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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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D-------, Marion - D9/12/1852 - At New Galloway, upon the 9th current Marion D---------

No more words visible.

DALE, John - D24/3/1843 - At Lint Mill, Glenluce, on the 24th inst., John Dale, aged 52.

DALGLIESH/BYERS, Agnes - D4/4/1847 -At New Langholm, on the 4th inst, Agnes Byers, wife of Mr John Dalgliesh, sheriff officer.

DALGLEISH, Hugh - D3/4/1889 - At Harbottle Castle, on the 3rd inst., Hugh Dalgleish, late gamekeeper, aged 63 years.

DALGLIESH, James - D27/3/1847 - At langholm, on th 20th ult., Helen Fletcher; on the 22d ult., Mr James Irving, aged 79; on the 23d ult., Catherine Young, relict of Mr Philip Corrie, clockmaker, there aged 79; on the 25th ult., Mr Thos. Lawson, aged 56; on the 27th ult., Mr James Dalgliesh, hosier, aged 63.

DALGLIESH/HAMILTON, Jane - D7/4/1845 - At Cummertrees, on the 7th inst., Jane Hamilton, wife of Mr Robert Dalgliesh.

DALGLIESH, Simon - D19/3/1843 - At Rennelburn, parish of Eskdalemuir, on the 19th inst., Simon Dalgliesh, farmer, aged 79 years.

DALGLIESH, Walter - D3/6/1843 - At Langholm, on the 3d curt., Walter Dalgliesh, aged 55 years.

DALGLEISH, William - D25/7/1846 - At Lynn Bank Cottage, Kirkcudbright, on the 25th ult., William Dalgliesh, Esq., for many years Rector of the Academy, Annan.

DALLY/M’LEOD, Agnes - D21/12/1891 - Here at 21, High street, on the 21st inst. Agnes Dally (Daily), relict of John M'Leod, painter, advanced in years.

DALRYMPLE, Captain - D17/7/1845 - At Gills Cottage, Coleraine, Ireland, on the 17th inst., Captain Dalrymple, late of the 71st Regiment, eldest son of the late James Dalrymple, Esq., of Orangefield aged 73 years.

DALRYMPLE, Agnes - D14/4/1863 - At Mark of Luce, Glenluce, on the 14th inst., Agnes, youngest daughter of Mr John Dalrymple, farmer, aged 2 years.

DALRYMPLE, Alex. - D6/12/1844 - At Demerara, on the 6th December last, aged 35, Alex. Dalrymple, son of the late Alexander Dalrymple, tanner, Stranraer.

DALRYMPLE, David - D16/10/1847 - On the 16th inst., of consumption, at Hertford, late of Newberry, Berks, aged 27, Mr David Dalrymple, much and deservedly lamented by a large circle of friends.

DALRYMPLYE/M'KENZIE, Helen - D15/1/1843 - At Inch Parks, near Stranraer, on the 15th inst., Mrs Helen Dalrymple, aged 63 years, relict of Mr John M'Kenzie, farmer there.

DALRYMPLE, Hew - D11/9/1846 - At North Berwick, on the 11th instant, Major Hew Dalrymple, late of the First Ceylon Regiment of Foot.

DALRYMPLE, James - D17/10/1846 - At Mochrum Village, on the 17th instant, after a long illness, borne with great patience and resignation, Mr James Dalrymple, aged 28.

DALRYMPLE/PARKER, Jane - D22/4/1846 - At Kirkinner Village, on the 22d inst., Jane Dalrymple, aged 40 years, wife of Mr Alex Parker, - much regretted.

DALRYMPLE/M’QUEEN, Jane - D16/11/1883 - At Low Balcray, on the16th inst., Jane M'Queen, wife of Robert Dalrymple, and third daughter of the late Alexander M'Queen, Appelby.

DALRYMPLE/M'MILLAN, Janet - D13/3/1878 - At Milton, Kirkcolm, on the 13th inst., Janet Dalrymple, aged 74 years, relict of Mr Andrew M'Millan, formerly of Inch Parks, Inch.

DALRYMPLE, Sir John Hamilton 8th Earl of Stair - D10/1/1853 - At Oxenfoord castle, on the 10th instant, General the Earl of Stair, in his 82d year. (thepeerage.com)

DALRYMPLE, Margaret - D2/4/1853 - At Bath, on the 2d instant, Margaret, second daughter of the late Hew Dalrymple Esq., of Nunraw.

DALRYMPLE/HANNAY, Margaret - D23/1/1864 - At Kirkcowan, on the 23d inst., Margaret Hannay relict of Mr John Dalrymple, late farmer in Bar(lenny), aged 89 years.

DALRYMPLE/WILLET, Martha - D5/6/1869 - At Ellison, Roxburghshire, on the 5th inst., Martha Willet, Dowager Countess of Stair, relict of North Hamilton Dalrymple, ninth Earl of Stair, aged 80 years.

DALYELD/ROSS, Janet - D27/12/1882 - Here, at George Street, on the 27th ult., Janet Dalyeld relict of Mr Peter Ross, aged 70 years.

DALZELL, Dougal Stewart - D25/4/1847 - At Glenae House, on the 25th ultimo, Major Dalzell; and, on the 29th, Mrs Dalzell, his relict. (Margaret Dalzell (born April 29, 1784 & died April 29, 1847) of Glenae daughter of Robert Dalzell (died Feb 13, 1808) married (August 20, 1818) Major Dougal Stewart Dalzell (died April 25, 1847) as per http://stirnet.com/HTML/genie/british/dd/dalzell02.htm)

DALZELL/SHARP, Elizabeth - D21/3/1843 - At Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, on the 21st inst., Elizabeth Dalzell, Sharp, aged 19, only daughter of the late Mr Robert Sharp, cabinet-maker, Dumfries.

DALZELL, Jean - in the WFP D14/9/1843 - Lately, at Cairsiehill, Borgue, after a lingering illness, Miss Jean Dalzell, aged 24 - much respected.

DALZELL, Margaret - D23/1/1844 - At Edinburgh, on the 23d ult., Miss Margaret Dalzell, in the 93d year of her age, daughter of John Dalzell, of Barncrosh, grand-daughter of Viscount Kenmure, who was beheaded in 1716, and cousin to the Earl of Carnwath, who was forfeited at the same period, also sister to the late Mrs Leslie of Balquhain, Aberdeenshire.

DALZELL/GAVEN, Margaret - D11/4/1845 - At Upper Mains, Kirkmichael, on the 11th inst., after a lingering illness, Mrs Margaret Gavin, wife of Mr James Dalzell, farmer there, aged 81 years.

DALZELL, Margaret - D29/4/1847 - At Glenae House, on the 25th ultimo, Major Dalzell; and, on the 29th , Mrs Dalzell, his relict. (Margaret Dalzell (born April 29, 1784 & died April 29, 1847) of Glenae daughter of Robert Dalzell (died Feb 13, 1808) married (August 20, 1818) Major Dougal Stewart Dalzell (died April 25, 1847) as per http://stirnet.com/HTML/genie/british/dd/dalzell02.htm)

DALZELL, Stuart John - D31/7/1843 - At Hyderabad, Scinde, on the 31st July, Stuart John Dalzell, Esq., yr. of Glenae. when nearly recovered from fever, he had accepted the invitation of his Excellency Sir Charles Napier, the Governor, to spend some time at his residence for the restoration of his health. While there he was seized with dysentery, which, notwithstanding the most devoted attention and skill, carried him off in about two weeks, in the 23d year of his age.

DALZIEL, David - D10/12/1847 - At Reuchan, Glasserton, on the 10th inst., Mr David Dalziel, after a protracted illness, bourne with Christian, fortitude and patience - much and deservedly regretted.

DALZIEL, Francis - D8/11/1844 - At Rosebank Cottage, Dumfries, on the 8th inst., Francis Dalziel, formerly farmer at Streath, parish of Glencairn, aged 79.

