NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar

NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent




  Brian Joseph JohnC
  CliffordP born Jan 15, 1912 died Nov 14, 1980
  Clifford William AugustineC
  Joan Yvette PhilomenaC
  John Francis Aloysius (Tashildar)S born Jun 26, 1890
  Joseph PaulP born Apr 17, 1891 died Jul 27, 1971
  Juliet MariaP born 1929 died Dec 16, 2014
  Keith Michael HenryC
  Lindsay Harold A.P born Sep 11, 1928
  Malcolm Joseph AnthonyC
  Shirley Marie ThereseC
  Trevor William AnthonyC
  William PiedadeP born Jun 25, 1854 died 1902
  Gratian AlexanderS born Mar 10, 1914 died Nov 18, 1975
  Jason AlexanderC
  Albert AnthonyP born 1897 died 1969
  Alexander Joachim GabrielS born Apr 22, 1896
  Antony GabrielS
  CelineC born Apr 21, 1930 died Jan 28, 2014
  James, Ph. D.S born Nov 27 died Nov 7, 1983
  LawrenceP born Feb 10, 1877 died Apr 25, 1955
  MaryP born Mar 12, 1898 died Dec 13, 1976

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