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Wigtownshire Free Press Announcements for
Births, Marriages, & Deaths

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: May 2012

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The Wigtownshire Free Press, now known as the Stranraer & Wigtownshire Free Press, has been published since 1843.

Diana Henry's herculean efforts transcribing the announcements represent a breakthrough for those who cannot access the archived copies of the actual paper, which are viewable only through fiches at the Ewart Library, Dumfries or in regional libraries at Stranraer, Newton-Stewart, Wigtown, Dalbeattie, Lockerbie, Georgetown (Dumfries) and Annan. Prior to this transcription, researchers could refer to an index for the papers, which provides the scant information of year, month and date of the issue for the surname reference. Additional heartfelt thanks go to Randy Chapple for his many hours spent compiling the transcriptions into the following indexes.

There is only one entry per listing for males.

Females may have multiple listings:

We recommend checking for middle names in female death records, as occasionally it is difficult to interpret whether an additional name is a middle or maiden name.

As not all years have been transcribed, this is a a work in progress. [Click here] to see which fiches have been transcribed.

Acknowledgement: The Wigtownshire Pages are grateful to Diana Henry for her tireless efforts transcribing these notices, and Randy Chapple for the many hours spent compiling the transcriptions into indices.

Search the Notices:

When searching the indexes, please note that M' has been used for Mc or Mac. Also note that due to the varying habits of those making BMD entries, it will sometimes be advisable to look in all of the M sections for elusive M-initial or Mc etc. ancestors!

Abbreviations found within the transcription

Caution: Despite our best efforts, transcription by nature is prone to omissions and errors.

Found an error? Email Randy Chapple.