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1891 Alberta/Northwest Territories Census Index - Fort Saskatchewan District
Province - Northern Alberta, District No. 197, S. District 20, Fort Saskatchewan
Enumerated by me on the 6 day of April 1891 - W. Fielders

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme

Surname, First Name(s)PageSched #
Adam, Francois2712
Adams, David68
Adamson, Frank511
Adamson, James512
Anderson, Alice2419
Anderson, Anna2416
Anderson, Annie255
Anderson, Archie2420
Anderson, Caroline2418
Anderson, Edward2415
Anderson, Flora257
Anderson, George2417
Anderson, Peter254
Anderson, Walter256
Arnaud, Lemire?222
Arnaud, Lily31
Arnaud, Marie223
Arnaud, Marie225
Arnaud, Norbert224
Atkinson, John2611
Atkinson, Julia269
Atkinson, Mary2612
Atkinson, Peter2613
Atkinson, Phillip268
Atkinson, Rose2614
Atkinson, William2610
Authur, Luke311
Bailey, B?3121
Bailey, Berenice417
Bailey, Bruce415
Bailey, Daisy416
Bailey, John3122
Bailey, Louise3120
Bailey, Margaret414
Bailey, Pearl418
Bailey, Robert3117
Bailey, Robert3119
Bailey, Samuel413
Bailey, Sarah3118
Baker, Elizabeth228
Baker, Frank221
Baker, George2124
Baker, George225
Baker, Jacob223
Baker, Jacob227
Baker, Jacob229
Baker, Kate2125
Baker, Katie224
Baker, Rose222
Baker, Rudolph2210
Baker, Susanne226
Beaupre, Campbell1919
Beaupre, Georges1920
Beaupre, Henri1918
Beaupre, Jean Baptiste1915
Beaupre, Josephine1917
Beaupre, Matilda1916
Becket, James1419
Belcher, Henry69
Bell, Henry425
Bell, Susan51
Berard, Arcana304
Berard, Jeanne305
Berard, Louis309
Berard, Marie308
Berard, Pierre306
Berard, Rosie303
Berard, Suza307
Berenov, Burnham274
Berenov, Caroline276
Berenov, Mary275
Bergeson, ?1817
Bergeson, Charles1818
Bergeson, Joseph1819
Berlin, Flora213
Berlin, John29
Berlin, Margaret211
Berlin, Rosalie212
Berlin, Sarah210
Beufort, Annie148
Beufort, Caroline146
Beufort, Charles1410
Beufort, Emma149
Beufort, Henry145
Beufort, Mary147
Bloss, William2220
Blythe, William610
Bole, Albert412
Bornhofer, Balthasar123
Bouldour, Daniel159
Bouldour, Evelyn1510
Bouldour, Isabelle157
Bouldour, Jean Baptiste156
Bouldour, Jean Baptiste158
Bouldour, Joseph1511
Boyer, Helen117
Boyer, Laurentz113
Boyer, Marie114
Boyer, Maurice115
Boyer, Nicholas116
Braithewaite, E.A.61
Brenton?, Charles245
Brenton?, Nellie244
Brenton?, William243
Brown, Andrew2410
Brown, Belle2413
Brown, Colin2414
Brown, Eliza248
Brown, Margaret249
Brown, Myriah2412
Brown, Nancy247
Brown, Nellie2411
Brown, Thomas246
Buhler, George D.611
Burke, George2025
Burleigh, Thos. E.93
Cameron, Alexander1512
Cameron, Alexander1517
Cameron, Catharine1515
Cameron, Effie1514
Cameron, James1520
Cameron, Katherine1513
Cameron, Lilian Anne1519
Cameron, Maggie1516
Cameron, Victorina1518
Cardinal, Constince2811
Cardinal, Marie289
Cardinal, Marie2810
Caron, Albert165
Caron, Antoinette168
Caron, Aurele163
Caron, Ernestine164
Caron, Eugene166
Caron, Mary Louise167
Caron, Valentine169
Carral, Ahlent?612
Carson, Arthur1424
Carson, Charles1425
Carson, Elizabeth1422
Carson, Isabelle1421
Carson, Joseph1423
Carson, Miriam151
