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Visit Alabama Civil War Roots and find a bundle of letters written by Alexander Francis (Frank) Mcgahey of Co D. They give a first-hand account of Vicksburg and he mentions many of his fellow soldiers.
Thanks to D.Johns Lucas for finding this link.
Jerry Brewer's book on the story of his great grandfather's service in the 42nd is available for purchase at the special pre-publication price of $22.50 plus postage.
To order your copy of UNTO THY PEOPLE: THE STORY OF OUR FATHERS contact Jerry Brewer, 308 S. Oklahoma, Elk City, OK 73644
A new book is being published called FACES OF WAR. As soon as it's available for purchase we will post a notice.
Meanwhile, there are copies of RESACA CONFEDERATE CEMETERY still available for $10.00 plus $2.50 s & h.
If interested, please contact William Hobgood, P.O. Box 815, Resaca, GA 30735.
Samuel Askew has finished his research on "An Analysis of Unit Cohesion in the 42nd Alabma Infantry" and would still greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who can share letters, diaires, first-hand accounts, etc. from soldiers of the 42nd. He is the gggrandson of George Washington Askew, 1Lt, F Co.

His thesis on the 42nd Alabama is now
available through a DoD website:

Click on DTIC technical reports and type in 42nd
Alabama. Everyone will be able to download an
Acrobat version.
(Click to try this link.)
The thesis is now copyright of the DoD, but is free to whomever is interested in the story of the 42nd Alabama.
He is still conducting research in hope of a future book, so again, any personal accounts i.e. letters, diaries, newspaper
accounts, etc. would be appreciated.

The Stories Part 1 and Part 2 are filled with messages, family histories and stories, queries, and addresses of people who have ancestors in the 42nd. Each email and letter received is linked to the soldier on the muster roll. Please email me if you want to be linked to a particular soldier with information pertaining to him or his family

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Battle of Corinth - October 3-4, 1862

vs. Yazoo Pass Expedition - February 3-April 10, 1863

Vicksburg Campaign - May-July 1863

Port Gibson, Mississippi - May 1, 1863

Champion Hill - May 16, 1863

Vicksburg Siege - May-July 1863

Chattanooga Siege
- September-November 1863

Chattanooga - November 23-25, 1863

Atlanta Campaign -May-September 1864

Rocky Face Ridge - May 5-11,1864

Resaca - May 14-15, 1864

New Hope Church - May 25-June 4, 1864

Atlanta - July 22, 1864

Ezra Church, Georgia - July 28, 1864

Atlanta Siege - July-September 1864

Bentonville - Carolinas Campaign - February-April 1865

Lt. Charles Labuzan of Co. F of the 42nd Alabama talked about the Battle of Corinth: "We were met by a perfect storm of grape, canister, cannon balls and minnie balls. Oh God! I have never seen the like! The men fell like grass. I saw men, running at full speed, stop suddenly and fall upon their faces, with their brains scattered all around. Others, with legs and arms cut off, shrieking with agony. The ground literally strewn with mangled corpses. Ahead was one continuous blaze."

Private McKinstry of the 42nd is quoted," A mine ball went crashing through my left hip and turned me half around. Another went tearing through my right shoulder which changed my position to front; and another ball crushed through my left shoulder, causing me to drop my gun and my left arm to fall limp by my side. I looked and everyone of the fifteen who were standing with me had fallen in a heap." McKinstry scrambled back down the wall of the fort and despite his hip wound, "ran for half a mile before I fell." General Moore described a color bearer last seen alive "going over the breastworks, waving a piece (of his banner) and shouting for the Southern Confederacy."
Pvt. J. A. McKinstry's has written an account of the battle at Battery Robinette on 4 October 1862 in which Col. W. P. Rogers died.

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 Colonel John Wesley Portis
First Commander of the 42nd

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Colonel Portis

Rev. James P. McMullen was chaplain to the
42nd Alabama in 1864.
Rev. McMullen and his son,
William F. McMullen, were
killed within minutes of each other on the
evening of 15 May 1864.
Visit Photo Gallery for a photograph of Rev. McMullen.
Click here for more information about Rev. McMullen's death.

Co.A......from Monroe County

Co. B......from Pickens County

Co. C..Johnson's Avengers from Wilcox

Co. D.....from Pickens County

Co. E.....McCulloch Avengers from Conecuh County

Co. F....From Fayette County

Co. G...From Talladega County

Co. H...From Monroe County

Co. I...Hinson Guards from Mobile County

Co. K...Bull Mountain Invincibles From Marion County

Alabama seceded from the Union on January 11, 1861. "Several specialized types of units were organized for the Confederate Army. The Confederate Congress passed an act authorizing the creation of Local Defense Troops units on August 21, 1861. However, the Confederate Adjutant and Inspector General's Office did not issue its General Orders #86 outlining the regulations for their organization until June 23, 1863. These units were usually organized on the company and battalion level for defense of the areas in which they were raised. Often they were composed of employees of government arsenals, armories, bureaus, or from men detailed from regular line units for detached service. Toward the end of the war, some of these units were organized into regiments that were to be called into active service only when the situation in their vicinity required it. The Confederate Congress created the Reserves on February 17, 1864 when it expanded conscription to include all white males between17 and 50 years of age. Those under 18 and those over 45 were to be organized in the Reserves, troops that did not have to serve beyond the boundaries of the state."
Compendium of The Confederate Armies

Fort Delaware Society
Rock Island Arsenal and Confederate POW Camp

The box of names found at the bottom of some muster rolls contains names of prisoners of war and death and/or burial sites. Many thanks to Richard Sinyard for providing this information.
Read more about the prisons.

