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Cemetery Index: Gold Creek Romanian Orthodox Church Cemetery - Smoky Lake

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by John Polutranko.
As recorded in the "Voices of Yesteryears" local history book.


Southeast corner of NE 22-57-14-W4

ALDIE, Eli (Rev)  1883-1922
ALDIE, Nickolas  1919-1986
ALDIE, Pachita  1922-1923
ALDIE, Wasile  1917-1940
BASARABA, Eudochia  1928-1928
BASARABA, Ilai  1922-1923
BASARABA, Maria   -1916
BASARABA, Vasili  1913-1916
BOBOCEL, John (Baby)  -1925
COZICAR, Bill  1922-1944
COZICAR, John  1875-1955
COZICAR, Lillian (Baby)  -1951
COZICAR, Sarah  1885-1973
COZICAR, Toder  1915-1983
CUCHERIAN, Maria (Baby)  -1920
CUCHERIAN, Sanda (Baby)  -1925
DAVID, Domnika (Baby)  -1920
DAVID, (Baby)  -1934
GIGILIUK, Annie (Baby)  -1937
GIGILIUK, Rose (Baby)  -1930
GIGILIUK, Sadie (Baby)  -1934
HARASEM, Saffron  1850-1924
HRECHUK, Wasyl (Baby)  -1925
LASKAIWIKA, Mitro (Baby)  -1921
MALIN, Nicolai  1883-1944
MICHALCHON, Dmetro (Baby)  -1917
ONCIUL, Alexandra  1892-1928
PITRUNIAK, (Baby)  -1922
SEMENIUK, (Baby)  -1916
SEMENIUK, (Baby)  -1917
SIMINOVICH, (Baby)  -1919
TOMA, Elena  -1916
TOMA, George  -1921
TOMA, Maria  -1919
TOMA, Wasile  -1916

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