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Ferris Encyclopedia of Mangalorean Families

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent




(No surname)
  _P died 1993
  AgnesP born 1945 died Nov 6, 2009
  AgnesP died Jun 26, 1987
  Amy, Carmelites of St. Theresa (Sr.)C born Nov 8, 1925
  BirdieC born Sep 13, 1917 died 1989
  Carmela, AC (Sr.)C born 1920 died 1950
  ChrisS,P born Oct 1, 1937 died Oct 17, 1987
  Elizabeth, (Sister of Charity) (Sr.)C
  Fidelis, AC (Sr.)C born 1914 died 1992
  Helen, AC (Sr.)C born 1866 died 1898
  Mary Sophia, AC (Sr.)C born Jun 21, 1907 died Jan 9, 2001
  OrlindaP born 1894 died 1996
  PollyP born Mar 22, 1888 died Aug 29, 1955
  Rana (Dr.)S
  Rose MariaP

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