A Word of Caution About this Muster Roll: Do not assume that a particular individual participated in a battle if (1) his unit was at the battle and (2) the person appears likely to have been with that unit. In the War Department's view, and from a strict adherence to objective information in existing evidence, such an assumption cannot ordinarily be made.... No roll call was recorded just before a unit entered battle..... There are a variety of reasons why a particular individual may not have been present at the time of battle: different companies in the regiment may have had different assignments, or an individual soldier may have been absent due to sickness, desertion, temporary assignment to other duties, or other causes. Muster rolls--which were ordinarily compiled to cover a 2-month period--are generally accurate for the day on which the roll was filled out, but often not for all of the period covered. If a person left the ranks some time during those 2 months and then returned, that absence may not show on the roll. This is especially true for Confederate rolls. (Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration)
Since the muster rolls listed below are only for one particular day in one particular year, I have listed names of men who are known to have served with the unit at other times. You can find their names at the bottom of the roll.

Men who died during the war or died as POW's I have listed separately in the bottom of their respective companies.

Please note: When more than one person shares the same ancestor and a story has been submitted about that ancestor, I have put the soldier's name is parentheses.

(Thanks to Jim Martin for our 42nd Flag)
for Company A under Captain George Washington Foster

Capt. George Washington Foster, lst Lt. S.S. Gaillard (resigned), 2nd Lt. J. B. Marshall, Brevt. 2nd Lt. J.S. Jennings

1st Sgt. G.H. Gray, 2nd Sgt. J.W. Rumbley, 3rd Sgt. James Crook, 4th Sgt. J.L. Miller, 5th Sgt. J. F. McCoroy, 1st Cpl. F. Hixon, 2nd Cpl. R.A. Lambert, 3rd Cpl. W. H. Hightower, 4th Cpl. F.W. Brantly

All of these men were privates: W. R. Agu, Henry Atkinson (died 12 April 1862), G.Bacigalufo, R.H. Baulgman, T.D. Black, F. P. Bowden, G.S. Bradley (listed below), Allen Bradshaw, Charles Busey, , T.J. Carter, E. G. Clark, W. H. Crawford, B.E. Crook, James Daniel, Alexander Davis, W.W. Davis, W. F. Dishon, W. J. Donavan, W.D. Dunn, W. Fleming (died 2 May 1862), C. Fonda, G. D. Foster, Thomas Gaillard, M. R. Gibson, W. D. Gibson, T. H. Goren, John Hagaman, Tappin Hagaman, J. R. Hall, T. R. Hall, William Hetherington, J. A. Hightower, Jr., J. N. Hinson, David Humphrey, Joseph Jacobson, C. L. Johnson, W. H. Jones, A. Klisso, J. D. Lambert, Madison Lambert, William Lee, W. C.(William Charles) Lofton/Loftin, H. C. Long, Charles Mass, J. L. Mayo, W. M. Miller, R. F. Mosely, R. N. Murphy, Charles Myer, H. Myer, R. C. McDonald, R. N. McMillan, C. A. Norman, J. V. Osborne, Edward Oye, Daniel Parkis, J. L. Perry, J. T. Perry, T. W. Portis, W. R. Powell, D. W. Rankin, J. J. Roberts, J. M. Roberts, J. W. Roberts, A. Robertson, J. L. Robertson, W. J. Robison, John Shaw, J. P. Smith, J. W. Smith, J. R. Sowell, T. Sowell, James Thames, G. W. Thompson, W. T. Thompson, H. D. Wainright, James Young

All of these men enlisted for a 2 year period at either of these 3 locations: Fort Pillow; Columbus, Mississippi; or Claiborne, Alabama. The Muster Roll from which these names are taken is dated May 16, 1862 and their station is listed as Columbus, Mississippi. Their discipline was listed as "good" and their instruction was listed as "progressive." Military appearance was listed as "good" but they had no arms, no accoutrements, and little clothing.

Men who served in Co. A but are not listed on this muster roll: W. J. Dunaway (Lamison), H. A. Monnier (Demopolis), James L. Lambert, H.M. Lambert, Jasper D. Lambert, J. M. Lambert (also served in Co. E), John Lambert, Robert James Lambert, R.A. Lambert, Thomas Lambert (also served in Co. H), Lucius Cissero White
 Robert N. Murphy. Buried with wife, Lydia, at Vancleave #1 Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi.
 Pvt. W. Bradshaw. 3 Jan. 1864. POW. Buried at Rock Island, Illinois.
 Pvt. J. D. Lambert.12 Jan. 1864. POW. Buried at Rock Island, Illinois.
 Pvt. William H. Hightower. 26 Feb. 1864. Probably died in Dalton, Georgia hospital
 1st. Lt. Joseph B. Marshall. 18 Aug. 1864. Probably died in Macon, Georgia hospital.
 Pvt. George S. Bradley. 6 Nov. 1863. Died in a hospital in Demopolis, Alabama.
 Pvt. O. J. Perry. 14 Feb. 1863. POW. Alton, Illinois Prison.

for Company B under Capt.Thomas C. Lanier

Note: "The
2nd Infantry Regiment (also called Magnolia Regiment) was organized at Fort Morgan, AL during April 1861. Its members were raised in Calhoun, Pickens, Franklin, Monroe, Clarke, Mobile, and Jackson Counties. The regiment formed the garrison at Fort Morgan, serving as infantry and artillery, until March 1862, when it was ordered to Fort Pillow in Tennessee. Here it disbanded because its term of service had expired. The officers and men joined other Alabama commands. Colonel Henry Maury, Lt. Col. H. C. Bradford, and Maj. Daniel P. Forney were its field officers." The muster roll posted here is listed in the official records as Co. B, Lane Guards, of the 2nd Regiment, Alabama Volunteers, in the service of the Confederate States for 12 months unless sooner discharged." The following roll was written 17 September 1861 at Fort Morgan, Alabama."