Carson, Samuel1420
Carson, William152
Casault, Phillip613
Casault, Undine614
Causineau, ?315
Causineau, Jerome317
Causineau, Louis312
Causineau, Mary313
Causineau, Theophile314
Causineau, Thomas316
Chabot, Joseph918
Chabot, Joseph922
Chabot, Margaret919
Chabot, Matilda920
Chabot, May921
Chapman, Edward623
Clarke, George622
Coats, Eliza618
Coats, Martha617
Coats, Mary619
Coats, Peter616
Coats, Peter620
Collins, Elisha J.91
Collins, Eliza92
Cook, Arthur P.615
Cox, Thomas134
Craig, David47
Craig, David A.410
Craig, Martha48
Craig, Tina49
Craig, William411
Crane, James A.1121
Cullin, Edward621
Cummings, James2219
Cummings, Mortimer2217
Cummings, Sarah2218
Deans, John624
Dejarlais, Azill?2516
Dejarlais, Bella2522
Dejarlais, Caroline2525
Dejarlais, Eliza2517
Dejarlais, George2515
Dejarlais, Jemima2519
Dejarlais, John2521
Dejarlais, Joseph2518
Dejarlais, Lisa2514
Dejarlais, Margaret2523
Dejarlais, Mary2524
Dejarlais, William2513
Dejarlais, William2520
Dendo, Arthur814
Derome, Joseph910
Dery, Henry2710
Dery, Thomas2711
Dobbin, Helena311
Dobbin, R.C.310
Drayton, Edwin65
Duke, Borthain?58
Duke, William59
Evans, Louise424
Faral, Baby3024
Faral, Betsy3021
Faral, John3022
Faral, Mariah3020
Faral, Samuel3019
Faral, Thomas3023
Fergusson, George625
Fergusson, George73
Fergusson, Ida72
Fergusson, John112
Fergusson, Mary71
Fielders, Edith121
Fielders, Edith3110
Fielders, Elizabeth1123
Fielders, Elsie319
Fielders, John1122
Fielders, John122
Fielders, Joseph123
Fielders, Minnie1125
Fielders, Norman1124
Fielders, William318
Flinhoff, James520
Flinn, Edna323
Flinn, Eliza3125
Flinn, John3123
Flinn, Mary3124
Flinn, Mary321
Flinn, Thomas322
Fok, James116
Foley, Albert1017
Foley, Charles1021
Foley, Elizabeth1019
Foley, Henry1018
Foley, John1015
Foley, Joseph1020
Foley, Madeline1016
Forbes, David111
Forbes, Frances1024
Forbes, John F.1023
Forbes, Lissie1025
Fouyon, Pierre1717
Furni, Alexander917
Furni, Archie916
Furni, Fredrick915
Furni, Jane912
Furni, Joseph911
Furni, Phillip914
Furni, Robert913
Gerling, Ephriam74
Gibson, George B.77
Gladu, Jeremy2913
GrandBois, Christian2113
GrandBois, David2112
GrandBois, Louis2110
GrandBois, Louis2114
GrandBois, Rose Anne2115
GrandBois, Therese2111
Gratanu, George M.76
Greig, William R.75
Grisbach, Arthur H.515
Grisbach, Ellen518
Grisbach, Emma516
Grisbach, Gertrude519
Grisbach, William517
Grogan, George E.524
Grogan, Katherin525
Hamill, Alexander1815
Hane?, Frank261
Hane?, Mar262
Harold, David1414
Harold, Donald1418
Harold, Harold1415
Harold, Jessie1412
Harold, Jessie1417
Harold, John1411
Harold, John1413
Harold, William1416
Hawk, David2425
Hawk, David253
Hawk, Emma2423
Hawk, Joseph2421
Hawk, Louisa252
Hawk, Maggie2424
Hawk, May2422
Hawk, Myriah251
Henderson, Charles86
Henderson, Charlotte89
Henderson, Edward810
Henderson, Francis88
Henderson, Frederick813
Henderson, Marie87
Henderson, Peter812
Henderson, William811
Hermuk, Isabella1922
Hermuk, Lawrence1925
Hermuk, Maggie1923
Hermuk, May1924
Hermuk, Phillip1921
Herring Cooper, Nellie522
Herring Cooper, Wm521
Hetherington, S.63
Hogan, Ellen105
Hogan, James John78
