NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar

NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent




  Amy ChoiS
  Kow YueP
  JosephineS born Dec 10, 1893 died 1967
  PascalP born Sep 5, 1850
  Assumpta LyeraC
  Augustine Rosario (Dr.)P
  CharlesS born Sep 27, 1921 died Jan 20, 2001
  Denzil (Dr.)C
  Marceline AgnesP born Apr 26, 1918 died Dec 30, 2004
  MargaretP born 1883 died Apr 18, 1957
  Margaret RoseP born May 30, 1931 died Apr 23, 1980
  Neville Raymond JosephC
  SebastianP born Feb 22, 1868
  Sebastian PascalS
  Simon FrancisP born 1874 died Oct 3, 1932
  Teresa MaryS
  Theresa LilaS

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