Capt. (later Col.) T. C. Lanier, 1st Lt.(later Capt.) R. T. Best (died before June 1862), 2nd Lt.Robert Kershaw Wells(was a captain as of June 1862), 3rd Lt. T. C. Mitchell

1st Sgt. B. B. Salmond, 2nd Sgt. John A. Billups, 3rd Sgt. Philip Noland, 4th Sgt. Thomas T. Bradford,
1st Cpl. K. Bailey, 2nd Cpl. Thomas Mobley, 3rd Cpl. James A. Goring, 4th Cpl S. S. Boughton who was the drummer, F. R. A. Shipman

These men were privates: J. W. Baidgers, L. D. Bailey, C. H. Barham, R. O. Billups, R. A. Boon, B. J. Boon, P. C. Bunn, R. H. Bunn, David B. Buntin, R. W. Buntin, T. C. Buntin, W. H. Burnsides, Robert Brown, W. R. Bunnell, Thomas Campbell, Jasper Carmer, G. H. Casper, M. P. Clanton, F. T. Colbert, John Coleman, J. E. Corder, G. W. Cotton, J. W. Cotton, R. M. Crutchfield, J. R. Cunningham, Newton Elliott, Jas. A. Evans, Jas. G. Evans, M. L. Gaskin, James A. Gibson, Jas. C. Gibson, W. N. Goin, G. Goodloe, S. J. Goodwin, B. H. Gordon, John W. Gray, E. V. L. Gregore, J. W. Guyton, Berry Hales, Wm. Holder, W. H. Holliman, M. D. Hood, C. R. Hughes, R. L. Hughes, John H. Johnson, John C. H. Jones(was a Brevt. 2nd Lt as of June 1862), R. C. Jones, Francis/Frank M. Kent, M. M. Kent, John L. King, Joseph King, James B. Knox, Thos. V. Lock, M. G. Loftin, J. R. Logan, James W. Love, Thomas Luke, John Lyon, J. A. Mabry, Jasper Massey, Thomas Massey, A. W. McGowen, John P. McGowen, O. L. McKinstry, J. E. Minshew, W. N. Mitchell, E. L. Mobley, W. V. Munson, Ja. Noland, R. R. Nuckols, W. H. Orwin, W. H. Perry, J. R. Reed, J. R. Richardson, P. T. Richardson, W. W. Richardson, Alex Rogers, Daniel Rogers, James G. Sanders, P. W. Scott, W. J. Spillman, W. C. Storey, William Thomas, Burt Upchurch (was a 2nd Lt in June 1862), Calvin Upchurch, Eli D. Vance, J. T. Wallace, M. H. Wallace, Benjamin F. Wells, R. B. Weston, R. G. Wilder, J. B. Williams, Jas. F. Williams, R. B. Williams, Robert Williams, L. W. Winborne, N. H. Woods, Jo. E. Woolfolk

Men who served in Co. B but not listed on the muster roll: Pvt. D. G. Barncard, Pvt. J. M. Elliott, J. W. Dial (Avondale), W. H. Vaughan (Helfin), Joseph Holley, Jonathan Phillips (Olney). Jacob Riley Parker (Olney), David W. Story , D. R. Barneard, , J. M. Elliott, Davison (Dennerson, Donalson) Mabry, Pvt.James H. Shipman

 Pvt. D. W. Holder. 26 Nov. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
 Pvt. Columbus Wells. 12 Jan. 1865. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio.
  Pvt. Levi Walker. 29 Oct. 1864. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio.
 A. McCarty. Died 22 June 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

A. McCanter. Died 23 June 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

for Company C under Captain William D. McNeill

Capt. William D. McNeill, 1st Lt. Samuel A. Bonner, 2nd Lt. James L. Grace, Brevt. 2nd Lt. Thomas T. Preston

1st Sgt. Edward C. McWilliams, 2nd Sgt. Capias W. Bodie, 3rd Sgt. James M. Carroll, 4th Sgt. David T. Owen, 5th Sgt. Sterling Brown, 1st Cpl. R. J. Boyd Thigpen (killed while on Picket Duty), 2nd Cpl. David Flowers, 3rd Cpl. Peter W. Parker, 4th Cpl. Edward E. Griffith