DALZIEL/BURNIE, Jane - D4/5/1846 - At Glencairn Kirk, on the 4th inst., Jane Burnie, wife of Mr John Dalziel, after long affliction, borne with Christian resignation, aged 31 years.

DALZIEL, Mary - D22/1/1847 - At Ivy Lodge, New Galloway, on the 22d ult., aged 84, Mary, widow of the late Jame Dalziel, Esq., of Barncrosh.

DALZIELL, Agnes - D2/4/1855 - At Back Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 2d inst., Agnes Dalziell, grocer and spirit dealer there, aged 74 years.

DARGAVEL, Margaret - D12/7/1844 - At Sanquhar, on the 12th inst., in the 3d year of her age, Margaret, daughter of Joseph Dargavel, cotton weaver there.

DAUGERRE, Mr. - D10/7/1851 - On the 10th inst. at Petit Brie, near Paris, suddenly, aged 62, Mr Daugerre, the inventor of the daugerotype process of fixing images by means of light.

DAVID, Elizabeth - D13/12/1882 - At the Spout, Kirkmabreck,on the 13th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Patrick David, aged 61 years.

DAVIDSON, Female - D14/1/1846 - At Thornhill, on the 14th inst., Mrs Wm. Davidson, of a daughter, which lived only two hours.

DAVIDSON/M'CLELLAND, Agnes - D27/10/1847 - At Corrary, parish of Colmonell, on the 27th ult., Agnes Davidson, wife of Mr Alexander M'Clelland, farmer there.

DAVIDSON, Alexander - D10/3/1846 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 10th inst,. Alexander Davidson, aged 92 years.

DAVIDSON Alex - D29/12/1842 - At Bettyknows, in the parish of Lochrutton, on Thursday the 29th ult., Alex Davidson, aged 64 years.

DAVIDSON, Mrs Andrew - D16/1/1843 - At Pills, Colvend, on Monday the 16th inst., Mrs Andrew Davidson, aged 63 years.

(DAVIDSON), Benjamin - D18/6/1843 - At Grangemouth, on Sunday, the 18th ult., Benjamin (Davidson), master mariner, aged 35 years.

DAVIDSON/M’KINNA, Christian - D2/6/1847 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 2d instant, Christian M'Kinna, relict of the late Alex. Davidson, aged 88.

DAVIDSON, Rev. Elliot William - D21/8/1846 - At Sorbie Manse, on the 21st current, the Rev. Elliot William Davidson, aged 80 years - upwards of 55 years minister of Sorbie parish.

DAVIDSON, H????? - D30/4/1868 - At Whiteleys, on the 30th inst., aged (95) years, H---- Davidson, relict of Mr James Hunter, late farmer (there).

DAVIDSON/YOUNG, Hannah - D6/7/1887 - Here, at 48 Agnew Crescent, on the 6th inst. Hannah Davidson, relict of Wm. Young, mason, - Deeply regretted.

DAVIDSON/RODDICK, Isabella - D14/2/1846 - At Summervile, near Cobourg, Newcastle district, Canada West, on the 14th February last, aged 71 years, Isabella Davidson, wife of J. Roddick, late of Meikle Kirkland, parish of Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire.

DAVIDSON, James - D5/3/1844 - At Freeman Terrace, Gateshead, on the 5th curt, after a short but severe illness, James Davidson, Esq., late a proprietor of the Gatehouse Cotton Factory - much and deservedly respected.

DAVIDSON, James - D12/3/1845 - At Trochrigg, Girvan, on the 12th inst., James Davidson, gardener there.

DAVIDSON, James - D3/10/1846 - At 40, Ann Street, Edinburgh, on the 3d instant, Mr James Davidson, late Keeper of the Records of the Court of Session, in his 75th year.

DAVIDSON, James - D1/3/1863 - At Portpatrick,on the 1st instant, Mrs James Davidson, aged 67 years.

DAVIDSON, James - D8/8/1878 - At Harbour Street, Creetown, on the 8th inst. James Davidson, aged 61 years.

DAVIDSON/M'KEAND, Janet - D11/8/1844 - At Eldrick Village, on the 11th instant, Janet Davidson, wife of Mr William M'Keand, aged 24 years.

DAVIDSON, Janet - D11/6/1847 - At Woodside, Aberdeen, on the 11th current, Janet Davidson, aged 64 years. At the early period of seven years old she was put to work; she continued for five years in different departments of the manufacturing concern carried on by Gordon, Barron, & Co. at Woodside, and for the long space of 52 years was at work in one room, and never employed out of it. Such a lengthened period of service to one company, and in one room, is more, we presume, than all the statistics of the trade in cotton spinning can produce. - Aberdeen Journal.

DAVIDSON, Janet - D29/3/1891 - At Fleet Street, Gatehouse of Fleet, on the 29th ult., Janet Davidson, aged 72 years.

DAVIDSON/M’FADZEAN, Jean - D17/11/1869 - At Rosehall Schoolhouse, Coatbridge, on the 17th ultimo, Jean M'Fadzean, relict of Mr James Davidson, Trochrigg, Girvan, aged 73 years.

DAVIDSON, Capt. John - D8/11/1854 - At Queen Street, here, on the 8th inst., Capt. John Davidson, after a lingering illness, aged 59 years.

DAVIDSON, John - D26/5/1869 - At 48 Fisher Street, on the 26th ultimo, John, aged 7 years, son of the late Mr John Davidson, flydresser.

DAVIDSON/LAW, Margaret - D12/12/1847 - At Girvan, on the 12th inst., Margaret Law, wife of Mr Thomas Davidson, postmaster, after a few days' illness - much regretted.

DAVIDSON/M'QUAKER, Mary - D11/4/1847 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 11th instant, Mr John M'Nish, aged 88 years. - On the same day, at High Clachan, Kirkcolm, Mary M'Quaker, aged 85 years, wife of Mr James Davidson, farmer there.

DAVIDSON, Robert - D12/1/1844 - At Murray Street, Annan, on the 12th inst., Robert Davidson, aged 65 years.

DAVIDSON, Mrs Wm. - D1/1/1843 - Here, at Sun Street, on the 1st inst., Mrs Wm Davidson.

DAVIDSON, William - D8/3/1873 - At Garliestown, on the 8th inst., after protracted suffering, patiently borne, Mr William Davidson, in the 21st year of his age.

DAVIES, James - D22/3/1878 - At Glenluce, on the 22nd inst., suddenly, James Da(vies), aged 66 years. (James DAVIES, 66, Old Luce #13 as per Meg)

DAVIES/WALLACE, Jemima - D18/12/1883 - At Liverpool, on the 18th inst., Jemima Davies, aged 36 years, wife of the late Wm Wallace of Wigtown

DAVIS/NEWALL, Sarah - D9/9/1875 - Here, at 20 St. John Street, on the 9th inst., Sarah Newall, aged (54) years, relict of Mr Alexander Davie's nailor (tailor). (Sarah DAVIS died age 64 years as per Meg)

DAWSON, George Jr - D14/7/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 14th inst., Mr George Dawson junior, writer.

DAWSON, George - D11/11/1845 - At Gullane, near Haddington, on the 11th inst., at an advanced age, Mr George Dawson, the celebrated trainer.

DAWSON, James - D7/10/1845 - Here, at Princes Street, on the 7th inst., James Dawson, - very suddenly.

DAWSON, John Charles - D13/2/1844 - At Dumfries, on Tuesday, the 13th inst., Mr John Charles Dawson, late (writer) (waiter).

DAWSON, Katherine Hooper - D6/12/1873 - At Belfast, on the 6th inst. Miss Katherine Hooper Dawson, third daughter of the late James Hooper Dawson, Esq of (Kalea).

DEA(N), Miss - D4/8/1845 - At Irvine, on the 4th instant, Miss Dea(n). - Friends will please accept of this intimation.

DEANSTON/M’MEIKEN, Janet - D20/2/1874 - At Bladnoch, on the 20th ult., aged 63 years, Janet Deanston, wife of Mr Andrew M'Meiken.

