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1891 Alberta - Northwest Territories Census Index for the Lac La Biche District

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme

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Surname, Given Name(s)PageSchedule No
Anderson, Cathrine2112
Anderson, Eliza Jane2117
Anderson, George2115
Anderson, Henry2113
Anderson, John2116
Anderson, Margret2114
Anderson, Thomson2111
Auger, Adelle2314
Auger, Agusta85
Auger, Albethe?2124
Auger, Alexander2318
Auger, Ambroise237
Auger, Antwane?2321
Auger, Benjimen2316
Auger, Cathrine231
Auger, Clemine89
Auger, Edward810
Auger, Edward2317
Auger, Eliza2310
Auger, Elzear235
Auger, Emma221
Auger, Francis2313
Auger, George236
Auger, James2322
Auger, John Bt.2320
Auger, Joseph239
Auger, Lilly811
Auger, Louie2319
Auger, Louis2123
Auger, Lylia812
Auger, Madaline232
Auger, Margret238
Auger, Mary2315
Auger, Napolian234
Auger, Philip233
Auger, Philis87
Auger, Richard2125
Auger, Sylvestre86
Auger, Verginial88
Auger, William2225
Avirllon?, Binjiman43
Bathy, Inas185
Bathy, Jean186
Bathy, Jothonahan?183
Bathy, Margret184
Bathy, Sara188
Bathy, William187
Beaudry, Patrick47
Beliveau, Marie412
Bernard, Agnus225
Bernard, Daniel224
Bernard, Japhelle?223
Bernard, Paul222
Bernard, Vernicque226
Bochan, Justine423
Bohan, Donald27
Bohan, Harriet28
Bohan, Margret2020
Borque, Agathe1223
Borque, Agathe131
Borque, Alfonse1224
Borque, Anna1221
Borque, Arsene135
Borque, Berthelomy1225
Borque, Henry134
Borque, John132
Borque, Joseph1220
Borque, Joseph139
Borque, Lactabb?1222
Borque, Mary136
Borque, Mary138
Borque, Olivier133
Borque, Sylvestre137
Boucher, Alexandre162
Boucher, Alfonse1524
Boucher, Amilia1525
Boucher, Antoine161
Boucher, Carline1520
Boucher, Carlione1215
Boucher, Eliza1519
Boucher, Francis1020
Boucher, Josephine1021
Boucher, Marie1219
Boucher, Napolian1217
Boucher, Narcisse1214
Boucher, Narcisse1522
Boucher, Patrice1218
Boucher, Sophy1216
Boucher, Sophy1521
Boucher, Tophile1518
Boucher, Zadque?1523
Brown, Joseph J.2122
Buchanan, William208
Burke, Sylvestre48
Cardinal, Agusta149
Cardinal, Agusta1712
Cardinal, Alexander2023
Cardinal, Alexandre1325
Cardinal, Antoine53
Cardinal, Arsane?1716
Cardinal, Aschell513
Cardinal, Baptist1720
Cardinal, Cecile2311
Cardinal, Chalashe?2312
Cardinal, Daniel1323
Cardinal, Dochille?510
Cardinal, Edward1411
Cardinal, Eliza1321
Cardinal, Eliza148
Cardinal, Ellie123
Cardinal, Isobell1619
Cardinal, Jennie1410
Cardinal, Jerome1616
Cardinal, John144
Cardinal, John1419
Cardinal, John B.122
Cardinal, Joseph59
Cardinal, Joseph1124
Cardinal, Joseph1322
Cardinal, Joseph147
Cardinal, Josephine55
Cardinal, Julian1320
Cardinal, Julian1624
Cardinal, Katie1324
Cardinal, Leanora145
Cardinal, Lesent?141
Cardinal, Louis142
Cardinal, Margret143
Cardinal, Margret1713
Cardinal, Maria54
Cardinal, Maria56
Cardinal, Mary1715
Cardinal, Matilda1125
Cardinal, Narcisse49
Cardinal, Narcisse1618
Cardinal, Narcisse1714
Cardinal, Nelly2024
Cardinal, Olivia121
Cardinal, Olivier1717
Cardinal, Philimen1718
Cardinal, Philis512
Cardinal, Rose146
Cardinal, Sauley1420
Cardinal, Secile57
Cardinal, Sousette1617
Cardinal, St. Perr?1719
Cardinal, Tophile?58
Cardinal, Victoria1625
Cardinal, Virginia511
Carginal, Agnus1513
Carginal, Angelic1511
Carginal, Angelic1512
Carginal, Baptist1510
Carginal, Baptist1516
Carginal, James1514
Carginal, Joseph1515
Carginal, Sophy1517
Collins, Elizabeth419
Collins, Macy420
Comptois, Gilbert38
Comptois, Margret39
Cromarty, Anny212
