Ferris Encyclopedia of Mangalorean Families

FARIAS, Francis Xavier of Kodialbail


ABREO of Mangalore/Bolar
ARANHA, Diego of Falnir/Kankanady
CASTELINO PRABHU, Salvador of Cordel
COELHO PRABHU, Paul Peter of Kodialbail
FERNANDES, Angelo of Divarde, Goa
FERNANDEZ, Francisco of Spain
LASRADO SHENOY, Bonaventure of Falnir
NORONHA PRABHU, Balthazar of Bolar
ROSARIO, Paul of Bolar
SALDANHA SHET, Antonio of Mangalore
VAS NAIK , Jose of Falnir

ABREO, Antony of Kadri
ALBUQUERQUE PAI, Pascal of Pezar/Bolar
ALVA BHAT, Manuel of Udipi
ALVARES SHET, Balthazar of Bondel
ALVARES SHET, Salvador of Mangalore
ANRADE PRABHU, Jose of Pezar
ARANHA SHENOY, Anthony (alias Anthappa Shenoy) of Mulki
BAPTIST, Francis Xavier of Borimar
BRAGA, Emmanuel of Omzoor
BRITO PRABHU, Salvador of Mangalore
COELHO PRABHU, Munsiff Anthony John of Kadri
COELHO, Francis Xavier of Falnir
COLACO KAMATH, Joachim of Moodbidri
COLACO KAMATH, Pascal of Hospet
CORREA, Pascal  - Candle Makers
D'ALMEIDA of Kundapur
D'CUNHA, Francis of South Canara
D'SA NAIK, Pascal of Bijey
D'SILVA, Antonio of Cordel
D'SILVA KAMATH, Diego of Cordel
D'SOUZA KAMATH, Gabriel of Urva
D'SOUZA KAMATH, Pascal of Kallianpur
D'SOUZA MUDHARTA, Bartholomew of Bendore
D'SOUZA MUDHARTA, Joseph of Moodubelle
D'SOUZA PRABHU, Francis Xavier of Mangalore
D'SOUZA SHET, Philip of Cordel


FARIAS  of Puttur
FERNANDES, Alexis of Bantwal
FERNANDES, Boniface of Udyavar
FERNANDES PRABHU, Sebastian of Moodubelle
GONSALVES, Joachim of South Kanara
GONSALVES, Nicholas of Dongarkeri
GOVEAS, Joseph of Cannanore
KELMAN, James of Karnataka
LUIS/LEWIS of Kallianpur
LOBO SHENOY, Domingo of Nandigudda
LOBO SHENOY, Jose of South Canara
LOBO PRABHU, Peter of Makhale
LOBO PRABHU, Simon of South Canara
LOPES, Pedro of Mahé
MACHADO PRABHU, João of Omzoor
MARTIS, Mattheus of Kadri
MASCARENHAS, Antony of Falnir
MASCARENHAS, Sebastian of Bantwal/Bijey
MATHIAS PRABHU, Anthony J. of Belman
MATHIAS NAIK, John of Kodialbail
MENEZES PRABHU, Mattheus of Falnir
MISQUITH, Xavier of Mangalore
MONTEIRO, Joseph of Quiram
NAZARETH SHENOY, Anthony of Permude
NAZARETH SHENOY, Antonio of Pezar
NORONHA RAI, Joachim of Karkal
NORONHA PRABHU, Francis of Bolar

PACHÉCO Family of South Canara
PAIS PRABHU, Antonio of Urwa
PAIS PRABHU, Salvador of Falnir
PAIS PRABHU, Sebastian of Kodialbail
PAIS PRABHU, Sebastian of South Canara
PEREIRA, Ignatius of Bajpe
PEREIRA, Francis of Bajpe
PERES BHAT of Pezar/Omzoor
PINTO, Jose from Thuralpadi/Kadri
PINTO KAMATH, Antony of Puttur
PINTO PRABHU, Andrew of Bolar
REBELLO PRABHU of Kallianpur
REBELLO, Emmanuel of Pezar
REGO NAYAK, Mattheus of Derebail
REGO NAYAK, Joao of Kadri/Bolar
REGO NAYAK, Salvador of Mangalore
RODRIGUES, Antony of Fonegal
RODRIGUES, Salvador of South Canara
SALDANHA (Gadialgar), Antonio
SEQUEIRA, John of South Canara
SEQUEIRA, Simon of Cordel
SUARES, Thomas of Pezar
TAURO, Cajetan of Bantwal
TELLIS NAIK of Kodialbail
TEXEIRA of South Canara


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