De FRANQUETOT, Auguste Louis Joseph Casimir Gustave - D2/5/1865 - At 61 Faubourg St. Honore, Paris, on the 2d inst., the Duc de Coigny, aged 76 years. (1788-1865 as per Randy from the Duchy of Coigny webpage)

DEMPSTER/HANNAH, Margaret - D20/4/1891 - At 345 Gal(s)braid Street, Maryhill Road, Glasgow, on the 20th inst. Margaret Dempster, widow of John Hannah, Machermore, Newton-Stewart, aged 64 years.

DENNISTON/DEWAR, Georgina - D24/4/1846 - At Montego Bay, Jamaica, on the 24th April, Georgina, daughter of the late Robert Dewar, Esq., and wife of the Rev. James Denniston

DENNISTON/MILLER, Helen - D29/10/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 29th ult., Mrs Helen Denniston, aged 70 years, relict of the Rev. Archibald Miller, who for a series of years was a pious and useful minister belonging to the congregational Union of Scotland.

DENNISTON, James - D9/10/1843 - At Dalbeattie, on the 9th inst., Mr James Denniston, aged upwards of 70 years.

DENNISTON, Jane - D27/11/1883 - At Whithorn, on the 27th ult., Jane Denniston, eldest sister of Mr A. Denniston, teacher of Music, aged 76 years.

DENNISTON/BLAND, Mary - D19/9/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., at the house of her son, Mr John Denniston, grocer and spirit dealer there, Mrs Mary Bland, at the advanced aged of 87 years. (Inserted Sept 28, 1843)

DENNISTOUN/BLAND, Mary - D19/9/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 19th inst., at the advanced age of 86, Mary Bland, spouse of the late Mr William Dennistoun, Quarterland, Girthon. (Inserted Sept. 21, 1843)

DERBYSHIRE, John - D26/5/1845 - At Wigtown, on Monday, the 26th ult., of dropsy, aged 13, John Derbyshire, eldest son of Mr John Derbyshire, of Smedley Valley, Harburbey, Manchester, and grandson of the late John Dalziel, Esq., writer, Wigtown.

DEWAR/DENNISTON, Georgina - D24/4/1846 - At Montego Bay, Jamaica, on the 24th April, Georgina, daughter of the late Robert Dewar, Esq., and wife of the Rev. James Denniston.

DEWSON, George William - in the WFP D22/6/1843 - At English Street, Dumfries, George William, second son of Mr J.C. Dewson, auctioneer.

DIAMOND/GALBRAITH, Ann - D9/5/1865 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 9th inst. Ann Diamond, aged 47 years, wife of Mr Peter Galbraith,

engineer. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

DICK, Agnes - D19/5/1846 - At Waulkmill Cottage, parish of Colmonell, on the 19th inst., Agnes, youngest daughter of Mr John Dick, aged one year and nine months.

DICK, Ann Dalrymple - D12/9/1845 - At Elie, Fifeshire, on the 12th instant, Ann Dalrymple Dick, daughter of the first Sir Alexander Dick of Prestonfield, Bart., and sister of the present Baronet.

DICK, Archd. Montgomerie - D2/10/1867 - At Hill Street, Irvine, on the 2d inst., Archd. Montgomerie, son of Mr Maxwell Dick.

DICK/LOGAN, Isabella Hastings - D23/3/1845 - At Dumcole Factory, near Berampore, Calcutta, on 23d March last, of cholera, Isabella Hastings, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Dick, Esq., of Moorbrock, and the dearly beloved wife of William Rellie Logan, Esq., - Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

DICK, James - D10/5/1869 - At Doon Brae Cottage, Bathurst, New Brunswick, on the 10th ult., Mr James Dick, aged 50 years, only son of the late Mr Fullerton Dick, Ayr.

DICK/COVENTRY, Jane - D27/8/1844 - At Ardrossan, on the 27th ult., Mrs Jane Coventry, relict of the Rev. Dr. Dick, Glasgow.

DICK, John - D22/12/1844 - At his house, Edinburgh veterinary college, on the 22d ult., Mr John Dick.

DICK, Maxl - D17/5/1870 - At Hill Street, Irvine, on the 17th inst., Mr Maxl Dick, printer and publisher. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

DICK, Mrs Wm. - D9/11/1844 - At Maybole, on the 9th inst., Mrs Wm. Dick, relict of Mr W. Dick, sen. in the 86th year of her age.

DICKIE, Adam - D14/7/1844 - At Cumnock, on the 14th instant, Mr Adam Dickie, in the 67th year of his age.

DICKIE/WHANNEL, Agnes - D14/4/1863 - At Balsmith, Whithorn, on the 14th inst., Agnes Dickie, wife of Mr William Whannel, labourer.

DICKIE, James - D6/7/1845 - At Loans of Dundonald, on the 6th inst. James Dickie, Esq., - very much regretted.

DICKIE, Mrs John - D19/1/1845 - At Ayr, on the 19th inst., the wife of Mr John Dickie, cabinet-maker.

DICKSON, Agnes - D15/2/1843 - At Hazledean, the residence of Allan Gilmour, Esq., on the 15th inst., Miss Agnes Dickson, daughter of the late Thomas Dickson, Esq., Glengaber, Dumfries-shire.

DICKSON, Agnes - D28/9/1843 - At Laurieknow, on the 28th ult., Agnes, infant daughter of Mr W.D. Dickson, grocer, Dumfries.

DICKSON/ROY, Agnes - D7/11/1843 - At Twynholm Village, on the 7th inst., after a very short illness, in her 88th year, Mrs Agnes Dickson, widow of Mr John Roy - much respected.

DICKSON/STEVENSON, Barbara - D28/4/1843 - At King Street, Dumfries, on the 28th ult., Barbara Stevenson, wife of John Dickson.

DICKSON, David - D24/10/1847 - At Maxwelltown, on the evening of the 24th ult., Mr David Dickson, writer, and town clerk of that burgh, aged 49 years.

DICKSON/HALBERT, Elizabeth - D1/9/1844 - At Annan, on the 1st inst., Elizabeth Johnstone Dickson, the beloved wife of John Potts Halbert, druggist - much and deservedly esteemed by all who knew her.

DICKSON/WILSON, Hamilton - in the WFP D29/8/1844 - At Garshew, parish of Penninghame, whither she had gone for the benefit of health, Hamilton Wilson, wife of Mr Dickson of Wigan.

DICKSON/GRAHAM, Helen - D1/1/1845 - At Creetown, on the 1st inst., at the advanced age of 94, Helen Graham, a native of Gretna, and relict of Wm. Dickson, formerly of Kirkliston, Cumberland.

DICKSON, James - D27/8/1843 - At Upper Town, on the 27th ult., Mr James Dickson.

DICKSON, James - D14/2/1845 - At Chapelknowe, Cannobie, on the 14th inst., Mr James Dickson, farmer there, advanced in years - much respected, and deeply regretted.

DICKSON, James - D9/1/1884 - At Whiteside, Anwoth, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, on the 9th inst. James Dickson, farmer, aged 61 years.

DICKSON/GILCHRIST, Janet - D8/12/1845 - At Newabbey, on the 8th inst., Janet Gilchrist, wife of Mr James Dickson, aged 63 years.

DICKSON, Janet Hope - D8/5/1843 - At Mossband, near Dumfries, on the 8th inst., Janet Hope Dickson, daughter of Mr Robert Dickson.

DICKSON, Jessie - D27/8/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 27th ult., Miss Jessie Dickson youngest daughter of Mr James Dickson, ironmonger, Wigtown, aged 21 years.

DICKSON, John - D27/6/1845 - At his house, High Street, Dumfries, on the 27th ult., Mr John Dickson, wine and spirit merchant, Bank (Back) Vennel, deeply lamented by all who knew him.

DICKSON, Joseph - D14/10/1843- At Dumfries, on the 14th inst., Joseph, infant son of Mr S. Dickson, jeweller.