Cromarty, Edward216
Cromarty, Emilia213
Cromarty, Fancise211
Cromarty, John215
Cromarty, Magnus2025
Cromarty, William214
Cunningham, Edward325
Dannais, Adliate411
DeGuin, Adlinde523
DeGuin, Agusta522
DeGuin, Alfonsine925
DeGuin, Anny923
DeGuin, Cathrine520
DeGuin, Francis514
Deguin, Francis921
DeGuin, Isobell515
Deguin, Izadore519
DeGuin, Johna518
DeGuin, Josethe924
DeGuin, Lizzie922
DeGuin, Moses524
Deguin, Moses101
DeGuin, Philis516
DeGuin, Philomen517
DeGuin, Sophy521
Deguin, Susan102
Desjardin, Adaline1417
Desjardin, Angeline1418
Desjardin, Arsenel1416
Desjardin, Baptist1412
Desjardin, Isobell159
Desjardin, John Bapt1414
Desjardin, Madelline1413
Desjardin, Philis1415
Desjarlais, Absolom1611
Desjarlais, Agnus1610
Desjarlais, Agnus1612
Desjarlais, Alexander168
Desjarlais, Alfred1613
Desjarlais, Betzy167
Desjarlais, Eliza169
Desjarlais, Harry1615
Desjarlais, Joseph1620
Desjarlais, Joseph1622
Desjarlais, Joseph1911
Desjarlais, Maggie1914
Desjarlais, Mary L.1915
Desjarlais, Michel1623
Desjarlais, Narcisse1614
Desjarlais, Paullett166
Desjarlais, Philisethe1913
Desjarlais, Secile1621
Desjarlais, Therese1912
Dobbings, John S.218
Doherty, Anny415
Ducharme, Antoine721
Ducharme, Benjimin84
Ducharme, Caroline722
Ducharme, Caroline724
Ducharme, Flora82
Ducharme, George723
Ducharme, Gilbert83
Ducharme, Margret725
Ducharme, Marie81
Erasmus, Carlene212
Erasmus, Cathrine216
Erasmus, David213
Erasmus, George214
Erasmus, James2121
Erasmus, Lily215
Erasmus, Peter210
Erasmus, Robert211
Erasmus, Sara Jane217
Farel, Alexander1822
Farel, Cathrine1824
Farel, Elizabeth1818
Farel, John1819
Farel, Joseph1817
Farel, Joseph1821
Farel, Margret1823
Farel, Neres?1825
Farel, Thomas1820
Forbin, Amelia2224
Forbin, Frank D.2223
Fredrick, John816
Fredrick, Margret817
Fredrick, Secile818
Gairdner, Archabald316
Gairdner, Cathrine315
Gairdner, Elizabeth313
Gairdner, Flora311
Gairdner, Flora M.314
Gairdner, Innes317
Gairdner, William312
Gairdner, William F.310
Garson, Charles29
German, Celmintyne182
German, Charles1723
German, Horanel?181
German, Ina1722
German, Joan1724
German, John Howard?1725
German, Orrin1721
German, William1722
Gillion, Betsey2218
Gillion, Charles2217
Gillion, Frank2219
Gillion, George2211
Gillion, James2213
Gillion, Margret2212
Gillion, Margret2215
Gillion, Maria2216
Gillion, Olive2220
Gillion, William2214
Gillis, Nelson1925
Grandin, Henry324
Harper, George H.1816
Hemlin, Alexandre1310
Hemlin, Alexandrine1314
Hemlin, Angellique1311
Hemlin, Eliza1313
Hemlin, Elliery?1312
Hemlin, Ellinore1315
Hemlin, Joseph1317
Hemlin, Julian1319
Hemlin, Louis1316
Hemlin, Solomon1318
Hislop, James2210
Hoole, Agnus624
Hoole, Bella71
Hoole, Sylina625
Hoole, William623
House, Andrew18
House, Benjiman14
House, Cathrine16
House, Eliza110
House, Elizabeth12
House, Elizabeth15
House, Jane112
House, John17
House, Joseph11
House, Joseph13
House, Nancy111
House, Thomas19
Ingram, Edmond1016
Ingram, Ethie1918
Ingram, Mary1917
Johnstone, Agath112
Johnstone, Alexander1015
Johnstone, Charles111
Johnstone, Emma1017
Johnstone, Lilly117
Johnstone, Lizah118
Johnstone, Margret1019
Johnstone, Maria114
Johnstone, Melinie1016
Johnstone, Mitelda113
Johnstone, Nancy116
Johnstone, Robert115
Johnstone, Soloman1018
Kerr, Thomas229
Kunnaird, George J.227
Kunnaird, Kate An228
Ladouceur, Absolom124
Ladouceur, Adam610
Ladouceur, Adam76
Ladouceur, Agusta72
Ladouceur, Alexandrine65
Ladouceur, Audelle612
Ladouceur, Benjimin68
Ladouceur, Betsey73
Ladouceur, David78
Ladouceur, David710
