PACHÉCO Family from South Canara

PACHÉCO Family from South Canara

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(No surname)
  Aloysia, A.C. (Mother)C born 1855 died 1939
  Francis Xavier, La Retraite, England (Sr.)C
  J. F. D'SouzaS
  Letita Augusta, A.C. (Sr.)C born Dec 30, 1880
  Marie Ange, CD (Sr.)C born Cir 1867
  Mary Agnes, of the Blessed Sacrament (Sr.)C born Jul 3, 1869
  Philomena, AC (Mother)C
  Philomena, AC (Sr.)C born Oct 19, 1848 died Oct 17, 1932
  Polycarp, AC (Sr.)C born Feb 28, 1860 died Jun 3, 1937
  Stephanie, AC (Sr.)C born 1857 died 1925

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