DICKSON/CARRUTHERS, Margaret - D15/5/1845 - At Sibbaldbieside, parish of Applegarth, on the 15th inst., advanced in years, Margaret Carruthers, wife of Mr Joseph Dickson, farmer there.

DICKSON, Robert - D26/8/1846 - At Maxwelltown, on the 26th ult., Robert Dickson, Esq, of Glentewing, aged 85 years.

DICKSON, William - D10/11/1883 - At 17 Ruben Street, Everton, suddenly, on the 10th inst. William Dickson, joiner, aged 62 years. - a native of Wigtown.

DILL, James B. - D4/9/1860 - At Harrogate, Yorkshire, on the 4th inst., very suddenly, James B. Dill, Esq., banker, Newton Stewart.

DINNELL/GARDINER, Janet - D23/8/1874 - At Whithorn, on the 23rd ult., Janet Gardiner, wife of Mr Alexander Dinnell.

DINNING, Miss J. - D26/7/1844 - At the George Hotel, Kilmarnock, on the 26th ultimo, Miss J. Dinning, after a long and lingering illness.

DINWIDDIE/TAYLOR, Jane - D13/9/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 13th instant, very suddenly, Mrs Jane Dinwiddie, wife of Mr Peter Taylor, currier and leather cutter, aged 43 years.

DINWOODIE/RICHARDSON, Agnes - D1/12/1844 - At Millhousebridge, on the 1st curt., aged 80, Agnes Richardson, wife of Francis Dinwoodie.

DIROM, Mary Jane - D4/8/1846 - At Berawpore, on the 4th August, aged 2 years, Mary Jane, youngest daughter of William Maxwell Dirom, Esq., Bengal Civil Service.

DIXON, Joseph - D15/1/1844 - At Helensburgh,on the 15th inst., Joseph Dixon, Esq., advocate.

DIXON, Margaret - D12/3/1844 - At Longtown, on the 12th inst., Mrs Margaret Dixon, widow of the late Thomas Dixon, farmer, of Hallburn, aged 75 years - much respected.

D(OAK), James - D30/12/1842 - At Sanquhar, on the 30th ult., aged 75, James D(oak), universally and justly lamented.

DOBIE, Rev. - D6/2/1845 - At Langholm, on the 6th curt, the Rev. Mr Dobie, minister of the Secession church, there. The loss of such a pastor will be greatly felt, both by his family and by his congregation, as well as society in general.

DOBIE, Barbara Wilson - D14/9/1845 - At Cumnock, near Beith, on the 14th inst., Barbara Wilson, aged 25, eldest daughter of James Dobie, Esq..

DOBIE, Charles William - D21/2/1852 - At Castle Douglas, on the 21st ultimo, Charles William, aged 11 months, only son of Mr Andrew Dobie, ironmonger.

DOBIE/ROBSON, Elizabeth - D20/3/1843 - At (Barsbell) (Barshell) of Tinwald, on the 20th ult., Elizabeth Dobie, wife of Mr Edward Robson, farmer.

DOBIE, Elizabeth Margaret Gordon - D21/3/1846 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 21st ult., aged 13 months, Elizabeth M. Gordon, daughter of Mr Dobie, ironmonger. (Elizabeth Margaret Gordon Dobie born to Andrew Dobie and Elizabeth Gordon on Feb 17, 1845, baptized April 3, 1845 at Kelton, Kirkcudbright as per the IGI)

DOBIE, Jane M'K Dickson - D 24/2/1847 - At Castle Douglas, on the 24th ultimo, aged 4(?) Jane M'K. Dickson, eldest daughter of Mr (M) Dobie, ironmonger there.

DOBIE/LAWSON, Jean - D11/7/1845 - At Kirkland, Torthorwald, on the 11th instant, at an advanced age, Jean Lawson, relict of John Dobie, farmer, Park, Troqueer, - deeply regretted.

DOBIE, Thomas - D8/1/1867 - At Rose Cottage, Dalbeatie, on the 8th instant, after a protracted illness, endured with the patience of a blessed hope, Thomas Dobie, aged 36 years.

DOBSON, Mrs - D20/7/1843 - Here, at Queen Street, this morning, Mrs Dobson, aged 34 (84) years.

DOCHERTY, John - D22/6/1887 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 22nd inst., John Docherty, aged 78 years.

DODD/BELL, Maggie - D17/11/1883 - Here, at North Strand Street, on the 17th inst. Maggie Bell, aged 41 years, relict of Robert Adair Dodd - Deeply regretted by many friends.

DODDS, Catherine - D9/3/1846 - At Galloway House Garden Cottage, on the 9th instant, Catherine, wife of Mr George Dodds, there, aged 30 years.

DODDS, Elizabeth - D16/2/1878 - Here, at 26 Agnew Crescent, on the 16th inst., Mrs Elizabeth Dodds, aged 57 years.

DODDS, Hugh - D22/9/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 22d instant, Hugh Dodds, fifth son of James Dodds, sawyer.

DODDS, Jas. Johnston - D17/1/1878 - Here, at 26 Agnew Crescent, on the 17th inst. Jas. Johnston Dodds, aged 2 years.

DODDS, Peter - D3/9/1874 - At Whithorn, on the 3rd instant, very suddenly Mr Peter D(unse). (Peter DODDS died Sept 3 age 33. Widow was Margaret STEVENSON as per Meg)

DODDS, William - D13/10/1855 - At Wigtown, on the 13th inst., William, son of Mr James Dodds, Innkeeper, aged 26 years.

DODS, Sarah Ann - D5/6/1869 - At Glenluce, on the 5th instant, at the house of her uncle, the Rev. George Wilson, Sarah Ann Dods, aged 12 years, elder daughter of Mr John Dods, engineer.

DONALD, Rev. Mr. - D28/5/1844 - On the 28th inst., at Glasgow, on his way to Argyle-shire, his native place, for the recovery of his health, the Rev. Mr Donald, minister of the Relief Church, Annan.

DONALD/GRIEVE, Agnes - D9/10/1845 - At Drongan mains, parish of Stair, on the 9th current, Agnes Donald, relict of the late Mr Wm. Grieve.

DONALD, Rev. Wm. - D15/1/1844 - At the Manse of Peterhead, on the 15th ult., the Rev. Wm. Donald, A.M..

DONALDSON, Agnes - D30/3/1847 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 30th ultimo, Miss Agnes Donaldson, in the 80th year of her age.

DONALDSON, Agnes - D10/10/1847 - At 124, Princes Street, Edinburgh, on the 10th instant, Agnes, third daughter of John Donaldson, Esq., of Auchairne, W.S. Friends here and at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

DONALDSON/TODD, Catherine - D2/12/1891 - Here, at 50 Dalrymple Street, Stranraer on the 2nd inst. Catherine Todd, relict of Lamond Donaldson, engineer, aged 86 years.

DONALDSON, David - D17/1/1853 - At Glengyre, Kirkcolm, on the 17th instant, Mr David Donaldson, aged 84 years.

DONALDSON/WILSON, Elizabeth - D5/8/1844 - At Valleyfield, parish of Crossmichael, on the 5th inst., Elizabeth Wilson, relict of James Donaldson, Esq..

DONALDSON, Elisabeth - D19/3/1845 - At High Street, Ayr, on the 19th instant, Elisabeth, eldest daughter of the late John Donaldson, Esq..

DONALDSON/MUNRO, Elizabeth - D12/7/1843 - At New Galloway, on the 12th inst., Elizabeth Donaldson, aged 57 years, widow of Gilbert Munro, gardener to the late Lord Kenmure.

DONALDSON, James - D2/5/1843 - At St. John's, Dalry, on the 2d inst., James Donaldson, late of Union Street, Aberdeen.

DONALDSON, James - D8/10/1843 - At his house in Bloomsbury Square, London, on the 8th inst., James Donaldson of Williamshaw, Ayrshire, Esq., in the 87th year of his age.

DONALDSON, James - D30/10/1844 - At Wellington Square, Ayr, on the 30th ult., James Donaldson, Esq., of the firm of Messrs Hugh Donaldson and sons - aged 72.

