PEREIRA KAMATH family from Bajpe

PEREIRA KAMATH family from Bajpe


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1. Ignatius PEREIRA was born circa 1770.

General Notes: A genealogy of the Bajpe Pereira family was compiled by Fr Cyril Pereira, S.J. Unfortunately he made no copies and much of his original notes were lost or misplaced after his death, but a section has been retrieved by his nephew Maxwell Pereira (Additional Commissioner of Police, New Delhi). They provide considerable details about the early generations
According to the notes of Fr Cyril Pereira, Ignatius Pereira had 9 children - 5 sons, Xavier, Antony, Manuel, Pedru, and Juse Minguel - and 4 daughters. The notes do not mention the names of the daughters, but mention the families into which three of them married. One was married to a Cunha of Kamikatta, one to a Cutinho of Omzoor and one to a Sequeira of Permude. The fourth daughter may have been Isabella who married into the Aranha family of Mulki.

This family is also referred to as the Kuntala Kambla Pereira family from Bajpe. Their ancestral surname was Kamath.

Ignatius married ________.

His children were:

+ 2 M    i. Xavier PEREIRA was born circa 1795.

+ 3 M    ii. Antony PEREIRA was born circa 1805.

+ 4 M    iii. Manuel PEREIRA was born circa 1807.

   5 M    iv. Pedru PEREIRA .

   6 M    v. Joseph Minguel PEREIRA .

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