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Wright Connections


First of all I have to thank Irene Wright as she was the one who put me 'on the right track' with the parents of my Granville Lafayette Wright. For years, I had followed the 'wrong lineage' and had gotten nowhere. It was in May 2001 that Irene wrote me. I had searched for years for a descendant of George Washington Wright who lived near my Granville Lafayette Wright on the 1850 Tishomingo Co., MS census as knew that he was a very vital part of my research. Between us, we finally figured out what happened to my Granville Lafayette 'G. L.' Wright and his widow's remarriage after the civil war. FINALLY, things made sense and we had the ANSWERS we were seeking. Irene was already two generations ahead of me and between us - we were making 'leaping progress'.

Next I must thank Ann Kushner, as she was able to send us proof that George Wright of Frederick Co., VA was the father of our Jacob Wright who had died in Laurens Co., SC. She was also able to send us a guardianship dated 1765 in Frederick Co., VA which helped to verify that our Jacob Wright was indeed married to an Elizabeth Waters. However, this was just the beginning and I'm sure as we continue our search, more will be discovered.

Must also thank Jean (Holley) Day. We had always been told that our Jacob Wright had married a woman by the name of Elizabeth 'Nancy' Waters - but the story that was to unfold - we DID NOT KNOW! The more we studied the Waters family, we just got more confused than ever! CONFLICTING INFORMATION WITH NO SOURCES - that was our discovery - at least until I finally found Jean's website. Here she had sources and we also finally knew HOW the name Philemon came to be such a 'common name' in our Wright Family! More about this will be found on the Jacob Wright link below.

Though we have a long ways to go and still many unanswered questions - this site is an attempt by the four of us to get to the truth and hopefully discover some answers! We will be listing our sources, conclusions based upon our discoveries and our brickwalls that we're still trying to break down.

If you find your family and can add anything to what is posted here - PLEASE DO WRITE us with your sources! There are still many time lapses and several branches of our family that we can't account for. We are all open-minded and willing to investigate any other possibilities - providing that you send us a source!


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Accompanying this site, I have a gedcom on World Connect which goes into much more detail and carries out many of the descendants of this group of Wrights. Please be sure to take a look! I try to update it at least once a month - sometimes sooner!

This site leaves off with my ancestor, Caroline Wright (abt 1851 Tishomingo Co., MS - abt 1885 McNairy Co., TN), who married William Meredith Vinson January 14, 1868 in Alcorn Co., MS. Meredith Vinson (1849 Tishomingo Co., MS - 1943 Limestone Co, TX) was s/o Hiriam Calvin Vinson and Martha Anna Kendall. My direct line continues with Caroline's son, Granville Lafayette Vinson (1868 McNairy Co., TN - 1940 Limestone Co., TX) who married Elizabeth Evaline Ledbetter on Dec 11, 1888 and with Granville's daughter, Edna Bertie Vinson (1907 Limestone Co., TX - 1981 Dallas Co., TX). All of this and more may be found on the gedcom below.



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