DONALDSON, Rev. James - D20/8/1854 - The Rev. James Donaldson, minister of Canonbie, died at Edinburgh, on the 20th instant, in the 74th year of his age, and the 40th of his ministry.

DONALDSON/M’GAW, Janet - D30/4/1844 - At Sandhead, on the 30th ult., Janet Donaldson, wife of Peter M'Gaw, aged (--) years, after a long and painful illness which she bore with christian resignation.

DONALDSON, John - D25/4/1844 - At his house in Chester Street, Birkenhead, on the Thursday last, the 25th ult., Mr John Donaldson, wine and spirit merchant - much regretted by a numerous circle of friends.

DONNAN/CALLIE, Agnes - D8/4/1846 - At Monreith Village, on the 8th instant, after a short but severe illness, Agnes Donnan, wife of Mr Robert Callie, grocer - much and deservedly regretted.

DONNAN, Alex - D16/3/1845 - At Garliestown, on the 16th inst., Mr Alex. Donnan, carter, aged 36 years.

DONNAN, Alexander - D22/12/1852 - At Whithorn, on the 22d instant, after a short illness, Mr Alexander Donnan, draper.

DONNAN, Alexander - D25/2/1880 - "On Wednesday, a young man named Alexander Donnan, joiner, Glasgow, who had been long in a delicate health was returning with his wife and two children to his father's farm in Wigtownshire. The fatigue of the journey appears to have been too much for him, and he expired suddenly shortly before New Galloway station." (From the WFP “The WAY WE WERE” March 2005. Originally inserted 26th February 1880)

DONNAN/COWAN, Catherine - D20/11/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 20th inst., Catherine Cowan or Donnan, aged 88 years.

DONNAN, Charles - D19/8/1845 - At Dalry, on the 19th inst., Charles, son of Mr Neil Donnan, china merchant, aged 16 years.

DONNAN/M'CONNELL, Elizabeth - D25/10/1869 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 25th ult., aged 69 years, Elizabeth Donnan, wife of Isaac M'Connell, parochial schoolmaster there - much beloved and deeply regretted.

DONNAN/TEMPLETON, Elizabeth - D12/1/1878 - At Malzie school, Kirkinner, Wigtownshire, on the 12th instant, Elizabeth Templeton, wife of David Donnan, teacher, aged 67 years - deeply regretted.

DONNAN, Helen - D23/8/1844 - At Dalmellington, on the 23d ult., Helen Donnan, aged 16 years.

DONNAN/COWAN, J. - D6/8/1852 - At Dumfries, on the 6th instant, J. Cowan, relict of James Donnan, Esq., banker, Wigtown.

DONNAN, James - D20/2/1855 - At Boyach, parish of Whithorn, on the 20th ult., James Donnan, Esq., farmer, there. Deceased had all but completed his 84th year, and seldom has an individual passed away from the midst of us, whose memory, from the varied, though unostentatious excellences of his character, will be so long or more deservedly cherished. In him the poor always found a warm and considerate friend.

DONNAN, Janet - D8/1/1864 - At Whithorn, on the 8th instant, advanced in years, Mrs Janet Donnan, relict of the late Alexander Donnan, Esq., High Ersock, advanced in years.

DONNAN, Janet Duncan - D19/11/1847 - At 43, Duncan Street, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, on the 19th ultimo, Miss Janet Duncan, only daughter of the late Rev. Andrew Donnan, minister of Wigtown - Friends will be pleased to accept of this intimation.

DONNAN/HOUSTON, Janet L. -D14/3/1850 - At the house of her son, Largo Place, Glasgow, on the 14th instant, Janet L. Houston, aged 78 years, relict of Mr Alexander Donnan, Newton, Ayr, and eldest daughter of the late Mr James Houston, long one of the magistrates of Girvan.

DONNAN, Martin - in the WFP D4/4/1844 - At his brother's residence London, aged 29 years, Mr Martin Donnan, a native of Wigtown.

DONNAN, Mary - D1/11/1845 - At Wigtown, on the 1st inst., of measles, Mary, daughter of Mr Alexander Donnan, draper, aged 3 1/2 years.

DONNAN, Mary - D5/4/1846 - At Barwinnock, Glasserton, on the 5th instant, Mary Donnan, aged 6 years, daughter of Mr Alex. Donnan.

DONNAN, Neill - D20/3/1845 - At Greenock, on the 20th inst., Mr Neill Donnan, late of Ayr mills.

DONNAN/M'GAW, Sarah - D18/3/1878 - At Crouse, Glenluce, on the 18th inst., Sarah M'Gaw, wife of James Donnan, aged 71 years.

DONNAN, William - D29/9/1844 - At Bladnoch-bridge, on the 29th ult., Mr William Donnan, late draper, London, aged 32 years.

DORAN, Hugh - D6/10/1845 - At Mains of Park, Glenluce, on the 6th instant, Hugh Doran - after a few minutes illness.

DORANS, John - D2/8/1887 - At Woodstock Hotel, South Africa, on the 2nd ult., John Dorans, aged 56 years. - Deeply regretted.

DO(RI)AN/DORLAN), Robert - D29/11/1897 - At Dalrymple Streret, Stranraer, on the 29th ult., Robert Do(ri)an (Dorlan), aged 51 years.

DORMAN, Miss #1 - D1/3/1878 - At Whithorn, on the 1st inst., two children aged respectively 1 and 3 years, daughter of James Dorman.

DORMAN, Miss #2 - D1/3/1878 - At Whithorn, on the 1st inst., two children aged respectively 1 and 3 years, daughters of James Dorman.

DORMAN/M’QUAKER, Ann - D11/11/1867 - At 37 Dalrymple Street, on the 11th inst., Ann M'Q(ua)ker, relict of Mr James Dorman, Bushybield, Lesw(alt). (Aged 72 years as per Meg)

DORMAN, Jemima - D29/12/1877 - Here, at (13) Greenvale Street, on the 29 ult., Jemima Dorman, aged 16 years.

DORMAN, John - D27/8/1855 - At Deerpark, parish of Inch, on the 27th instant, Mr John Dorman, sen. aged 74 years.

DORMON, John - D6/7/1878 - At Deerpark, Inch, on the 6th inst., Mr John Dormon, aged 72 years.

DORMAN/BAIN, Margaret - D17/5/1870 - At 26 Dalrymple Street, on the 17th inst., Margaret Dorman, wife of Mr Bain, cooper.

DORMAN/SNODGRASS, Marianne - D6/6/1870 - At Aird cottage, Inch, on the 6th inst., Marianne Snodgrass, wife of Mr John Dorman, inspector of poor.

D(OUGAN) Andrew Chalmers - D8/7/1887 - At 13 Elgin Street, Birkenhead on the 8th inst. Andrew Chalmers, aged 3 years and 5 months.

DOUGAN/GIBSON, Anna - D29/1/1844 - At Wigtown, on the 29th ult., Anna Dougan, relict of Thomas Gibson, Waulk mill, aged 71 years.

D(OUGAN), Annie Jane - D9/7/1887 - At 13 Elgin Street, Birkenhead on the 9th inst., Annie Jane aged 1 years and 2 months.

DOUGAN, Henry - D16/6/1863 - At (Kenmure) Kirkcowan, on the 16th inst, Mr Henry Dougan, farmer, aged 64 years.

DOUGAN/M'CLYMONT, Jane - D28/1/1869 - At Glenluce, on the 28th ult., Jane Dougan, relict of the late Peter M'Clymont, merchant, Glenluce, aged 91 years.

DOUGLAS, Miss - D9/12/1846 - At Whithorn, on the 9th inst., Miss Douglas, daughter of the late Mr Douglas of Dinnance - much respected.

DOUGLAS, Miss - D6/4/1853 - On the 6th instant, at 24 Chester Street, Belgrave Square, London, Miss Douglas, only surviving daughter of Admiral John Erskine Douglas, aged 87 years.