All of these men were privates: Ransom Addams, Nathaniel Ashley, James Bagget, Bartley Barr, Joseph Benbow, William Beshea, William F. Beshea, John Burt, Thomas Burt, Simeon Cannon, James M. Colley, Richard Colhin, John W. Colley, James L.(Lewis) Cone, Levy Corley, William Crawford, Henry W. Dailey, John Daily, William W. Daily, James Dayton, Hugh Dayton, Charles Duho, George W. Dunn, Benjamin H. Farr, John Fife, William Finklea, Willis Finklea, Lebourne Flanagan, Green W. Flowers, James H. Flowers, James B. Foster, William Gambler, John M. Gandy, Henry B. Griffith, Thomas Griffith, James D. Grimes, Willis Haddox, James W. Haines, Stephen Haines (substituted for John McLeod 13 Jun 1862), Thomas W. Haines, John Hall, Gabriel M. Hanks, James Harrel, Stephen Hawthorne, James Helms, Calvin Henderson, Oliver Henderson, Robert Henderson, James A. Hinson, Jophua Hinson, Maddison Holder, Hugh B. Johnson, Oliver Johnson, William Johnson, James W. Johnston, James P. Kobbe, C. Kyser, Daniel Kyser, John Lamkin, John B. Lamkin,Benjamin Majors, William H. Manning, James A. McArthur, James McClerkin, Peter McLachlan, John McLeod, James McNeill, Daniel G. Mellard, George W. Melton, Noah Mitchel, Thomas S. Morris, John Overton, Cornelius A. Owen, Hugh Owen, James Ray, Stephen D. Richardson, Joel Sweeny Ridgell, Robert H. Rovell, John B. Sadler, George W. Sepions, John S. Smoke, Robert A. Staples, Robert Thompson, Benjamin H. Vicke, John Watson, Benjamin Watts,William Weatherford, (William Weatherford) John Thomas Wells, Jeptha Werren, William Weston, William H. White, Samuel B. Woodson, William M. Woodson, Robert N. Youngblood

Muster Roll dated May 18, 1862 at Columbus, Mississippi. Discipline was listed as "good," Instruction was said to be "progessive," and Military Appearance was "good." The men had no arms, no accoutrements and their clothing was said to be"good, but scarce." Men from this company enlisted from either Mobile, Camden, Allanton, Bridgeport, Bell's Landing, or Camp Harda.

Men who served in Co. C but are not listed on this muster roll: J. H. Jordan, Joseph S. Sanders, T. S. Stanton (Pleasant Grove), Joseph William Sellers,

 John Walton. Died 30 May 1863. POW. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 Pvt. Elijah Ray. 7 Nov. 1863. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
 Pvt. J. R. Youngblood. 7 Oct. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
 Pvt. P.C. Anderson. 27 May 1865. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
 Pvt. Benjamin F. Vick(e). 1862/3. Enterprise Cemetery. Clarke Co., Mississippi.
  Pvt. William T. Paulk. 27 Feb. 1865. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio.
 Pvt. John W. Colley. 14 Feb. 1865. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio.
 Pvt. J. J. Manning. 24 Jan. 1864. POW. Buried at Rock Island, Illinois.
 A.D. Garrison. Buried at Knoxville Confederate Cemetery, Tennessee.

for Company D under Captain T. C. Mitchell

Capt. T. C. Mitchell, 1st Lt. Jerome Clanton, 2nd Lt. A. W. McGowan, Brevt. 2nd Lt. M. P. Clanton

1st Sgt. J. A. Gibson, 2nd Sgt. S. S. Stanton, 3rd Sgt. R. O. Billups, 4th Sgt. E. Stanton, 5th Sgt. Robert Brown,1st Cpl. J. H. Manly, 2nd Cpl. S. S. Boughton, 3rd Cpl. L. H. Edney, 4th Cpl. J. M. Guyton

All these men were privates: M. T. Abbott, T. Adams, C. H. Barham, Robert Barham, Robert Biggs(Beggs), J. A. Billups, J. E. Billups, W. B. Boykin, Richard Bridges, W. A. Brown, J. M. Brownlee, J. L. Campbell, Thomas Campbell, R. M. Crutchfield, W. J. Cummings, S. R. Dunlap, J. M. Elliott, Charles Franks, W. H. Franks, R. J. Galy, G. W. Gann, N. J. Gay, S. E. Gilbert, J. A. Gowing, J. J. Guyton, A. L. Hamington, J.W. Homer, Isael Hood, C. R. Hughes, Jn. B. Hughes, R. S. Hughes, J. C. Jay, Robert Jordan, W. W. Little, A. J. Logan, John R. Logan, Thomas Massy, O. L. McKinstry, J. L. McGowan, W. N. Mitchell, E. C. Mobley, E. T. Mobley, Thomas M. Mobley, F. G. Mooring, R. R. Nickolls, D. E. Osborne, J. G. Parker, John P. Peteet, John Reid, Thomas Reid, J. R. Richardson, W. B. Robbins, C. M. Rogers, R. N. Ross, James Spot, James Sprott, J. S. Vaughn, Henry Webb, R. R. Weston, J. B. Williams, A. J. Wilson, Hiram Wilson, J. R. Wilson, J. E. Wright,

All of these men signed up for either a 2 or 3 year period in one of the following places: Fort Pillow, Tennessee, Gainsville, Alabama, Columbus, Mississippi, Pickens County, Alabama, Olney, Alabama, Sumpter, Alabama or Carrollton, Alabama. The Muster Roll from which these names were taken was dated 16 May 1862 at Columbus, Mississippi. Their Discipline was said to be "good," their Instruction was said to be "progressive." Their Military Appearance was "good." The men had no arms and no accoutrements. The Roll also said they had little clothing.

