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In this web page, I am sharing PDF files of genealogical research that I have done over the last 30+ years.

Ahnentafel Books

I now have completed six drafts to share. They are all in the same format, which is that of an ahnentafel (ancestor table), and they all start with one of my great-grandparents:

  • Ancestry of Edgard Worthington Hubbard (ancestors mostly from Vermont and Massachusetts - Hubbard, Jenison, French, Brown, etc.)
  • Ancestry of Lunette Rosanna Buel (ancestors mostly from New York and Connecticut - Buel/Buell, Hubbell, Carver, Mead, etc.)
  • Ancestry of Harry Stillman Pratt (ancestors mostly from Vermont and Massachusetts - Pratt, Brown, Gilson, Aldrich, etc.)
  • Ancestry of Alice Maud Clark (ancestors from Massachusetts - Clark, Derby, Bixby, Fiske , etc.)
  • Ancestry of Charles Gracchus Neely (Neely, Elstun, Montgomery, etc. who settled in Indiana and Illinois)
  • Ancestry of Lucia Hull Fish (ancestors mostly from New York and Connecticut - Fish, Hinsdale, Hull, etc.)
  • Descendant Projects

    NOTE: some of these books overlap, for example, my grandfather Lowell Pratt is a descendant of the Derby, Pratt, and Brown families.
  • Descendants of Ole Gilbertson and Helge Olsdatter Bakke Descendants of my Norwegian great-great-Grandparents .
  • Descendants of Jacob and Ingeborg Kvale Descendants of my other two Norwegian great-great-Grandparents
  • Descendants of Dr. Laurens Hull and Dorcas Ambler who settled in Angelica, N.Y.
  • Descendants of Rev. John Berrien Fish
  • Descendants of Elizur Hinsdale of Le Roy, N.Y.
  • Descendants of Charles Buell and Charlotte Carver of Franklin, N.Y.
  • Descendants of John Derby and Martha Fiske of Weston, Mass.
  • Descendants of William Pratt and Harriet Gilson of Quincy, Mass.
  • Descendants of James R. Brown of Vermont and Massachusetts.
  • Descendants of John and Jane Maxwell of Philadelphia. updated
  • Descendants of Joseph Neely and Martha Johnston who settled in Gibson County, Indiana New!
  • Descendants of Josiah Jenison and Susannah French of Shrewsbury, Vermont
  • Descendants of Horatio Clark and Betsey Bixby of Westford, Mass.
  • Descendants of Richard Aldrich and Anna Maynard of Bradford, Vt.
  • Descendants of Jacob Christ of Lancaster Co., Penn. New!

    Other Books

  • A Weekly Miracle "how a California newspaper coped with the Great Depression, World War II and the evacuation of Japanese-Americans," by my grandfather Lowell C. Pratt, editor of the Selma Enterprise
  • Ancestors of Hazel Irene Bown (draft) ancestors and relatives of my step-grandmother
  • Source Material, letters, speeches and manuscripts:

  • Letters from William Pratt to Harriet Gilson Seven letters written in 1834 by my great-great-great Grandfather who lived in Quincy, Mass.
  • Bible Record from John Isaac Neely/Jane Montgomery Bible: Neely Bible Record
  • A scrap of paper found in the Neely Bible: Neely births
  • John Berrien Fish diary an account of his wife Lucia's illness and death, in 1836 (transcription)
  • Isaac Montgomery's Speech (1841) a speech given by my ancestor, at the Indiana House of Representatives
  • Charles Gracchus Neely's commencement, speech Kent College of Law (1896) a speech by my great-grandfather
  • Lowell Clark Pratt's expreiences as an extra in the opera Aida (1916)
  • Lowell Clark Pratt's World War I Scrapbook
  • new! Dr. Laurens Hull on Quackery (1839)
  • new! Dr. Laurens Hull on Improvement in Medicine (1840)
  • Please feel free to download these for your own personal research, but rather than sending others the file, send the link. The reason is that I intend to make frequent updates to these books and the link will always contain the most recent versions. I consider these books to be works in progress and welcome additional information and corrections. Some of the information is tentative. Please see the footnotes for more information. If you have further information please share it with me and I will make updates. Thanks.

    For comments and suggestions, email me at: ahgilbertson@yahoo.com.