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Ferris Encyclopedia of Mangalorean Families

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent




(No surname)
  AlkaS born Dec 30, 1963 died Feb 1, 2014
  Aloysia (Sr.)C
  Catherine (Sr.)C born Jun 27, 1846 died 1909
  ChrisP born Oct 1, 1937 died Oct 17, 1987
  ChrissieC died Oct 18, 2009
  Janet MeridithS
  Jesuine Marie, CSST (Sr.)C born 1931 died Jul 27, 2019
  JulieC born Sep 12, 1890 died Feb 2, 1969
  Margaret Mary CoelhoC born 1885 died 1937
  Marie Rose (Sr.)C
  Marilyn, AC (Sr.)C
  Marita, AC (Sr.)C born 1926 died Dec 10, 2012
  Mary Hilda of the Sacred Wounds, AC (Sr.)C born 1910 died 1992
  MattyP born Feb 19, 1923 died 1996
  Medea, MCJ (Sr.)C
  Moira, AC (Sr.)C
  Molly, BhaiP born Jun 17, 1927 died May 3, 2007
  Odile of the Redeemer, LSP (Sr.)C born 1908 died 1994
  QueenieS born Mar 26, 1933 died Jun 28, 2008
  Shirlene ReneeS
  Therese Marie, CSST (Sr.)C born 1927

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