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Cemetery Index
Waskatenau Old-Timer's (All Saints) Cemetery
Smoky Lake

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Kenneth Scott.

The Waskatenau Old-Timer's Cemetery is located at 54 degrees 03.917 minutes North 112 degrees 45.053 minutes West. You can get to the cemetery by driving south to the end of the main street at Waskatenau (off highway 28) and turning left (east). Proceed one and one half miles east and one and one half miles right (south) of Waskatenau (past the Pine Creek Cemetery on the left). The cemetery is located on the right.

The cemetery was established as early as 1908 if we can judge by the grave of Sidney Mackay. It appears to have become the Anglican Cemetery upon the creation of an Anglican Church in Waskatenau known as All Saints. Originally Waskatenau had a United Church established in 19XX. In 1928(?) an endowment from an estate in England was used by the Anglican Bishop of Edmonton to create the All Saints Church in Waskatenau.

The cemetery was neglected for many years but in recent years has been restored through efforts coordinated by Mr. Elmer Carefoot of Waskatenau.

This page contains links to photographs of the cemetery, headstones and the entries to the register of burials that have occurred there.
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On the left is the sign at the entrance to the cemetery. The other two photographs give a view of the left and right sides of the cemetary respectively when viewed from just inside the gate.

Headstone Photos
This selection of photos covers all of the headstones which had legible inscriptions. There are a number of other (generally irregularly shaped) stones, which likely indicate other graves, which are not included in this collection.
NameDatesInscriptionBurial Registry Entry
Ramsay Gourlay1885 - 1954FatherRamsay Gourlay
Helen Gourlay1885 - 1959Mother
David Gourlay1928 - 1940SonDavid Gourlay
Mary Louise McRoberts1861 - 1944In Loving Memory of
She lives with us in Memory
Mary Louise McRoberts
William Brewer Farnham1858 - 1932In Loving Memory Of
Rev. William Brewer
Pioneer Rector Of Pine
Creek Anglican Church
Born March 15 1858
Died July 14 1932
Rev. William Brewer Farnham
John Smith 1866 - 1914Beloved one
Emily Whitson1885 - 1930Gone But Not ForgottenEmily Whitson
Henry1879 - 1965
1876 - 1944
Francis J.
Susan E.
Francis Jack Henry
Susie Elizabeth Henry
William Warr WattLoving Husband And Father
At Rest
William Warr Watt
Sidney Mackay1905 - 1908In Loving Memory Of
Son Of
W.J. & Maude
Born May 1 1905
Died Sept. 13 1908
Their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven
Asher Henry Warr1885 - 1939In Loving Memory Of
Asher Henry Warr
1885 - 1939
At Rest
Asher Henry Warr

Burial Register Photos
Note: The burial register is known to be incomplete. The register is currently in the possession of Mr. Leonard Scott of Waskatenau.

Cover Page
The cover of the burial register identifies the cemetery as the Pine Creek cemetery. Inside the register the cemetery is identified as that of All Saints, the Anglican Church in Waskatenau. Another cemetery known as the Pine Creek Cemetery (established in 1913)  is located about 1/2 mile north and on the other side of the road from the Old Timer's cemetery. The burials registered in this book are all in the Old Timer's cemetery.

Burial Entries:
It was intended that each burial be entered in the register. It also seems that on a quarterly basis the burials were reported to a provincial office. The first burial recorded was in 1930 and the last in 1965. Only those pages which had burial entries were photographed. There were other pages that indicated nil burials in particular quarters. There were also many many years/quarters for which no entries are made. It is known that many burials were not recorded in this register.

NameSexResidence of DeceasedDate of IntermentLocation of GraveBurial Permit Issued by
Emily WhitsonFWaskatenau05 June 1930L.A. Ulsraw, B.A.
(Mrs.) Rita BraggeFSprucefield,Waskatenau06 June 1931C.A. Edie,Waskatenau
Rev. William Brewer FarnhamMWaskatenau15 July 1932C.A. Edie
Lanthi. Lygli Rouha OlidaWaskatenau09 May 1936C.A. Edie
William Warr WattMWaskatenau25 March 1937R.E. Harrison,Lamont
Annie Helen BibbyFWaskatenau06 March 1939C.A. Edie,Waskateanu
Asher Henry WarrMWaskatenau16 May 1939C.A. Edie,Waskateanu
Jane DysonFWaskatenau19 May 1940C.A. Edie,Waskateanu
Victoria MortsonFWaskatenau04 November 1940Lot 1 Block VIIIC.A. Edie
David GourlayMWarspite12 October 1940Lot 8 Block IC.A. Edie
Frederick Granger CockroftMWaskatenau05 March 1941C.A. Edie,Waskateanu
Marjorie MortsonF11 September 1942Lot 2 Block VIII
Mary Louise McRobertsFWaskatenau29 January 1944Lot 1 Block IThelma Tanner,Waskatenau
Susie Elizabeth HenryFWaskatenau05 April 1944(not surveyed)West of Drive onroad between Lot1 Block IThelma Tanner,Waskatenau
Ramsay GourlayMWaskatenau17 May 1944Lot 5 & 6 Block 2Elsie Scott 1954
Francis Jack HenryMInnisfail22 September 1965

Acknowledgements: Access to the burial register for the cemetery was granted by Mr. Leonard Scott. Mr. Elmer Carefoot has done much of the restoration of the cemetery which allowed the cemetery photographs to be easily taken.

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Kenneth Scott and others, 2001
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