Duncan - Descendants of Elijah Duncan, Sr. and Cate Cloe Cole

Elijah Duncan, Sr. - Cate Cloe Cole

Surname also appears on records as spelled Dunkin and Dunkun

My 4th Great Grandparents

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DeKalb Co. ,TN Families 2 - Cole, Davis, Duncan, Kelley, Lawrence, Pafford

Elijah Duncan Sr - Background

Research of Mary (Duncan) Dobson

"ELIJAH DUNCAN, S-3309, VA, NC, TN (FHL film 970,863; National Archives Roll 863; Declarations in Smith Co. TN very blotted and difficult to read):
Elijah Duncan, W. TN, of Smith Co. TN, who was a private in the Com. commanded by Capt. Wilson of the Regt. commanded by Col. Lytle in NC line for 1 year and 6 months; Inscribed on Roll of W. TN at rate of $60 per annum to commence 4 March 1831; Certificate of Pension issued 5 Feb. 1834 (sent) to Jonathan Pickett, Carthage.

Declaration 6 Sept. 1832 by Elijah (V on its side) Duncan, age 76 next April, resident of Smith Co. TN, before Justices of Court of Smith Co.; in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by act 7 June 1832; that he enlisted? (blotted) in the army of the US in 1776 he thinks but has no ... remembrance of the year it being so long since, with Capt. James Wilson and served in the 10th Regiment of NC Line of Regular troops for three years, the Regt. commanded by Col. Arch. Lytle; he enlisted in Caswell Co. NC and marched with Genl. Rutherfords army to Peytonsburg in VA, then back to Halifax in NC, thence to Wilmington; he was then transferred to the 9th Regt. under Capt. Tayler and after that to the 5th Regt. under Capt. Donoho; he was marched to SC and was there discharged on Savanah River after serving himself about 18 months and furnishing a man named John McKinly to serve the balance of his enlistment, (blotted) was for three years he got a written discharge but has since lost it; he received a land warrant from the State of NC; he hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present ...

Certification by William Hill, NC Secretary of State's Office, 23 April 1833, that it appears from the musterrolls of the continental line of this State in the revolutionary war, that Elijah Duncan a private soldier in Capt. Taylor's Company of the 10th Regiment was mustered February 1779, deserted April 1779, that he obtained a warrant for 3 years service on 23 October 1783, on the certificate of a Field Officer.

Amendment to Declaration, 15 Oct. 1833, Elijah Duncan appeared in Smith Co. Circuit Court; that he served the term of 18 months as a private soldier in the Rev. ... aforesaid ... original declaration; applicant has no documentary evidence and he knows of no person whose testimony he can now produce ... can testify to his service except the testimony herewith and he hereby relinquishes any claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the present ... (1) Where and in what year was you born? I was born in Fairfax Co. VA but I do not know in what year. (2) Have you any record of your age if so where is it? I have none but it is recorded on the Bible primarily? (formerly?) the property of John Davis of VA. (3) Where were you living when called into the service, where have you lived since the Rev. War and where do you live now? I lived in Caswell Co. NC when I enlisted; I lived in the same State and Co. of Rutherford for some time; I then removed to the State of TN & Co. of Smith where I now reside and have resided here about 26 years. (4) How were you entered into the service, were you drafted, did you volunteer, were you a substitute and if a substitute, for whom? I enlisted as stated in my declaration. (5) ... persons to whom you are known who can testify to your ... and their belief of your service as a soldier of the Rev. Refer to Col. David Fite and Leonard File, John File & Augustine Robinson Esq.

Certification by Jacob Fite, Augustin Robinson and John J? Bennett who are acquainted with Elijah Duncan that they believe him to be about 76 years of age, that he is reputed in the neighbourhood where he lives to have been a soldier of the Rev. and we concur in that opinion.

The applicant has not obtained the ... of a clergyman since he resides in a remote part of the county and is principally confined at home and his acquaintance with the clergy very limited; his acquaintance being generally with eterimant? since? .. home. /s/ Elijah (V upside down) Duncan.

Statement by Thomas Terry? that he had some acquaintance with Elijah Duncan; he remembers distinctly of hearing it reported that the applicant enlisted as a soldier in the army of the Rev. in the regular service & never heard the report contradicted.

Statement by A.B?. Caruthers, Judge of the court, that after investigation of the matter and after taking? the interrogatories prescribed, that the applicant was a soldier of the Rev. and served as he states, and the court further testifies that it appears to them that John J. Bennett who has signed the preceeding certificate is a clergyman, resident in Smith Co., and that Jacob Fite and Augustine Robinson and Thomas Terry who has signed the foregoing certificates are also resident citizens of said county and that they are all credible persons and that their statements are entitled to credit.

Revolutionary Claim, 5 Feb. 1834, In conformity with the law of the US of 7 June 1832, Elijah Duncan of State of TN who was a private in the Army of the Rev. is entitled to receive $60 per annum during his natural life, commencing 4 March 1831 ... Oath of Johnathan Fuson, 6 July 1846, before DeKalb Co. TN JP, that he is administrator of Elijah Duncan, the identical person who was a pensioner and is now deceased (quote of Cert. of Pension); that the deceased pensioner resided in DeKalb Co. TN for the space of about 30 years before his death and that previous thereto he resided in NC.

