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In Memorium. This booklet was given to the soldiers of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment who survived W.W. 2  in honour of their fallen comrades. It is not for sale, but through a veteran , lookups can be done from it. The booklet contains the date and place of death for the 359 soldiers of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment who were KIA. For lookups contact the County Coordinator.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The 1948 Rural Directory for the Electoral District of Camrose and Vegreville Alberta This resource lists all rural address's in their respective areas of postal services as well as the individuals source of income. Courtesy of the Kingman Historical Society's Archives. NEW gif
The Town of Camrose 1907 and 1908 Tax Roll Records . Available from the CAMROSE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY .
Contact any Society member, or email the Society President , Sherran Dermott .

As the Wheels Turn  Index Trudy Challborn 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Battle River Country - Duhamel  (Indexed) Leah orStan Trautman

bullet.gif (952 bytes)We came We stayed-Bawlf             Brian Longeway

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Rural Atlas and Directory     Shirley Bawden

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Salute the Pioneers - Roundhill         Shirley Bawden

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Trails, Trials, and Triumphs -  Edberg and District Shirley Bawden

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Golden Trail                             Barry Hovelson

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Harvest of Memories -Kingman Index Barry Hovelson

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Harvest of Memories   "Online" Courtesy of the Kingman Site.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Harvest of Memories (Indexed)Volume Two  'FOR SALE' Barry Hovelson

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Lure of the Homestead( indexed )  Sherran

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Tales of Tofield "Online" Courtesy of the Tofield Site. (Beaver County)

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Each Step Left it's Mark(indexed)-Haylakes Barry Hovelson

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Footprints Along the Stoney -Armena Index Barry Hovelson

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Bitter N' Sweet -(indexed)BitternLake -Sifton  Barry Hovelson

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Little Beaver Tales-(indexed)Ferintosh  District   Inez  or  Barryor Shirley

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Memory opens the Door (Indexed) Leah

Memoirs of the Edberg Pioneers Index Judy
Books available for Purchase:

    Memoirs of Father Anthony Sylle   contact the County Coordinator

    Harvest of Memories (indexed)-Volume Two (Kingman Area)Contact the County Coordinator

    New Berlin / Verdun School1902-2002 , 100 Years of Memories  (Duhamel/NewNorway area)Contact the County Coordinator NEW gif

Indexed Books needing a volunteer for lookups: Books available through Local Libraries:
    A Glimpse into the Past Hay Lakes area (Volunteer needed for lookups)

    Battle Bend Pioneers Camrose area (Volunteer needed for lookups)

    Early History of Camrose and District (Volunteer needed for lookups)

Books Unavailable:
Saddlebags to Stained Glass A History of the Camrose United Church and it's Founding Congregations (Privately owned copy available for lookups)
Fifty Years on the Coulee Rim (Indexed)A History of Donalda and District
*The books mentioned above are all available through the local library or the Camrose Museum and can be accessed through the County Coordinator if a lookup is needed prior to a volunteer being found. 

Books available from other areas courtesy of the KINGMAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY :


Courtesy of the Alberta GenWeb Digital Archives

Click on the above line for the link to the list.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Birth, Marriage announcements and Obituaries from the BASHAW STAR Newspaper , from the Bashaw Star Archives . 1914 - present. Exact dates, or close proximities, must be given. Scheduling of the lookup will pertain to office hours and volunteer schedules. Contact Barry Hovelson for a scheduling. (Volunteer needed for lookups)

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Birth, Marriage announcements and Obituaries from theCamrose Canadian newspaper, on microfilm. 1908 - present. Exact dates must be given, due to the time involved.                     Barry Hovelson or Helen Halsten

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Birth, Marriage announcements and Obituaries from the BAWLF SUN Newspaper, between the dates of Aug. 1907 and Dec. 21/ 1928 , or the BAWLF BANNER Newspaper , between March 1947 and November 1949. Exact dates must be given in order to locate on the microfiche contact the Bawlf Historical Society or Helen Halston who will arrange the lookup , and return the results to you. 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Birth, Marriage, and Obituary announcements from the Wetaskiwin Times Newspaper microfilm courtesy of the Wetaskiwin Archives . A volunteer from the Camrose County GenWeb will assist you with this lookup if it pertains to the timeline between March of 1901-December of 1908 , being the Camrose Canadian wasn't in existance during this period. All lookups must have the exact , or close proximity , dates. 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Gravestone Still Pictures using an Olympus D340-R  Digital Camera.Please allow the volunteer time to schedule the site visit. These pictures will be E-Mailed to you at no charge. Barry Hovelson

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Gravestone Pictures in the Camrose area. Helen Halsten

Metis' Genealogy Lookups

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Free Translation Service Courtesy of the France GenWeb! (44 languages )

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Free Translation Service Courtesy of Genealogy.net ! (6 languages including Polish)

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Alberta Lookup Volunteers

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Volunteers across Canada

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Liverpool Lookups (Free service offered by a volunteer in Liverpool)

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Random acts of Genealogical Kindness

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Norway Lookup Page

bullet.gif (952 bytes)SlektsbiblioteketAScandinavian "Library " Lookup service

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Obituary Lookup Page

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Books We Own   An international lookup service on books listed.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Cemetery Photos

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Headstone Hunter - Cemetery Photographs 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Genealogy Help List 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Ukrainian Community and Family Histories lookup volunteers

If there are any resources you feel a volunteer in the county could assist you with that aren't listed with a volunteer, please contact the county coordinator. 

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Birth , Marriage and Death Certificates

The Licence Bureau offices of Alberta have the authority to retrieve the certificates for Birth, Marriage and Death, of all individuals that pertain to Alberta up to the year 1905 . If the individual is deceased , and you are the next of kin (child, grandchild, etc.) you can purchase this document by going to your local licence Bureau office and producing identification to confirm your relationship to this individual. The local Licence and Registry Office for Camrose is ; Camrose Licence and Registry -Grand Park Plaza 6008 - 48ave.  Ph. # 780-672-1671

If your search involves an earlier time period than 1905, the Provincial Archives would possibly have your information in their files. They are located at:

Provincial Archives of Alberta 
12845 - 102 Avenue 
Edmonton, Alberta 
T5N 0M6 
Tel: (780) 427-1750 
Fax: (780) 427-4646 
E-Mail: [email protected]

The Provincial Archives Website is:http://www.gov.ab.ca/mcd/mhs/paa/paa.htm


            If anyone would like to volunteer for the county history book collection  or any other resource at your disposal , please e-mail me, and i'll add you to this list. Thank-you. 

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