DOUGLAS, Mrs. - D7/5/1844 - At Chaplecroft of Buittle, on the 7th inst., Mrs Douglas, aged 54 years.

DOUGLAS, Adair - D13/11/1855 - Here, at Bridge Street, on the 13th instant, Mr Adair Douglas, coachbuilder, advanced in years.

DOUGLAS, Adair - D4/6/1869 - At Sheuchan Street, on the 4th inst., after a short illness, Mr Adair Douglas, coachbuilder.

DOUGLAS/CUNNINGHAM, Agnes - in WFP D16/2/1843 - Suddenly, at Bankhead, Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the --------Agnes Cunningham, wife of Mr John Douglas (farm)er in Trondle - deeply regretted.

DOUGLAS, Alexander - D1/3/1844 - Here, on the 1st inst., Alexander, aged 7 months, youngest son of Mr Alexander Douglas, draper.

DOUGLAS, Alexander - D3/5/1845 - At Kirkpatrick Village, on the 3d inst., after a long and severe affliction, Mr Alexander Douglas.

DOUGLAS/TOD, Anabella - D18/7/1847 - At Kilsyth Manse, on the 18th instant, Mrs Anabella Tod, relict of James Douglas, formerly minister of Stewarton.

DOUGLAS, Andrew - D25/6/1845 - At Seabank, here, on the 25th ult., very suddenly, Mr Andrew Douglas, aged 84.

DOUGLAS, Andrew - D8/11/1847 - At Glenluce, on the 8th inst., Mr Andrew Douglas, student of divinity, aged 20 years. He was a young man of superior abilities, of great integrity, and promised fair to become one of the church's brightest ornaments. His death is and will be deeply lamented by every person who was acquainted with him.

DOUGLAS, Andrew - D7/5/1865 - Here, at Fisher Street, on the 7th inst. Andrew, aged 3 years and 9 months, son of Capt. William (Douglas).

DOUGLAS, Arch. - D2/6/1843 - At Garliestown, on the 2d curt., Mr Arch. Douglas, mariner, aged 78.

DOUGLAS, Archibald - D21/9/1843 - At New Galloway, on the 21st inst., after a short illness, Archibald Douglas, Esq., surgeon there, in the 70th year of his age.

DOUGLAS/ALEXANDER, Barbara - D22/8/1845 - At Montreal, on the 25th July, Mr Thomas Alexander, formerly of Girvan; on the 22d Aug. Barbara Douglas, his wife; on the 24th, William, infant son; and on the 28th Robert, aged 20 years - much and justly regretted.

DOUGLAS, Charles - D12/5/1843 - At the residence of his brother in-law, Mr David Martin, Kingston, Canada, on the 12th of May last, Charles Douglas, youngest son of the late Convener Howat, Dumfries. (Also entered as Howat, Charles Douglas)

DOUGLAS, Right Hon. Christian - D17/1/1847 - At London, on the 17th ult., the right Hon(orable). Christian Douglas, sister of the Marquis of Queen(sberry)

DOUGLAS, Edward Sholto - D20/2/1853 - At sea, on board H.M.S. steamer "Vulcan" on 20 February last, Edward Sholto Douglas, R.N. master (of) H.M.S. "Winchester", from which ship he was invalided at Rangoon, and reached the Cape in H.M.S. "Hastings" but sunk on his further passage homewards, and was buried at the Isle of Ascension on the 27th. He was the only son of the late Major Sholto Douglas, and nephew of the Marchioness of Queensberry.

DOUGLAS/WHITHER, Eliza - D9/12/1891 - Here at 47 Hanover Street, Stranraer on the 9th inst. Eliza Douglas, relict of John Wither.

DOUGLAS, Elizabeth - D2/3/1844 - At Garlieston, on the 2d inst., Elizabeth wife of Mr Wm. Douglas, P.C. officer, aged 55 years.

DOUGLAS/CLEMONT, Elizabeth - D2/3/1844 - At Garlieston, on the 2d inst., Mrs Elizabeth Clemont, relict of Mr William Douglas, port-surveyor, and daughter of the late Mr A Clemont, Glen, Kirkmabreck.

DOUGLAS, Erskine - D5/7/1845 - At 11, Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh, on the 5th instant, in his 9th year, Erskine Douglas, youngest son of Erskine Douglas Sandford, Esq., Steward of Kirkcudbright.

DOUGLAS/M’CAIG, Isabella B. - D13/6/1850 - At George St., here on the 13th instant, Isabella B. Douglas, wife of Thomas M'Caig, Esq., of the British Linen Bank.

DOUGLAS, Isabella Robinson - D15/3/1853 - At 5 Greenwood Terrace, Liverpool, on the 15th instant, after a long illness borne with Christian patience, Isabella Robinson, youngest daughter of Mr James Douglas, shipbuilder, Stranraer.

DOUGLAS, James - D2/3/1843 - At Halfmark, Colvend, on the 2d inst., Mr James Douglas, aged 88 years.

DOUGLAS, James - D6/11/1846 - At Smithston, parish of Maybole, of cold fever, on the 6th ult., James Douglas, late farmer in Legartrie, Colmonell, aged 55 years. Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

DOUGLAS, James - D17/1/1871 - At Shore Bank, Stranraer, on the 17th inst., Mr James Douglas, coach builder.

DOUGLAS/GULLINE, Jane - D19/12/1844 - Here, on the 19th inst., Jane Gulline, wife of Mr Alex. Douglas, draper here.

DOUGLAS, Mrs John - D18/11/1843 - Suddenly, at Muirclauch, parish of New Luce, on the 18th inst., Mrs John Douglas.

DOUGLAS, John - D17/4/1844 - At Manchester, on the 17th ult., Mr John Douglas, formerly draper in Dumfries.

DOUGLAS, John Alexander - D??/6/1842 - At Calcutta, of fever, in June, 1842, John Alexander, eldest son of the late William Douglas, writer, Stranraer. (Most probably son of William Douglas and Sophia Black as per http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~hollyweb/douglas.htm)

DOUGLAS, John James - D6/2/1869 - At 36 Sheuchan Street, on the 6th inst., John James Douglas, aged 7 months, son of Mr James Skimming, blacksmith.

DOUGLAS, Jonathan - D14/9/1843 - At Chapelcroft, Buittle, on the 14th inst., Jonathan Douglas, son of Mr Robert Douglas, farmer, Chapelcroft.

DOUGLAS, Joseph - D24/3/1843 - At Knowe Village, by Newton-Stewart on the 24th ult., at an advanced age, Joseph Douglas, blacksmith.

DOUGLAS, Margaret - D6/1/1844 - At Douglas Farm, on the 6th ult., in her 6th year, Margaret, only daughter of Mr George Douglas, Douglas Farm, Long Island, North America.

DOUGLAS/M'KERLIE, Margaret - D14/2/1869 - At Isle of Whithorn, on the 14th instant, Margaret M'Kerlie, relict of the late Mr John Douglas, in her 83rd year.

DOUGLAS/COATS, Penelope - D17/11/1845 - Here, at Sun Street, on the 17th curt, in the 90th year of her age, Penelope Douglas, relict of John Coats.

DOUGLAS, Peter - D9/3/1878 - Here, at 4 Academy Street, on the 9th inst., Peter, aged two years, son of Mr John Douglas, engineer.

DOUGLAS, Rachel - D26/1/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 26th ult., Rachel Douglas, aged 66.

DOUGLAS, Robert Kelly - D25/11/1847 - ??????? of Robert Kelly Douglas, Esq., formerly of the Dumfries Times.

DOUGLAS, Robert Kelly - D22/1/1855 - At Bridge of Allan, on the 22d ultimo, Robert Kellie Douglas, Esq., of No 1 Minto Street, Edinburgh, late of Birmingham, and formerly editor of the Dumfries Times.

DOUGLAS, Samuel - D25/7/1887 - At Amhurst, Victoria, on the 25th July, Samuel Douglas, blacksmith, native of Sandhead, Wigtownshire, aged 76 years.

