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Mar 13: Added to Bibliography online books Across Wildest America, An Abridged History of Alaska, and Nome and Seward Peninsula
Mar 09: Kodiak Island Borough AKGenWeb released for adoption
Feb 26: Added Resource links to CCC Legacy and Untraveled Road
Feb 26: Added 1941 Coughlin-Lee and Robertson-Eggert marriage notices
Jan 29: Tiffany Flowers added as a Co-Coordinator for Nome Census Area
Jan 29: Moved Biographies and 1898 Government Officials to Records
Jan 19: Added a few Resource links, Maps 1903 and 2013, and Bibliographies A, N, and P
Jan 17: Denali, Fairbanks, and North Slope made Available for Adoption
Jan 14: Updated the homepage with improved Statehood text, removed Patriarchs section, and added Host logo
Jan 11: Replaced large pdfs with links to books available to read online at no cost
Jan 06: Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Resource links to TheAncestorHunt.com
Jan 04: Thanks to Martha Graham - newly adopted Bethel & Kusilvak, Lake & Peninsula, and Valdez-Cordova; updated her email address
Jan 03: Added Resource link to Historical Marker Database

Dec 30: Added a few books to our Bibliography (D, L, M, P, and R)
Dec 28: Cleaned up a few reorganization blemishes
Dec 27: Reorganized site
Dec 26: Updated Resources - removed broken link to Facebook Group 'Alaska & Our Ancestors’ Language' , fixed Aviation Museum Hall of Fame link
Dec 26: Fixed broken links to 1984 Directories
Dec 26: Continued changes to the Home page, replicated header and footer changes to the other pages
Dec 26: Started adding date of last update to bottom of pages
Dec 24: Started making a few changes to the Home page
Dec 23: Tiffany Flowers appointed Assistant State Coordinator
Dec 23: Norma Hass elected State Coordinator
Dec 23: Tiffany Flowers adopted Kodiak Island AKGenWeb
Dec 05: Jeannette Harper resigned from State Coordinator position, Bristol AKGenWeb CC, and Nome AKGenWeb Co-CC
Mar 11: Martha Graham adopted Kenai AKGenWeb

Aug 28: Kaelyn Deeter & Jeannette Harper have adopted Nome Census Area
Apr 9: Jeannette Harper created special email address for the AKGenWeb SC
Apr 8: Jeannette Harper became new State Coordinator
Feb 3: Trish Elliott-Kashima has adopted Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area
Feb 2: Jeannette Harper became Assistant State Coordinator
Jan 21: Added Resource link to USNPL newspapers
Jan 12: Removed Resource link to RootsWeb Mailing Lists

Nov 06: Thanks to Tim Stowell, added Resource link to Researching Our Alaska Family Roots
Oct 31: Added Resource links to more Facebook groups
Jul 28: Thanks to Tim Stowell, added smaller probate index pdf files for M-Z surnames
Jul 21: Thanks to Tim Stowell, added smaller probate index pdf files for A-L surnames
Jul 16: Thanks to Marsha Bryant, added Resource links to Genealogy Software
Jul 13: Added four biographies (Elliot, Friedrich, Johnson, Shoup)
Jul 07: Thanks to Mike Peterson, added USGW-NWPL resource link
Jun 25: Thanks to Richard Simeonoff, added MONSON query
Jun 12: Thanks to Denise Wells, added Pioneer Home resource link and vital record extraction info
Jun 05: Added more online newspaper links to Offsite Resources
May 26: Added 1898 listing of Alaska Government Officials
Apr 05: Thanks to Shirley Thomas, added PEARCE query info
Mar 12: Added more Korean War servicemen
Feb 05: Added Explore North, SEAlaska, and Yukon & Alaska Genealogy Centre to Offsite Resources
Feb 05: Added Boom Town Boy to Bibliography
Feb 05: Added Hulda Ford to Biographies
Jan 02: Added a few 1916 Directory transcriptions (Chisana, Ruby, Solomon, Teller)

Dec 11: Added Probate index to AKGenWeb Resources
Nov 30: Added transcription of Kantishna from 1916 Directory
Oct 01: Added to the collection of Directories
Sep 28: Thanks to Skip Coghlan we added new Resources for researching Alaska Native genealogy
Aug 18: Thanks to Skip Coghlan we improved navigation, corrected typos, added new Resources, etc.
Jul 24: Added 6 ebooks to the Bibilography (Among the Alaskans, The Apostle of Alaska, History of Alaska, Homer Fair, Life in Alaska, Our Northern Domain)
Jul 02: Added Death records for a few who died in Alaska, but local area or borough is unknown
Jun 24: Thanks to Skip Coghlan we added Dictionary of Alaska Place Names to Bibliography
Jun 13: Thanks to Melissa McCord we added Offsite Resource link to Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
May 22: Added Bibliography entries and links to Skagway: Gateway to the Klondike and Sourdough Sagas
May 07: Thanks to Tim Stowell we added Resource link to Alaska Genealogy
Apr 28: Thanks to Colleen Pustola we added Resource link to AlaskaWeb
Apr 05: Restored 1900, 1915, and 1923 Directories
Mar 04: Added Resource link to Alaska Historical Society
Mar 01: Restored nine 'Index to Names' listings in Resources - Bibliography
Feb 16: Thanks to Jan Bony and Marsha Bryant we added WWII POWs list
Feb 13: Added a few WWII draft cards
Feb 12: Added Joe Rogers, Jr. to the Korean War fatalities list
Feb 09: Restored 1890 Census Report and restored 1910 US Census Indian Population Report
Feb 02: Added resource link to Alaska Department of Natural Resources Recorder's Office
Jan 29: Added 1967 Smithsonian Cultural map
Jan 20: Updated our Bibliography
Jan 18: Restored History Synopsis and restored Ship Newspapers pdf
Jan 05: Restored some maps
Jan 03: Search feature installed
Jan 01: New Temporary State Coordinator and new Temporary Assistant Coordinator start the new year

Jul 30, 2017 The whole site has a new look. We hope you like it! 

A Special Note: Thanks to the former Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators Sarah Ligon, Mary Cronin Nichols, Vikki Gray, Sherri Bradley, and Sue Renkert. All the hard work you put into the site is appreciated!


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