ABREO PRABHU family from Bolar

ABREO PRABHU family from Bolar


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1. ABREO was born circa 1735.

General Notes: We do not know his given name or where he came from, Mangalore or Goa. Noted Genealogists Marian Saldanha and Rao Sahib F. Lobo have both mentioned his children Anna Philippa Abreo and Salvadore Abreo. There may have been more children. Some of the descendants claim that they descended from Diego Abreu Prabhu who migrated from Goa and the name was changed to Abreo to Anglicize it. Since there are no written records available from that time we will not know any more details unless someone somewhere unearths a headstone on a grave which contains the names and remains ...

ABREO married ________.

His children were:

+ 2 F    i. Anna Philipa ABREO was born circa 1760.

+ 3 M    ii. Salvadore ABREO was born circa 1770 and died on Jun 25, 1832 about age 62.

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