DOUGLAS, Sarah - D17/9/1847 -At Castlecary, suddenly, on the 17th instant, Miss Sarah Douglas, sixth daughter of the late Mr Wm. Douglas, Little Park, Galloway.

DOUGLAS/M'WHINNIE, Wilhelmina - D28/12/1843 - At Mertonhall, parish of Penninghame, on the 28th ult., Wilhelmina M'Whinnie, wife of Mr Thos. Douglas.

DOUGLAS, William - D28/8/1843 - At Tongue, parish of Inch, on the 28th inst., after a short illness, William Douglas, Esq., aged 66 years.

DOUGLAS, Rev. William - D22/2/1874 - At the Free Church Manse, Muthill, on the 22nd inst., the Rev. William Douglas. - Friends will please accept this intimation.

DOUIE, Elizabeth Barbara - D6/8/1844 - At Broomfields, Largs, on the 6th instant, Elizabeth Barbara, infant daughter of the Rev. David Buchan Douie.

DOURAN, Donald Stewart - D4/5/1887 - At the Hospital of Gibraltar, of smallpox, on the 4th May, Donald Stewart, second son of Alexander Douran, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, but formerly of Garliestown, Scotland.

DOVETON, Sir William Webber - D??/11/1843 - At St. Helena, in November last, Sir W. Doveton, of Fairyland, K.C.B., in the 94th year of his age. (Honoured on a stamp in 2002 http://home.swipnet.se/~w-17282/stamps/stamps02.html)

DOW/JARDINE, Ann - D5/4/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 5th inst., at an advanced age, Mrs Ann Dow, relict of William Jardine, Esq., Surgeon, R.N..

DOWALL, John - D19/9/1869 - At his home in Elgin, Illinois, America, after a lingering illness, on the 19th Sept., Mr John Dowall, in the 40th year of his age. Deceased was a native of Kirkinner, Wigtownshire.

DOWIE(DOURIE)/HOPE, Mary Ann - D8/8/1878 - At Whithorn, on the 8th inst., Mary Ann Dowie (Dourie) widow of Sergeant Hope, late of Callender.

DOWNIE, William - D27/3/1847 - At Philadelphia, U.S. on the 27th March last, in the 52d year of his age, Mr William Downie, formerly farmer in Knockneen, parish of Kirkcolm.

DRAPE, John - D26/6/1887 - At Whithorn, on the 26th inst. John Drape, senior, in his 79th year.

DRENNAN, Male - D3/5/1845 - At Wallacetown, Ayr, on the 3d inst., Mrs J. Drennan, of twins - a son and daughter, - the former still-born.

DRENNAN, Elizabeth - D5/1/1845 - At Dalrymple, on the 5th inst., Elizabeth Drennan, after a lingering illness.

DRENNIE, Samuel - D14/3/1853 - At Girvan, on the 14th instant, Mr Samuel Drennie, watchmaker.

DREW, Alexander - D15/9/1846 - At Bridge Street, here, on the 15th inst., Mr Alexander Drew, grain dealer, aged 23 years.

DREW, Elizabeth - D15/10/1845 - At Milford, South Wales, on the 15th inst., Elizabeth, aged 21 years, daughter of Dr. Drew, R.N., formerly of this place.

DREW, Jane - D23/8/1844 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 23d ult., Miss Jane Drew.

DREW, John - D2/10/1843 - At Garthland, Stoneykirk, on Monday last, Mr John Drew, farmer, aged 78 years.

DREW/HUTTON, Margaret - D26/4/1871 - At 24 St. John Street, on the 26th ult., Margaret Drew, aged 84 years, wife of Mr John Hutton, carter.

DREW/M’CREDIE, Mary - D7/5/1865 - At Whithorn, on the 7th inst, Mary M'Credie, wife of James Drew, Esq..

DRUMGOLE, Janet - D14/5/1843 - At Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, on the 14th ult, Janet, second daughter of James Drumgole, and granddaugher of Mr Anderson, Valleyfield, near Castle-Douglas.

DRUMMOND, Sergeant David - M4/10/1844 - At Annan, on the 4th instant, after two hours' illness, Sergeant David Drummond, advanced in years, and much and deservedly regretted.

DRUMMOND, Rev. Peter - D29/10/1847 - At the Manse of Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, on the 29th ult., the Rev. Peter Drummond, in the 63d year of his age, and 29th of his ministry.

DRUMMOND, Ralph - D27/5/1852 - At Kirkcudbright, suddenly, on the 27th ultimo, Mr Ralph Drummond, rector of the grammar school of Kirkcudbright, formerly of the grammar school of Dalkeith. Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

DRYBURGH, Mary - D18/12/1891 - At High Street, Gatehouse-of Fleet, on the 18th inst. Miss Mary Dryburgh, aged 67 years.

DRYDEN, James - D20/12/1873 - At ---Raglan Street, Glasgow, on the 20th inst. Mr James Dryden, aged (74) years, formerly clerk of works at Wigtown County Buildings.

DRYNAN, David - D20/12/1847 - At Colmonell, on the 20th inst., in the 51st year of his age, Mr David Drynan, post-master, Colmonell.

DRYNAN/MILLER, Elizabeth - D2/4/1851 - At Does (or Doss) parish of Inch on the 3rd inst. Elizabeth Miller, wife of Mr Drynan, farmer there, aged 26 years.

DRYNAN, James - D17/3/1874 - Here, at Lewis Street, on the 17th inst. James Drynan, merchant. Friends will please accept this intimation.

DRYNAN, John - D3/8/1867 - Died of cholera, at Rewar, East India on the 3d August, John Drynan, missionary in connection with the U.P. Church there, since 1863, and formerly paymaster Sergt. in H.M.'s 91st Regiment - much regretted by all who knew him. He was a native of Girvan.

DRYNAN, Nelson - D15/12/1891 - At King St. Newton-Stewart, on the 15th inst. Nelson, infant son of Nelson Drynan, aged 1 years.

DRYNAN/THOMSON, Sarah - D2/11/1883 - Here, at 13 Hanover Street, on the 28th inst., Sarah Drynan, relect of James Thomson, clothier, aged 64 years. - Deeply regretted.

DRYNAN, Thomas - D22/10/1846 - At Knockibay, parish of New Luce, on the 22d instant, Mr Thomas Drynan, aged 30.

DRYNAN, Mrs W. - D27/5/1846 - At Kildonnan, Stoneykirk, on the 27th ult., Mrs Wm. Drynan, farmer, advanced in years.

DRYNAN, William - D23/3/1878 - At 185, Hill Street, Garnet Hill, Glagow, on the 23rd inst., William, twin son of the late James Drynan, Stranraer.

DRYSDALE, George - D21/8/1844 - Drowned, on the 21st ult., whilst bathing in the Danube, at Vienna, George Drysdale, aged 19 years, son of the late Sir William Drysdale, of Pittenchar.

DRYSDALE, Thomas - D21/11/1883 - Here, at Harbour Street, on the 21st inst., Thomas Drysdale, aged 2 months.

DUCHER, Thomas - D17/3/1844 - At Slate Row, Rerwick, on the 17th inst., suddenly, Mr Thomas Ducher, much respected.

DUFF, Alexander - D12/4/1844 - At Closeburn, on the 12th ult., Mr Alexander Duff - greatly esteemed.

DUFF/M'LAGAN, Grace - D27/10/1846 - At Kenmore Manse, on the 27th ult., Grace M'Lagan, wife of the Rev. Dr. Duff.

DUFF/HUNTER, Sarah - D14/6/1887 - At 12 King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 14th ult., Sarah Duff, relict of Wm Hunter, aged 34 years.

DUFF, Rev. Wm. - D23/9/1844 - At Manse of Grange, on the 23d September, the Rev. Wm. Duff, in the 53d year of his age, and the 23d of his ministry.

DUN, Ann - D24/9/1845 - At Larglanglee, on the 24th ultimo, Ann, wife of Wm. Dun, farmer there.