Men who served in Co D but are not listed on the muster roll: Allen Columbus Johnson, John Sprott, S. S. Stanton (He was from Pleasant Grove and hired a substitute. This substitute was about 16 years old and was killed in battle on Sunday either at Resaca or at New Hope Church.), and J. A. McKinstry (He was from Guntersville and was shot through both shoulders and hip on 4 Oct. 1862 at Corinth by the same volley that killed Col. Rogers of the 2nd Texas and Capt. Foster of Co. A 42nd Alabama and 15 others at Battery Robinette.)A. J. Wright (killed at Corinth on 4 October 1862), H.J. Wright (reported missing at Corinth), Alexander Francis (Frank) McGahey

 Pvt. Thomas Flurry. 13 Oct. 1864. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio.
 Pvt. Andrew Logan. 14 Oct. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
 Pvt. J. J. Guyton. 22 Feb. 1854. POW. Buried at Rock Island, Illinois.
 R. Bridges. Died 27 June 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 E.S. Marston. Buried at Knoxville Confederate Cemetery, Tennessee.
 Pvt. M.W. White. 24 Feb. 1864. POW. Died at Camp Morton Prison. Buried at Crownhill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.

for Company E under Capt. J. H. Fields

Capt. J. H. Fields, 1st Lt. J. H. Holheim, 2nd Lt. T. C. Lipscomb, 3rd Lt. R. W. Harris
1st Sgt. J. A. Matthews, 2nd Sgt. H. C. Worthington, 3rd Sgt. Wm. Cook, 4th Sgt. Arthur Halburt
1st Cpl. J. Shirley, 2nd Cpl. J. Strickland

(These names were especially hard to read. If you think you recognize an ancestor's name, feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to recheck the roster.)

All these men were privates: G. W. Bailey, E. D. Beams, J. H. Blalack, W.W. Blalack, H F. Bishop, Thos. Bridges, Samuel Burke, B. K. Bullock, David Burch, William Cockburn, W. T. Cook, James Coor, Robt. Dale, G.W. Digby, Henry Dulany, John Dulany, Wm. Dulany, Gilbert Dulany, John Foster, J.P. Foster, ? Foster, W. M. Franklin, ? Fulgium, W. T. Gillentine, S. P. Glover, G. B. Guess, W. M. Guess, S. D. Guess, M. C. Grammer, F. M. Grammer, F. Halbert, Irvin Hall, Jonathan J. Harrelson, (Jonathan J. Harrelson) R. W. Harris, L. Hendricks, T. Hendricks, L. Hogan, S. Hogan, J. C. Hopper, M. W. Howard, T. J. Holland, D. H. James, L. James, Wm. Johnson, L. Jordan, J. T. Kirby, L. T. Laws, R. K. Lea, G. Littleton, Thos. Loftus, P. Lott, ? Luffrey, W. L. McAllister, J. J. McAllister, T. McAllister, B. McCracken, J. A. McKay, L. A. McKay, T. E. Mobley, Geo. Montgomery, L. Moore, ? Moore, T. O'Niel, J. N. Peacock, G. Portin, W. W. Park, N. G. Ray, J. T. Ray, G. G. Ray, E. G. Ray, F. M. Rhysii, J. G. Rhysii, J. C. Robinson, T. E. Saint, J. P. Sartor, J. W. Shippy, G. Smith, Wm. Spenser, Miles Spilder, G. Stephens, J. Strawbridge, W. F. Steptin, J. C. Stovall, H. Suggs, G. W. Stone, James Taylor, J. Tucker, J. Vanderlice, G. W. Vaughan, H. B. Williams, B. Williamson, H. Webb, H. H. Webb, R. Webb, T. Webb, Wm. Webb, T. Wells, Ivg. Westbrook, M. K. Works, W. R. Wooten, P. E. Wright

The roll dated May 16, 1862 at Columbus, Mississippi says the men were "raw recruits---undisciplined but with a capacity for learning." Their Military Appearance says "good physique" and they had no arms and no accourtrements. and "very little clothing." All the men enlisted at Columbus for a period of 3 years and were from Conecuh County.

Men who served in Co. E but were not listed on this muster roll: John Alan Styron., James Madison Lee, James Summeral (Died 1863 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS) Elisha Green Mancill, S. M. Jordan, J. Paulk, J. C. Lee (Brooks), J. B. Ezell, William C. Jones, J. M. Lambert, William B. Boyett, James Adams, William S. Williams (Died 1863 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS), William P. Grantham (Died Dec. 1862 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS), Hiram D. McKinney (Died 1863 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS), James McCarty (Died 1863 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS), Enos Harrelson, Pvt. Daniel Kierce, 2nd Lt. George W. Kierce, Pvt. George Hinote, Charles A. Stanley, Alan Roberson Caton, George W. Kierce, Thomas Jefferson Barrow, George Randal Hudson, Marshall R. Johns, Reuben Z. Johns, William Green Johns, Layton L. Frazier

 Pvt. William A. Chandler. Beauvoir Confederate Cemetery. Biloxi, Mississippi.
 Pvt. Benjamin Frazier. 4 Oct. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
 Pvt. J. M. Carter. 22 Sept. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
H. L. Sandlin. Died 20 Nov 1862. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
Charlie Jones. Died 17 Feb 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 C. Hudson. Died 28 June 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 Frank C. Hickson. Died 18 Jan 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

for Company F under Capt. James B. Perkins

Capt. James B. Perkins, 1st Lt. G.W,. Askew, 1st Lt. Charles Labugan, Brevt. 2nd Lt. Earnest Portis

1st Sgt. John H. Griffin, 2nd Sgt. Thomas Saint, 3rd Sgt. William Armstrong, 4th Sgt. J. B. Merchant, 5th Sgt. A. Hawkins,1st Cpl. H. Aldrige, 2nd Cpl. G. W. Gosset, 3rd Cpl. S. F. Walker, 4th Cpl. Reuben Seay