Hogan, John107
Hogan, William C.106
Hutchings, ?1120
Hutchings, ?1218
Hutchings, Alfred1113
Hutchings, Blanche1213
Hutchings, Frank1118
Hutchings, Fredrick1215
Hutchings, Hattie?1216
Hutchings, Herbert1115
Hutchings, Iona1212
Hutchings, Mabel1214
Hutchings, Maggie1116
Hutchings, Mary1114
Hutchings, Pearly?1119
Hutchings, Percy?1117
Hutchings, Sarah1217
Hutchings, Thomas1211
Inglis, Mary99
Ingram, Jean1715
Ingram, Marie1713
Ingram, Matilda1714
Ingram, Oscar1716
Ingram, Vital1712
Jarmard, Emile2713
Jarvis, Colin D.66
Johnson, Peter2221
Johnstone, Joseph514
Jones, Caroline278
Jones, George277
Jones, Henry279
Joyce, Henry J.523
Jules, Anna3013
Jules, Eliza3012
Jules, Frances3018
Jules, Francois3016
Jules, Heloise3017
Jules, Henri3010
Jules, James3015
Jules, Marie3011
Jules, Thomas3014
Kelly, Rober2222
Kennedy, Amy119
Kennedy, Andrew1110
Kennedy, Eliza1111
Kennedy, Isabella118
Kennedy, John117
Killis, Adelaide23
Killis, Alford28
Killis, Annie22
Killis, Elizabeth125
Killis, Ellise24
Killis, Felix26
Killis, Joseph124
Killis, Marie21
Killis, Michael27
Killis, Norbert25
Kitlo, Simon1112
LaBelle, Mary208
LaBelle, Thomas207
Lambert, Alex1816
Lamorraux, Adelaide198
Lamorraux, Adriada177
Lamorraux, Al?212
Lamorraux, Albert214
Lamorraux, Alexander174
Lamorraux, Alfred171
Lamorraux, Alphonse1523
Lamorraux, Alphonse1525
Lamorraux, Alphonse162
Lamorraux, Amat?1622
Lamorraux, Anna199
Lamorraux, Arthur175
Lamorraux, Arthur192
Lamorraux, Aurellia215
Lamorraux, Caroline196
Lamorraux, Corinne2013
Lamorraux, Docate?1010
Lamorraux, Donalda1011
Lamorraux, Emma1620
Lamorraux, Eugene2014
Lamorraux, Evelyn2015
Lamorraux, Florentine176
Lamorraux, Francois1911
Lamorraux, Frank193
Lamorraux, H?2012
Lamorraux, Hector1012
Lamorraux, Irene191
Lamorraux, Jean1625
Lamorraux, Joseph1824
Lamorraux, Joseph Edwin1913
Lamorraux, Josephine197
Lamorraux, L?1621
Lamorraux, L?173
Lamorraux, Lamina213
Lamorraux, Leonie?1013
Lamorraux, Louise161
Lamorraux, Margaret1524
Lamorraux, Marialdine1910
Lamorraux, Marie1825
Lamorraux, Marie194
Lamorraux, Marie219
Lamorraux, Marie Antoinette1912
Lamorraux, Marie Rose195
Lamorraux, Mary1623
Lamorraux, Mary Louise172
Lamorraux, Moris1521
Lamorraux, Olivina1522
Lamorraux, Olliver1619
Lamorraux, Orlis216
Lamorraux, Oscar2016
Lamorraux, Peter1624
Lamorraux, Philadon217
Lamorraux, Phillip178
Lamorraux, Queen2010
Lamorraux, Rose Anna218
Lamorraux, S?2011
Lamorraux, Theophile209
Lang, Alice95
Lang, Alice97
Lang, Andrew94
Lang, Andrew98
Lang, Mary96
Latimer, George1311
Latimer, Kate139
Latimer, Sarah1310
Latimer, William138
LePage, Napoleon1811
Littlechilds, John115
Logan, ?2912
Logan, Agnes2911
Logan, Alexander297
Logan, annie295
Logan, Florence2910
Logan, John296
Logan, Maggie294
Logan, Patrick299
Logan, Rachell298
Logan, Robert293
Long, Albert N.313
Long, Annie316
Long, Earnest319
Long, Elizabeth314
Long, George315
Long, Henry Jas.312
Long, May317
Long, Phoebe320
Long, Stanly321
Long, Tracy318
MacHend?, William79
Mansfield, James710
Mayfield, Bertie46
Mayfield, Charles42
Mayfield, Isabel43
Mayfield, Leonard44
Mayfield, Loureta45