DUN, John - D7/11/1846 - At Kirkcudbright, on the 7th inst., Capt. John Dun, of the Galloway Militia.

DUNBAR, Grace W. - D8/12/1883 - At Queen's Park Estate, London, on the 8th inst., Grace W. Dunbar, second daughter of Charles S. Dunbar, of Whithorn, - Deeply regretted.

DUNBAR, James - D11/8/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 11th instant, Mr James Dunbar, innkeeper, Durham Ox Inn.

DUNBAR, James Cospatrick Alexander - D17/8/1847 - At Dinapore, Bengal, on the 17th August, Capt. James Cospatrick Alexander Dunbar, of her Majesty's 98th Regt. second son of the late James Dunbar, Esq., and brother of Sir William Dunbar, bart., of Mochrum, aged 33 years.

DUNBAR, John - D3/9/1844 - At his father's house, Pointfoot, Glencairn, on Tuesday week, Mr John Dunbar, draper and tea-dealer, Stratford-on-Avon.

DUNCAN, Rev. Alex - D10/11/1844 - At Mid-Calder, on the 10th inst., the Rev. Alex.Duncan, D.D. late professor of Pastoral Theology to the United Associate Synod.

DUNCAN, Cochran - D24/10/1844 - At Ochiltree, on the 24th inst., Cochran Duncan, in the 20th year of his age.

DUNCAN, David - D15/12/1846 - At Langholm, on the 15th instant, Mr David Duncan, Tinsmith, aged 85 years.

DUNCAN, Rev. Henry - D12/2/1846 - At Cumlongan Castle, on the 12th inst., after a brief illness, the Rev. Henry Duncan, D.D., minister of the Free Church, Ruthwell.

DUNCAN/HAMILTON, Lady Jane Dalrymple - D7/3/1852 - LADY JANE DALRYMPLE HAMILTON died on the 7th inst, at Paris. She was the eldest daughter of the celebrated Admiral Lord Duncan and sister of the Earl of Camperdown. In her youth she was reckoned one of the most beautiful women of the day, and attracted much admiration on the remarkable occasion when, hanging on the arm of her veteran and gallant father, she appeared in the Royal procession which went to St. Paul's after the battle of Camperdown to give thanks for the great naval victories. She afterwards married Sir Hew Dalrymple Hamilton, of Bargeny and North Berwick, in Scotland. Their only child, and the heiress of the great Bargeny estates, was married to the Duke de Coigny, whose eldest daughter and heiress married Mr Dalrymple, the Lord Lieutenant of Wigtownshire and heir presumptive to the Earl of Stair, who married the sister of the deceased lady.

DUNCAN, Janet - D29/11/1844 - At Saltcoats, on the 29th ultimo., Miss Janet Duncan, daughter of the late Mr Robert Duncan, cloth-merchant.

DUNCAN, John - D16/11/1844 - At Ayr, on the 16th inst., Mr John Duncan.

D(UNCAN), Robert - D10/1/1878 - At 62 Arthur Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 10th inst., Mr Robert D(uncan), shoemaker, aged 65 years - much regretted.

DUNCAN, William - D21/2/1843 - At Annan, on the 21st ult., William Duncan, gardener, aged 77 and, on the 23d, William Elliot, late tide-waiter, advanced in years.

(DUNCE) BRUCE, John - D(9)/2/1875 - At C(rouse) Kirkinner, on the (9)th inst., Mr John Bruce, (Dunce).

DUNDAS, Right Hon. Wm. - D14/11/1845 - At Quarry House, St. Leonard's on Sea, on the 14th inst., the right Hon. Wm. Dundas, the Lord Clerk Register of Scotland.

DUNLOP, Agnes - D22/7/1845 - At Bringin, on the 22d instant, Agnes, only daughter of Mr W. Dunlop, farmer.

DUNLOP, Eliza Alice - D25/6/1887 - At Corsock House, Kirkcudbrightshire, on the 25th ult., Eliza Alice, third daughter of the late A.C.S. Murray Dunlop, of Corsock and Edinbarnet, aged 34 years.

DUNLOP, Elizabeth Reid - D17/6/1863 - At the U.P, Manse, Portwilliam, on the 17th ultimo, Elizabeth Reid, aged 13 years, daughter of the Rev. William Dunlop.

DUNLOP, George - D10/1/1845 - At his house, John's Place, Leith, on the 10th inst., in the 74th year of his age, George Dunlop, Esq., merchant, Leith, and distiller, East Linton. He was senior brother to the Rev. Walter, Dunlop, Dumfries.

DUNLOP/BLACK, Marion - D20/11/1844 - At Irvine, on the 20th inst., Mrs Marion Dunlop, relict of John Black, Esq., of Locherbank, aged 71 years.

DUNLOP-WALLACE, Robert Bruce Agnew - D8/6/1887 - At Rhynd, Dumfermline, Fifeshire, on the 8th inst., in his 53rd year, Robert Agnew Wallace, second surviving son of the late General Sir John Alexander Agnew Wallace, Bart., K.C.B., of Lochryan. (Robert Bruce Agnew Dunlop-Wallace as per search on the internet and info on Rootsweb re his family tree)

DUNLOP/JARDINE, Sarah - D23/2/1863 - At Portwilliam, on the 23d instant, suddenly, Sarah Jardine, wife of the Rev. William Dunlop, of the U.P. Church there.

DUNLOP, Rev. Walter - D4/11/1846 - At Dumfries, on the 4th inst., the Rev. Walter Dunlop, of the United Secession Church, Buccleuch Street.

DUNN, Andrew - D11/12/1843 - At Eildrig, Mochrum, on the 11th inst., Andrew Dunn, at the advanced age of 88.

DUNN/AGNEW, Stewart (female) - D23/11/1891 - At Knoxbrex Cottage, Newton-Stewart on the 23rd ult., Stewart Dunn, relict of Peter Agnew, farmer, Mulloch, aged 75 years.

DUNN, Jean - D20/3/1847 - At Newton Stewart, on the 20th instant, Mrs Jean Dunn, innkeeper, relict of the late John Dunn, flesher.

DUNN, John - D9/3/1844 - At Trammonford, near Wigtown, on the 9th inst., John Dunn, aged 86.

DUNN, Margaret - D11/9/1844 v- at Kilsaintninian, Colmonell, on the 11th inst., Margaret, second daughter of Mark Dunn, mason, aged two years and nine months.

DUNN, William - D30/9/1867 - At Merton Hall, near Newton-Stewart, on the 30th ultimo, Mr William Dunn, gardener, aged 85 years.

DUNSE, Elizabeth - D1/7/1845 - At Knockravie, Kirkowen, on the 1st inst., Elizabeth Dunse, aged 17 years.

DUNSE, Elizabeth - D7/5/1871 - At Edinburgh, on the 7th inst., Elizabeth, aged 86 years, daughter of the late Mr Thomas Dunse, of Whithorn.

DUNSMORE, Allan - D18/7/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 18th inst., Mr Allan Dunsmore, of the Blue Bell Inn.

DUNSMORE, Charles - D14/5/1845 - At Cults, parish of Sorbie, on the 14th inst., Charles Dunsmore, aged 21 years.

DURHAM/LANDSBURGH, Jean - D10/6/1843 - At Lochinbreck Well, on the 10th inst., very suddenly, of apoplexy, Jean Durham, aged 58, spouse to Mr Landsburgh, innkeeper there.

DUTHIE/MILLER, Elizabeth - D1/8/1860 - At Aske Hall, Richmond, Yorkshire, on the 1st instant, Elizabeth Miller, wife of Mr Duthie, gardener, Penninghame House, Wigtownshire.

DYER, Agnes - D23/31861 - Here, at Castle Street, on the 23d inst., Agnes,......daughter of Mr William Dyer, tailor and clothier.

DYMPSTER/M'MICHAN, Marion - D31/5/1843 - At Griglwd, North Wales, on the 31st ult., Marion Dympster, spouse of Thomas M'Michan.