These men were privates: James Aldrige, Price Aldrige, J. B. Banister, John B. Been, John M. Black, W. A. Bobbitt, Peyton G. Brewer, W. J. Brown, W. Brown, Saml. M. Brown, E. J. Church, Jacob Clearman, C. Corder, J. C. Corder, M. C. Corder, A. J. Clour, James A. Coons, H. G. Daniel, G. M. Earnest, B. F. Edney, M. A. Furguson, J. A. Furguson, T. J.Gann, Calvin Garrison, Alexander Gilbert, G. B. Hawkins,W. M. Hawkins, Isaac A. Hill, J. A. Hogan, Gabriel Holladay, J. Hopwood, J. R. King, T.A. King, Henry Lindsey, Richard Livingston, D. Mallby, F. A. Malloy, H. B. Malloy, A. J. Merchant, John Miller, J. J. Moon, Joseph Moon, Willis Parker, E. Pennington, Joseph Pennington, P. Pennington, John A. Peterson, J. M. Pitts, James D. Prichett, J. F. Rasberry, Geo. W. Roberson, W. J. Sanders, Littleton Sandlin, B. F. Savage, J. B. Savage, H. R. Shelton, J. A. Smith, D. Stanford, W. J. Standford, J. M. Tackett, S. Tackett, W. Tackett, W. M. Tackett, Lewis Tanwater, James F. Taylor, E. F. Turner, F. W. Turner, John Williams, Robert F. Williams, T. B. Woods

Muster Roll for 16 May 1862 at Columbus, Mississippi says this unit's Discipline had "capacity for learning...Raw recruits...undisciplined." Their Military Appearance states "good physique." The men had no arms and no accoutrements. Clothing was listed as "very little, inferior." They enlisted for 3 years and were mostly from Marion and Fayette Counties.

Men who served in Co. F but not listed on this muster roll: Pvt. Jeremiah Bradley

  Pvt. John M. Tackett. 2 Nov. 1863. Died in a hospital in Demopolis, Alabama.
  Pvt. William Burrell. 9 Jan. 1864. Probably died in Macon, Georgia hospital
  Pvt. Nathaniel H. Woods. 27 Feb. 1864. POW. Buried at Rock Island, Illinois.
Thorton Kelley. Died 19 Feb 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 William Johnson. Died 6 March 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 W. O. Stewart. Died 30 April 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

J. H. Wilson. Died 26 June 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 John Coalman. Died 14 May 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

for Company G under Capt. Alexander B. Knox

Capt. Alexander B. Knox, 1st Lt. J. R. Stockdale, 2nd Lt. J. M. Huey, 3rd Lt. A. J. Ritchey

1st. Sgt. J. A. Dickinson, 2nd Sgt. A. T. Porter, 3rd Sgt. F. M. Palmer, 4th Sgt. M. L. Richey, 1st Cpl. P. E. Dickinson, 2nd Cpl. L. D. Richey, 3rd Cpl. H. Burroughs, 4th Cpl. J. H. Hudson

These men were privates: John C. Ables, Arch Alverson, C. Alverson, Willis Alverson, W. Alverson, James Arnold, B. C. Bibby, Jacob Bibby, Allen Box, Henry Box, R. R. Box, Alfred Braden, H. T. Casper, A. R. Clark, H. Crosley, J. H. Daniel, John Dial, E. B. Dickinson, T. Eason, J. S. C. English, E. M. Gray, Griffin Gregory, J. F. Ham, Henry Harvil, Francis M. Higginbotham, J. A. Hogan, D. S. Hurst, R. M. Jones, James Keith, J. M. Killpatrick, Vincent Lee, T. S. Lindsey, Wm. Lonegan, Wm Morgan, W. W. McLillum(?), ? MCrary, J. McCurdy?) P. McCuttars (?),Wm. McPimon, John Mymatt, ? Palm, A. W. Porter, S. D. Pricket, J. M. H. Sanders, Marshal Savage, H. Sheldon, M. Singleton, H. D. Singleton, Wyatt Singleton, F. M. Stein, A. S. Stockdale (Alabama City), Fletcher Stone, Joel Sturnes, Thos. Summers, Wyatt Taylor, Philip Thomas, Joseph Thomkeys, J. H. Tucker, H. M. Weathers, P. Westen (?), Robert Worthington, Benj. Worthington

The Muster Roll dated May 16, 1862 at Columbus, Mississippi says this unit's Discipline was "generally good" and their Instruction was "Partial and progressive." Military Appearance was listed as "good" but they had no arms and no accourtrements and had "little clothing." Most of these men were from Talladega County.

