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Parkland Community History - Smithfield

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme


In 1905 a block of land about 40 miles west of Edmonton became the Smithfield district. The Edmonton to Edson trail went through the middle of this district in 1910. The first person to homestead in the district was David Lent in 1902, followed by his brother in law Fred Francey in 1904. Mrs. Hopkins and her sons arrived soon after. Bernard Wollard arrived in 1902 and when he died in 1903 his wife opened and ran a small general store on the homestead. Some of the next families to arrive were Dr. Carthew, Smith, Dunn, Shield, Lord, Fidler, Hadley and Root. The first road work was done on the baseline in 1906 when Fred Francey worked as a road-boss. In these days construction consisted of piling more trees in the low spots and then banking dirt over them. 

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