NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar

NAZARETH SHENOY family from Pezar


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2. Domingo NAZARETH (Antonio Joćo1).

Domingo married ALBUQUERQUE.

Children from this marriage were:

   4 M    i. Antonio NAZARETH was born in 1800 and died in 1839 at age 39.

+ 5 M    ii. John Michael NAZARETH was born circa 1809 and died in 1880 about age 71.

+ 6 M    iii. Bernard NAZARETH was born circa 1817 and died in 1887 about age 70.

3. Pedro NAZARETH (Antonio Joćo1) was born in 1795.

Pedro married Angela D'SOUZA.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 7 M    i. Antonio NAZARETH was born circa 1818.

   8 M    ii. John NAZARETH .

   9 F    iii. Clara NAZARETH was born circa 1825.

Clara married Sebastian PINTO.

   10 M    iv. Domingo NAZARETH was born on Apr 28, 1829.

+ 11 M    v. Salvador NAZARETH was born on Mar 30, 1831 and died in 1887 at age 56.

+ 12 M    vi. Cajetan NAZARETH was born in 1833 and died in 1894 at age 61.

   13 F    vii. Helena NAZARETH was born on Jan 13, 1834 and died in 1903 at age 69.

Helena married Peter Joseph NAZARETH.

+ 14 M    viii. Lawrence NAZARETH was born on Sep 6, 1836.

   15 F    ix. Sabina NAZARETH was born circa 1840.

Sabina married Bonaventure PAIS.

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