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On February 3, 1998 the Burtonsville Historical Society was formed.
The express purpose of the Society is to preserve the disappearing historic sites,
buildings and recollections of the Burtonsville area.

The Burtonsville community is located approximately 60 km west of Edmonton in the Province of Alberta on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River.
The area is rich in history and beautiful to behold.
It is indeed a 'little bit of paradise'.

The first project of the Burtonsville Historical Society is the acquisition of the Burtonsville church and parsonage. Click on the photo of the church below to see more information about this project and some history of the site.

"Did you know that?"
is the title of a regular article in our newsletter. This article gives the reader short and interesting facts about the Burtonsville area. Click on the title to learn more about the Burtonsville area people and history.

"The Settlers"
        Each newsletter contains information about one of the people or families who settled the Burtonvsille Valley. By following this link you will find the online
version of these articles.

Membership and Volunteer Information

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