Men who served in Co. G but not listed on this muster roll: Pvt. Morgan A. Bright, Ignatious M. Sims, John Jefferson Atwood

 Pvt. John Burchfield. 6 Oct. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
 Pvt. R. R. Box. 19 Dec. 1862. POW. Died at Camp Butler Prison, Springfield, Illinois.
 Pvt. Tim Shaw. 27 Dec. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.
  Pvt. J. A. Daniel. 18 Feb. 1864. POW. Buried at Rock Island, Illinois.
 Pvt. John C. Milam. Died 24 Dec. 1864. Died in a hospital in Mobile, Alabama
 Cpl. R. E. Clark. Died 14 Jan. 1863. POW. Alton, Illinois Prison
 Pvt. Allen Box. Died 4 Feb. 1863. POW. Alton, Illinois Prison
 Pvt. Anderson Batey. 10 July 1864. POW. Died at Camp Morton Prison. Buried at Crownhill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.
  Pvt. Martin Hall. 1 June 1864. Probably Macon, Georgia hospital.
 Pvt. Simon Cameron. Died 25 Feb. POW. 1863. Alton, Illinois Prison
 Pvt. Sanford Rutledge. 1863. Enterprise Cemetery. Clark Co. Mississippi
 William Price. Died 8 Feb 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 L. A. Bowling. Died 8 Feb 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

for Company H under Capt. W. B. Kemp

C apt. W. B. Kemp (absent on furlough to 12 Jul 1862), lst Lt. E. G. Riley, 2nd Lt. A. D. Anderson (resigned and discharged 20 Jun1862)

1st Sgt. Hugh Rankin, 2nd Sgt. W. W. Riley, 3rd Sgt. Wm. Mims,
4th Sgt. Chapman Falkenberry, 5th Sgt. T. McGlenn,1st Cpl. B. M. Burns, 2nd Cpl. Williamson Henderson, 3rd Cpl. Daniel Ross, 4th Cpl. S. Jordan

These men were privates: P. Aldridge, Wm. Bailey, DeKalb Biven, J. U. Black, Thomas Bolton, M. Booker, Jasper Bozeman, Martin Braxton, William Cater, A. H. Chappell., W. J. Chappell, James D. Cooper, P. M. Crutchfield, John M. Dudley, W. Farish, W. Fergus, James E. Fore, Thomas M. Fore, Thomas Gerrin, Daniel M. Grimes, W. M. Griffith, John M. Hetherington, F. J. Hewill, J. F. Heston, H. A. Hazell, William M. Hicks, Angus Hines, Hudson Hines, J. W. Hogg, C. A. Johnson, Thomas Lambert, F. M. McCord, J. E. McCord, H. H. McGuire, S. S. McLean, A. A. McMillan, Charles Robert McNeil, William Mims, Jr., H. E. Parker, William Pearce, J. Pelearman, J. U. Pitts, Calvin Powell, William Pridgeon, D. l. Prude, M. Purvis, James Railerford, E. E. Rains, R. B. Rankin, James Remley, W. W. Riley, Henry Roberts, A. C. Robertson, George Ryals, Kindred Salter, S. Shaw, A. J. Smith, Benjamin Smith, M. S. Stacey, William M. Stokes, F. U. Turner, James R. Vickers, Weedom Waters, Jeremiah Willis

All of these men signed up for either a 2 or 3 year period. They were mainly from Monroe Co. The Muster Roll dated 16 May 1862 at Columbus, Mississippi says the men were "raw recruits, principally undisciplined, but with a capacity for learning." Military Appearance was listed as "good." They had no arms and no accoutrements and very little clothing.

Men who served in Co. H but not listed on this muster roll: John C. Speegle, John A. McNeil (brother of Charles Robert McNeil), and Williamson Henderson (cousin to the McNeil brothers), John Monroe Stacey, and R.G. Evans, Raphael J. Munroe, George Washington Davis, and Pvt. G.B. Cox, George F. Capps (MS State Library has 3 letters he wrote to his wife)

  Pvt. Charles Johnson. 16 Mar. 1865. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio.
 Pvt. A. B. Robinson. 18 June 1863. Died and buried at Vicksburg, Mississippi
  S. C. Jourdan. Died 3 July 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
  C. K. McNeil. Died 23 Feb 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

for Company I "Hinson Guards" under Capt. Charles Briggs

Capt. Charles Briggs ( resigned), 1st Lt. Jno. W. Haley (died of wounds received at Corinth), 2nd Lt. Richard C. Reeder, 3rd Lt. George Wragg

1st Sgt. I.S. Gets, 2nd Sgt. Edward Johnson, 3rd Sgt. Theo. H. Cox, 4th Sgt. V. Langlois , 5th Sgt. P.D. Carr, 1st Cpl. W. H. Kennedy, 2nd Cpl. Geo. W. Larimer, 3rd Cpl. Jas. B. Higley, 4th Cpl. Jasper Daniels, Drummer Fred Lantry

The following men were privates: Rudoph Baiz, J. F. Beckham, Oliver Bowen, John D. Charpin, William Cox, James Cox, M. Conway, Martin Collins, Benj. Craig, Jasper Daniels, William Daniel, Florence Daugan, A. B. Dean, J. A. DeMiller, John B. Dennis, Peter Dietrich, J. B. Dobson, W. G. Donavan, Matthew Eagan, Newton Fits, D. C. Forbes, George Foster, John Foster, James Gillam, Oscar O. Girard, A. P. Girard, M. F. Goodloe, Charles Gray, John G. Griffin, Robert Hawkins, James D. Hines, J. D. Holden, John Horricks, William T. Jones, F. Lantry, Lazarus Lewis, Richard Lewis, J. P. Lott, Russell McCorde, William McGurie, L. Neill, J. C. Nunnallee, Henry Pehner, Joseph Penauch, Earnest Portis, Thos. Portis, Augustus Premo, R. H. Rasberry, W. C. Rasberry, James C. Reynolds, P.R. Rives, James Rooney, J. E. Ross, Thomas Ryan, John Sullivan, George H. Smith, W. E. Sutton, S. M. Swain, William Spencer, Thos. B. Swain, Robert Smith, Jno. Taggart, Joseph Taylor, Jas. Thompson, Hamilton G. Turner, Jas. S. Vanderslice, James E. Waters, H. D. Webster, J. E. Walker

These names are primarily from the Muster Roll taken at Columbus, Mississippi on 16 May 1862. However, additonal names were taken from an apparent newspaper ad listing names and battles. On this Muster Roll their Discipline was listed as "good," their Instruction as "good," and their Military Appearance as "good." The men had no arms and no accoutrements. Their clothing was listed as "good but scarce." The men enlisted for a period of 3 years and were mostly from Mobile.

