff) 
 Partial 1910 Autauga Census Index, ED 2 (from Sue Wycoff) 

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 Additional Autauga County Data 

 Masonic Membership Lists 1828-1831   Will of Nicholas Zeigler - 1840 
 Probate of Nicholas Zeigler - 1858   Mail Remaining in Post Office - 1849 
 Pine Level Church Membership - 1875   Old Harmony Church Membership (Caver) 
 Rutledge Methodist Church Membership (Caver)   Resolutions from Evergreen Baptist Church (Caver) 
 Death and Marriage Notices ca. 1853-1867 (Caver)   List of Letters at Washington Post Office - 1822 (Caver) 
 Robinson Springs Masonic Membership - 1873   Largest Slaveholders in 1860 and 1870 Surname Matches 
 (from Tom Blake) 
 Marriage Notices ca. 1890-1891 (Caver)   Marriages Notices ca. 1849-1853 (Caver) 
 Deeds and Mortgages ca. 1820-1825 (Caver)   Autauga County Data in the ALGenWeb Archives 
 Warning to Smokers - 1849   Death Notices from the Prattville Progress 1935 (Caver) 
 Military Information   Miscellaneous Marriage Information 
 American Revolution Veterans   Land Patent Information (Marv Hamm) 
 Obituary Information   Obituary Links 

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Links to Information on Autauga County Families

 Burt   DeBardeleben 
 Owen   Goodson 
 Nicholas Zeigler (ca. 1765) 
 Death Certificate for Mollie Fralick 

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Autauga County Genealogy Mail List

 You can join a mail list devoted to Autauga County genealogy by sending a message containing just the word  
in the body of the message to

If you wish to get the digest version of the list, send the message to


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 You can post queries on this site: 
  Autauga County Queries   

Queries posted at this link are also automatically posted to the Autauga Mail List.

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Genealogical and Historical Societies

 Autauga Genealogical Society 
 Post Office Box 680668 
 Prattville, Alabama 36067-0668 
 Dues are $20 a year and include a subscription to Autauga Ancestry. 
 For more information, contact John K. Brown,  
 Autauga County Heritage Association 
 102 E. Main Street 
 Prattville, AL 36067 
 Dues are $20 a year 
 For more information contact 

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Research Locations in Autauga County

 Autauga-Prattville Public Library (Alabama Room) 
 254 Doster Street 
 Prattville, Alabama 36067 
 (334) 365-3396 
 Autauga County Courthouse 
 4th and Court Streets 
 Prattville, Alabama 36067 
  Note: The probate office is in a separate building next to the courthouse.

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Related Sites of Interest

 History of Autauga County  (from ADAH)  Historical Maps of Autauga County 
 Chilton County 
 (formed in part from northern Autauga in 1868) 
 Elmore County 
 (formed in part from eastern Autauga in 1866) 
 Montgomery County 
 (south of Autauga County) 
 Dallas County
 (west of Autauga County) 
 Lowndes County 
 (south of Autauga County) 

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Other Genealogy Sites of Potential Interest
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 Southeastern Genealogy Home Page   Alabama County Formation Maps 
 Alabama Census Maps 
 U.S. Census Maps    U.S. City Directories 
 Genealogy Buff   

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Commercial Sites of Potential Interest
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 Autauga Census Books from S-K Publications   1850 Autauga Map from S-K Publications 
 Census CDs from Blue Roses Publishing Co.   Genealogy Classifieds 

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