McAllister, Mary301
McCallum, Angus2721
McCallum, Duncan2716
McCallum, Elizabeth2717
McCallum, Joseph2720
McCallum, Joseph302
McCallum, Malcolm2714
McCallum, Margaret2715
McCallum, Mary2718
McCallum, Peter2719
McClellan, ?114
McDonald, Finlay220
McDonald, Robert S.711
McFarlane, James S.713
McGall, David513
McGillicuddy, Vivian J.714
McGillicuddy, William715
McKenzie, Alexander2916
McKenzie, Annabell2917
McKenzie, Colin2918
McKenzie, David2921
McKenzie, Elyda2924
McKenzie, George2920
McKenzie, Harold2922
McKenzie, Harriet2915
McKenzie, Henry2925
McKenzie, Ida2919
McKenzie, Lloyd2923
McKenzie, Rodrick2914
McKinley, Christina325
McKinley, Daniel13
McKinley, Daniel323
McKinley, Malcolm322
McKinley, Murdock324
McKinley, Sarah41
McNeel, Frank716
McNichol, Andrew712
Meron, Emily182
Meron, Frank183
Meron, George186
Meron, Ida1810
Meron, Joseph185
Meron, Kate188
Meron, Moses181
Meron, Sydney189
Meron, Thomas184
Meron, William187
Miller, Caroline119
Miller, Caroline121
Miller, George118
Miller, Marie120
Miller, Therese122
Mimmi, Martha825
Mimmi, Robert824
Mitchell, Charlotte125
Mitchell, Edwin129
Mitchell, Elizabeth127
Mitchell, Harris1210
Mitchell, James128
Mitchell, Robert126
Mitchell, William124
Moir, Adolph143
Moir, Caroline1324
Moir, Jacob1325
Moir, Joseph144
Moir, Phillip1323
Moir, Phillip141
Moir, Rudolph142
Moody, Arthur2722
Mor, Elizabeth2119
Mor, Fredrick2118
Mor, Hendrick2121
Mor, John2120
Mor, Kate2123
Mor, Michael2122
Mor, Phillip2116
Mor, Sophie2117
Moret, Justine109
Moret, Leon108
Murshert?, John206
Nicholson, William12
Nolan, Alphonse1724
Nolan, Caroline1719
Nolan, Duncan1718
Nolan, Duncan1723
Nolan, Ernestine1720
Nolan, Joseph1722
Nolan, Pauline1721
Nolan, Rose1725
Norn, Caroline292
Norn, James3025
Norn, Joseph2824
Norn, Rose2825
Norn, Rose291
Oullett, Caroline205
Oullett, Edward201
Oullett, Jean Marie204
Oullett, Sarah203
Oullett, Sophia202
Papistes, Henry288
Papistes, Ollivier287
Paradis, Amelia2024
Paradis, Charles2017
Paradis, Euclide2020
Paradis, Hector2022
Paradis, Henri2019
Paradis, Isador2023
Paradis, Joseph2021
Paradis, Josephine2018
Parkin, William717
Payne, Charles718
Peirce, William E.719
Penilton, George A.67
Pichu, ?273
Pichu, Bella272
Pichu, Francis271
Pierce, William153
Poole, John137
Pourir, Eva1711
Pourir, Julian179
Pourir, Margaret1710
Powell, Jas.221
Powell, King11
Preis, Georg1014
Pruden, Anne2821
Pruden, Edward2822
Pruden, Eliza2823
Pruden, Frank2820
Pruden, Genvier?2819
Pruden, James2818
Prudenne, Edward2817
Prudenne, Eliza2814
Prudenne, James2812
Prudenne, John2816
Prudenne, Maggie2815
Prudenne, Therese2813
Prudomme, Julia2624
Prudomme, Louis2623
Prudomme, William2625
Quantelle, Andrew281
Quantelle, Fredrick283
Quantelle, Germain284
Quantelle, Justine285
Quantelle, Marie2724
Quantelle, Mary Jane286
Quantelle, Olliver282
Quantelle, San Pierre2723
Quantelle, Victor2725
Quesnelle, Dean B.818
Reed, James510
Reed, James1914
Reed, Jas. W.111
Ripple, Adam1321
Ripple, Caroline1322
Robinson, Edwin H.720
Roddick, James H.722
Rodgers, Thomas H.721
Ross, Annie823
Ross, Elizabeth821
Ross, George822
