NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar

NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent




  Cecilia PietasS
  Jerome DanielP
  Liesl Anne (Dr.)S
  Noel Thomas Francis Xavier (Colonel)P born Dec 29, 1923 died Jul 10, 2016
  Stanislaus William PeterP
  Aviva (Dr.)S
  Catharina EmilianaP born Feb 20, 1886 died Apr 30, 1968
  CeciliaP,P born 1925 died Jun 15, 2015
  Cuthbert JoachimP
  George William AndrewP born Nov 18, 1878 died May 2, 1967
  JulianaP born 1913 died 1997
  Kunal Stewart MarioC
  Lucy JoannaS
  Mario JohnC
  Percival John BaptistS born Jun 4, 1912 died Mar 8, 1991
  Seraj (Fr.)C
  Sheila MarthaC

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