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Newspaper: The Coming Town - Lamont

Poetic account of the foundation and growth of Lamont.
Author name not included in article.
The Edmonton Bulletin
January 3, 1907

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme.

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The Coming Town
At the Christmas tree entertainment in Lamont during the holiday season the following bright rhymed account 
of the foundation and growth of Lamont was read by its author, a clever boy of fifteen.

It seems like a myth,
That a man named Smith,
A year ago was riding
To a railway siding of the C.N.R.
And now, let me tell, he first dug a well,
And in a crack, put up a shack,
For his own accommodation, but people of any nation,
Came to use it as a station.
A butcher by trade, some money he made.
Hogs and cattle he bough; good prices he sought;
Potatoes and oats he shipped to the east,
Whenever he heard that the prices increased.
He was the first to come to town ---
The coming town.

The comes the man that bends the bow;
That hath the skill to care of kill.
He bends his bow; and over the snow,
His house did go - apothecary shop and all
They did haul over the snow.
O, how he smiles, when drawn four miles,
And landed down, right in the town --
The coming town.

From Bruderheim Lilge came,
His enterprise put many to shame.
He hauled his store all the way,
His goods are cheap and yet they pay.

A German builds a big hotel,
A credit to the place as well
But for the bar -- the bar that leads to --

Ah listen! Hear the groans and the moans
When Walker, Reid and Holmes,
Wend their way, another day from Star to town --
The coming town--
The coming town.
Their goods came by rail, they handle the mail.
They make good sale; they mean not to fail.

Johnsten creamery then goes up,
He was bound to make it pay, or stop.

Stafford comes and pitches his tent,
For there's no house that can be rent.
He counts his cash and finds he's able
To build a good sized livery stable.

The Carter's shop arose in sight,
Where harness is made, both heavy and light.
The farmers friend, the foe of none,
He'll use his wax end till his wrok is done.

Myram and Son build their store;
Their goods fill shelves and floor;
They buy and sell and send for more.

Dallas decides to do and dare;
Builds a store to sell hardware.
He'll recomment his goods and never tire
Of telling where to get barbed wire.
There Massey Harris Agent Wright
Is working hard from morn till night
In selling implements and sleighs;
He's doing well and finds it pays.

On the street, you're sure to meet
Agent Millard, of the lumber yard.
He'll sell you lime at any time,
As a busy man he can't be beat;
Just now he's buying up the wheat.

Smith, who seldom makes a slip,
Takes Torrie into partnership.
Neither of them has reason to kick,
Judged by their houses of frame and brick.

Sheldon & Co. Keep on the go
With --- well stocked and prices low.
Sell "Capitol' flour. Their gasoline power
Can crush eighty bushels per hour.

"One anvil's enough, though blacksmith Bloom
"I'll strike once again and then make room
"For blacksmith Shaw. I'll do no harm
"To beat a retreat and go to my farm."

A real estate man is Pendleton,
He carried his gun and hunts in fun;
Yet aims to let you understand
How to get rich by selling your land.

None demur when a little later
Brackman and Ker build and elevator.
Oats are plenty, going in by the ton
Prices are twenty, and twenty-one
The farmers know the price is low--
The process slow. Long, long they wait
Get there early and go away late.
But 'tis said before next spring
Over a hundred thousand bushels they'll bring.

Dr. Aylen, of the Fort
Who sells his drugs by the quart.
Came to town -- the coming town;
At a glance he saw his chance,
And sent a stock of drugs straight down;
Drugs and every kind of pill'
Drugs to make you well, or ill.

So much union was effected.
A union church was erected;
Two churches now unite in one,
But separate the two are run.
The church was opened, you remember,
On the eighteenth of November,
The day was cold; bright and clear,
Many went the Truth to hear.
Rev. Forbes explains "The Saviour's Name",
Rev. Aldridge, "The Church and Her Aim".
To their texts they kept, and nobody slept --
While the Truth was told so clear and plain.

Next night the Ladies Aid entertain;
The ladies, largely, the church sustain,
In basement they a royal feast prepare
That all may have a royal share.

Great credit is due to Carpenter Wright,
Who planned and built the church just right,
But most of all, our praise bestow
On God, from whom all blessings flow.

Money to loan, Agent Lennie doesn't lack,
But his interest is to get it, and interest back.
If borrow cause sorrow, do not borrow more,
Better not invest than to run ashore.

Agent Turnbull, whom you know
Builds his mansion here below,
Where he and his partner move
And sing of their mansion above.
The Bible he sells or gives away
Is the book that shows you how to pray
Buy the Truth and sell it not,
Is the greatest truth that is taught.

In all the town "Is it not so?"
None is more happy than Teacher Munro,
To hear his laugh, his laugh you'll hear,
Wherever you go.
Early and late he's good at debate.
"Is the world getting better?"
He'll prove to the letter that "Under the curse,
The world is getting worse.

Whether this be so or no
The town is bound to grow;
The coming town, that won't stay down,
The town of good Lamont.

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