Ross, Patrick W.820
Ross, Walter819
Roswell, Hayward135
Roswell, Sarah136
Saurent, Baptiste923
Saurent, Clara104
Saurent, Ellen924
Saurent, Ellen101
Saurent, Joseph103
Saurent, Maggie925
Saurent, Mary102
Schworly, Albert G.725
Shand, Bertie1224
Shand, Edwin133
Shand, Frederick1222
Shand, Ida131
Shand, James1219
Shand, Joseph132
Shand, Lawrence1225
Shand, Maggie1223
Shand, Myria1220
Shand, Winnifred1221
Shlamp, Caroline155
Shlamp, John154
Shleacon, Charles64
Shultz, Herman113
Shute, ?2618
Shute, Adeline265
Shute, Annie2616
Shute, Godfry263
Shute, James2621
Shute, Joseph2620
Shute, Lily2617
Shute, Mary264
Shute, Olin266
Shute, Richard2615
Shute, Richard2619
Shute, Sarah2622
Smith, Walter723
Steele, Lily M.112
Stephenson, Henry724
Sutherland, Belle34
Sutherland, George32
Sutherland, George38
Sutherland, James A.37
Sutherland, John39
Sutherland, Margaret33
Sutherland, Murdock36
Sutherland, Robert35
Taylor, Charles56
Taylor, Ellen A.55
Taylor, Ethel57
Taylor, Mabel54
Taylor, Margaret53
Taylor, William52
Thomas, Caroline1320
Thomas, Elizabeth1314
Thomas, Frank1315
Thomas, Frank2211
Thomas, Frank2215
Thomas, Hendrick2213
Thomas, Jacob1313
Thomas, Jacob Henry1316
Thomas, Katerina1317
Thomas, Margaret2212
Thomas, Margaret2216
Thomas, Phillip1319
Thomas, Phillip2214
Thomas, Rudolph1318
Timms, F. Fraser815
Timms, Thomas D.817
Timms, William C.816
Todd, Edwin P.62
Toyen, John1813
Toyen, Nancy1812
Toyen, Virginia1814
Trembley, Joseph1822
Trembley, Loussint?1820
Trembley, Marie1821
Trembley, Marie1823
Turnbull, Bruce3116
Turnbull, Eliza3115
Turnbull, Emma3112
Turnbull, Robert3114
Turnbull, Sarah3113
Turnbull, Thomas3111
Voler, Luke211
Wald, Everett J.82
Warner, Charles85
Watt, A. McLeod81
Wepamess?, Adelaide2511
Wepamess?, Alexis258
Wepamess?, Bella2510
Wepamess?, John2512
Wepamess?, Lisa259
Whelan, Bridget215
Whelan, Charles214
Whelan, Eliza218
Whelan, James216
Whelan, Peter J.219
Whelan, Rose217
White, William83
Whitely, Charles J.422
Whitely, Harriet Ann421
Whitely, Martha420
Whitely, William419
Whitely, William A.423
Whitford, Andrew236
Whitford, Annie241
Whitford, Caroline235
Whitford, David231
Whitford, Edith2321
Whitford, Eliza237
Whitford, Eliza2319
Whitford, Elizabeth242
Whitford, Ellen232
Whitford, Ellen2310
Whitford, Ellen2324
Whitford, Flora2315
Whitford, James233
Whitford, Jessie2320
Whitford, John2223
Whitford, John2314
Whitford, Maggie2325
Whitford, Margaret238
Whitford, Mary2224
Whitford, Mary234
Whitford, Mary2312
Whitford, Mary2323
Whitford, Nancy1022
Whitford, Nancy2225
Whitford, Nellie2313
Whitford, Phillip2317
Whitford, Rachall2318
Whitford, Samuel2311
Whitford, Samuel2322
Whitford, Sophia2316
Whitford, Thomas239
Williams, John84
Wilson, Andrew15
Wilson, David B.14
Wilson, Ellen18
Wilson, Janet19
Wilson, Jessie16
Wilson, Margaret17
Wilson, Thomas110
Wooley, George267
Yertie?, Cecilia1614
Yertie?, Elenor1613
Yertie?, Joseph1618
Yertie?, Lawrence1616
Yertie?, Mitchell1610
Yertie?, Nora1615
Yertie?, Queen1611
Yertie?, Rose1617
Yertie?, Sydney1612
York, Annie1312

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