Appointment 6 July 1846 by Jonathan Fuson, Administrator of Elijah Duncan a Rev. Pensioner, of Jubal Richardson as attorney to receive from agents of US for paying pensions in Nashville, the balance of said pension from 4 Sept. 1840 the time to which he was last paid to 14 Dec. 1840 the day of his death.

Statement 9 July 1846 by Jubal Richardson, the attorney named in the foregoing power of attorney, that the same was not given him by reason of my sale transfer or mortgage of the pension or arrears of pension therein authorized to be received by him.

Statement by Clerk of County Court of DeKalb Co. TN held at the court house in the Town of Smithville, 6 July 1846, that satisfactory evidence has been exhibited to said Court that Elijah Duncan was a pensioner of the US at the rate of $60 per annum, was a resident of the Co. of DeKalb in TN and died in Co. of DeKalb in TN in the year 1840 on the 14th day of Dec., that he left no widow but the following children and only heirs, viz, Elijah Duncan, Jane Kimbil formerly Jane Duncan, Nancy Ban formerly Nancy Duncan, Catharine Oweing formerly Catharine Duncan, Abby Davis formerly Abby Duncan and Richard Duncan and that Johnathan Fuson is the administrator of said Elijah Duncan deceased duly qualified as such; ...

Letter from Jubal Richardson, 4 Aug. 1846, South Harpeth, TN. Enclosed you will receive the application of Jonathan Fuson administrator of Elijah Duncan a Rev. Pensioner for the arrearages of his pension up to the day of his death. The amount you will please remit to me at South Harpeth, Davidson Co., TN.

Letter from Treasury Department, 14 August 1846, to the administrator of Elijah Duncan, Pen. on Nashville TN Roll for Act 7 June 1832: For his pension from 4 Sept. 1840 to 14 Dec. 1840 the day he died, being 102 days at $60 per annum, as per vouchers filed herewith, $14.88."


Cate Cloe 'Catherine' Cole was born May 2, 1755 Goochland Co., Virgina and died between 1834/40 Smith Co., Tennessee. She and Elijah Duncan were were married about 1780 Morgan District, Lincoln Co., North Carolina.

Cole Family

Catherine was the daughter of James Cole (born about 1725 Warwick County, Colonial Virginia - died about 1767 Goochland Co., Virginia) and Mary Wills (born about 1723 Warwick County, Colonial Virginia - died July 1770 Goochland Co., Virginia). Her parents married December 19, 1746.

William And Mary College Quarterly.
Vol 15. No 1. Pages 24-36 July 1906.

(This register, which was kept by Rev. William Douglas, Is the property of R. Lee Traylor, Esq;. of Memphis, Tennessee, and the following notes were taken by

I came to Goochland Dec 12, 1750. Preached 1st. at Dover Church Sept 15, 1750.
Received by the vestry as parish minister by the then vestry following viz; Step
List of the Vestry for the year 1756 when I got this book;

Births: Capt. James Cole & Mary Wills

  • Mary b. Dec.19, 1747
  • Janey b Sept.26, 1751,
  • William b. May 31,1753
  • Catharine b. May 2, 1755
  • Susannah, b. Mch. 23. 1760
  • Roscow b. Mar. 9, 1762

The parents of James Cole were William Cole (1692-1729) and Mary Roscow (1694-175) who married October 1, 1710. They lived in Warwick, Colonial Virginia. The Cole and Roscow families were originally from England.

Mary (Wills) Cole was the daughter of Matthew Wills (1696-1760) and Frances George. They also lived in Colonial Virginia.


Children of Elijah and Cate

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  1. Nancy (Duncan) Bass

    --b. abt 1781 Caswell Co., NC
    --d. Unknown
    --m. MR. BASS
    --before 1833 NC or TN

    My 3rd Great Grandparents

  2. Abigail 'Abbey' (Duncan) Davis

    --b. abt 1783 Caswell Co., NC
    --d. 1850/55 DeKalb Co., TN
    --m. John Davis, Sr.
    --abt 1798 Lincoln - Rutherford Co., Nc
    ----b. abt 1776 Fairfax or Loudon Co. VA
    ----d. abt 1843 DeKalb Co. TN

    * * * * * *

    Children of Abigail Duncan and John Davis, Sr.

    John Davis Sr. and Abigail Duncan - Their Descendants

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  3. Catherine (Duncan) Owens

    --b. abt 1785 Caswell Co., NC
    --d. unknown
    --m. John OWENS
    --bef 1833 NC or TN
    ----b. unknown
    ----d. 1840/50 DeKalb Co., TN

  4. Richard Lemul Duncan

    --b. 1787/89 Lincoln Co., NC
    --d. 1852/53 Jefferson Co., Missouri
    --m. Mary 'Polly' OWENS
    --abt 1812 probably Smith Co., TN
    ----b. abt 1792
    ----d. 1850 Jefferson Co., Missouri

  5. Jane (Duncan) Vanatta Kimbell/Gambill

    --b. abt 1789 Lincoln Co., NC
    --d. after 1850 probably DeKalb Co., TN
    --m/1 Mr. VANATTA
    --1833/40 probably Smith Co., TN
    ----b. unknown
    ----d. before 1850 TN

  6. Elijah Duncan, Jr.

    --b. abt 1791/92 Morgan District, Lincoln Co, NC
    --d. 1850-Sept 1852 Bigelow, Holt Co., Missouri
    --m. Saran TINNEY
    --August 1, 1816 Smith Co., TN
    ----b. May 1792 North Carolina
    ----d. August 12, 1891 Lebanon, Oregon

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