This unit fought at Corinth, October 3-4, 1862; Hatchie Bridge, October 5, 1862; siege of Vicksburg, May 17-July 4, 1863; Lookout Mountain, November 24, 1863; Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863; Resaca, May 14-15, 1864; Atlanta, July 22-28, 1864; and Bentonville, NC 1865.

Men who served in Co. I but not listed on this muster roll: R. J. Reid (Died 1862 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS), J. Lindsey (Died 1863 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS)

  Pvt. Absolom Wilson. 12 Dec. 1864. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio
 W.J. Donivan. Died 8 Mar 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 Wiley Hopkins. Died 24 June 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 W. J. Blaylock. 17 Feb. 1862. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg
 Pvt. John J. McWright.11 Feb. 1865. POW. Buried at Camp Chase, Ohio.
 Thomas J. Berry. Died 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 J.M. Aburathy. Died 2 July 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.
 Issack Bain. Died 28 Mar. 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg.

for Company K under Captain C. F. Condrey

Capt. C. F. Condrey, 1st Lt. John Lawhon (resigned and discharged 21 June 1863), 2nd Lt. Andrew Jackson Northington (resigned 30 June 1862), Brvt. 2nd Lt. R. B. Rivers

1st Sgt. W. R. Carns, 2nd Sgt. James Lindsay, 3rd Sgt. Thomas Kemdy, 4th Sgt. Thomas Lindsay, 5th Sgt. James T. Jones, 1st Cpl. Henry Lester, 2nd Cpl. G. A. Stone, 3rd Cpl. H. F. Pollard, 4th Sgt. H. E. (Henderson Eli) Riggs

All of these men were privates: Wilborn Alford, T. Arthur, J. J. Belu, E. W. Bishop, J. B. Barnes, J. M. Banon, J. W. Barrow, J. A. Ballard, A. J. Ballard, R. D. Beth, B. W. Burroughs, J. A. Burroughs, T. S. Burroughs, Aaron Cautrell, John Cashion, Thomas Carpenter, Reuben Cautrell, Jessie Davis, Richard Dupru, M. F. Decauter, S. Duke, Joseph Downs, W. J. Dunham, F. M. Finch, R. B. Files, John Goggins, A. T. Goggins, C. W. Goggins, Mobile "Buck" Harbour, F. C. Hinson, Lewis Hartsfield, K. Hearns, S. Houghman, George Jaggars, Jacob Jeffreys, Thomas Isaac Jeffreys, B. F. Jones, John B. Jones, John B. Lewis (photograph), William Lewis, Lafayette Lockridge, John McDongal, R. A. McDonald, Ambrose Myers, J. E. Mise, Willis Myers, Thomas Russell McCarley, J. L. Moore, L. Maze, W. T. Martin, M. Nix, Trim Nolen, Levi Northington, W. J. Northington, William Patterson, P. A. Parker, George Rallen, J. D. Reid, T. J. Riggs,George Robison, J. T. Roper, Watson Caleb Roper, T. L. Smith, A. Seay, Joseph Sweat, William Simpson, F. M. Stone, W. Smith, J. W. Stell, B. M. Smith, J. S. Stuart, W. T. Stone, William Shotts, E. Thompson, William Tayler, Robert Tarver, B. A. Todd, James Weeks, P. M. Widington, J. Wood, L. B. West, J. M. Woolright, E. W. Waldrup, J. W. Woolright, W. L. Young

The Muster Roll of May 16, 1862, from which these names were taken, says Company K's station was Columbus, Mississippi. The report says the men had little clothing, no accoutrements, and had no arms. Their military appearance says "good physique" and that they were " raw recruits and undisciplined but had capacity for learning."

Men who served in Co. K but were not listed on this muster roll: Lt. Thomas Condrey, Leroy Mauldin Harris, George A. Stone, Thomas M. Fore, R.G. Harris, Henry Cleburne Harris, David J. Harris, James Thompson Harris, Joseph Perry Harris, William White Harris, John Haley (Died Nov. 1862 and buried at Castalian Springs, Durant, MS), William Brewer, John Clayton, ,Charles Berry Norton

  J. C. Henson. Died 26 April 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery. Vicksburg.
 R. H. Farrer. Died 31 Mar 1863. Buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery. Vicksburg.
 ___Redmore. Buried at Knoxville Confederate Cemetery, Tennessee.
 Elijah Gabriel. Died 17 Dec 1864. Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois.

If anyone has an ancestor from this company and would like a Confederate marker for his grave, please contact Jason Lewis.

(Paper signed by some men of the 42nd who were captured at Vicksburg.)


I________Vol., C.S.A., being a Prisoner of War, in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its Garrison, by Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton, C.S.A. Commanding on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under oath.

That I will not take up arms again against the United States, nor serve in any military, police, or constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or field work, held by the Confederate States of America, against the United States of America, nor as guard of prisons, depots, or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by officers or soldiers against the United States of America until duly exchanged by the proper authorities.

Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Miss this 4th day of July 1863.

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