Ladouceur, Edward615
Ladouceur, Fabien127
Ladouceur, Febien1025
Ladouceur, Gepithe1212
Ladouceur, Harriet1024
Ladouceur, Isoble614
Ladouceur, Jolly814
Ladouceur, Joseph525
Ladouceur, Joseph69
Ladouceur, Joseph617
Ladouceur, Joseph712
Ladouceur, Josephine67
Ladouceur, Josephine618
Ladouceur, Leon63
Ladouceur, Leon616
Ladouceur, Louis1210
Ladouceur, Louisa77
Ladouceur, Louisa126
Ladouceur, Margret611
Ladouceur, Margret1023
Ladouceur, Margret128
Ladouceur, Marie75
Ladouceur, Marie79
Ladouceur, Marie711
Ladouceur, Marie1211
Ladouceur, Mark74
Ladouceur, Mary61
Ladouceur, Mary62
Ladouceur, Mary ?125
Ladouceur, Maudiss619
Ladouceur, Milloney66
Ladouceur, Narcesse813
Ladouceur, Norbare129
Ladouceur, Peter1022
Ladouceur, Robert1213
Ladouceur, Silvister815
Ladouceur, Sophy613
Ladouceur, Varnick64
Laduce, Ada416
Lake, Alvrilda?1810
Lake, John F.189
Lambert, Alexander42
Larocque, Adam153
Larocque, Agnus156
Larocque, Albert1425
Larocque, Albert179
Larocque, Alexander157
Larocque, Andrew1423
Larocque, Baptist1421
Larocque, Francis151
Larocque, Hirriett1424
Larocque, Julian155
Larocque, Julian1710
Larocque, Margret154
Larocque, Margret1711
Larocque, Marie158
Larocque, Mary Ann152
Larocque, Roselley1422
Lavollie, Alfred1013
Lavollie, Cathrine109
Lavollie, Fredrick1011
Lavollie, Joseph1012
Lavollie, Louis108
Lavollie, Martin1010
Lavollie, Selistine1014
Lefleur, David715
Lefleur, Francois714
Lefleur, Jane717
Lefleur, John716
Lefleur, John B.713
Lefleur, Louisa719
Lefleur, Matilda718
Lefleur, Napolian720
Malchelosse, Horstine410
McGilvery, Andrew207
McGilvery, Herritt204
McGilvery, Joseph206
McGilvery, Margret205
McGilvery, Simon203
McLachlan, James2118
McLachlan, Sara2119
McLachlan, Victoria2120
Mercier, Mary413
Moallic?, John45
Moran, Bella25
Moran, Cleophus23
Moran, Francis26
Moran, Jarmima24
Moran, Jemima1924
Moran, Sara22
Moran, William21
Napiswin, Mary Ann422
Napiswin, Tarissis421
Nemoz, ?41
Norin, Elizabeth Jane114
Norin, Frank116
Norin, Joseph113
Norin, Victoria115
Pache, Adliade917
Pache, Adolphus915
Pache, Agnus919
Pache, Gilbert918
Pache, Izador912
Pache, John914
Pache, Louisa911
Pache, Maria913
Pache, Moses916
Pache, Simon920
Pache, Thomas910
Paul, Louis620
Paul, Louis622
Paul, Margret621
Pruden, Maria52
Pruden, Mary51
Pruden, Peter425
Prudin, Alexander225
Prudin, Carline37
Prudin, Chalotte418
Prudin, Charles33
Prudin, Charlot224
Prudin, Elizabeth221
Prudin, Fredrick31
Prudin, Henry223
Prudin, Louis32
Prudin, Maggie35
Prudin, Mary Jane222
Prudin, Nancy34
Prudin, Patrick220
Prudin, Patrick36
Pu?nville, Mary414
Quantrill, ?171
Quantrill, Bitsey177
Quantrill, Caroline173
Quantrill, Edward175
Quantrill, Emma174
Quantrill, Marie172
Quantrill, Sharette178
Quantrill, Torphile176
Quinballe, Alana321
Quinballe, Alexander322
Quinballe, Charles318
Quinballe, Freyine319
Quinballe, Henry320
Quinballe, Sylvie323
Racette, Cleophus44
Rich, Maria165
Rich, Mary164
Rich, William163
Ross, Holland1814
Ross, John1811
Ross, Lottie1815
Ross, Mary1812
Ross, Vesta1813
Sanders, Nancy219
Scherkey, Ellan417
Segers, J. Scribner2221
Segers, Jessie2222
Shot, Alfred825
Shot, Amilia823
Shot, Flora824
Shot, John822
Shot, Joseph91
Shot, Louis819
Shot, Narcisse92
Shot, Therasis820
Shot, Victoria821
Sinclar, Benjimen2013
Sinclar, Cathrine2015
Sinclar, Ephrim2018
Sinclar, George2010
Sinclar, Jane2011
Sinclar, Margret2012
Sinclar, Margret2019
Sinclar, Rachael2017
Sinclar, Sara2016
Sinclar, Vernicque2014
Singer, Aellina?196
Singer, Collin194
Singer, Edward195
Singer, Francis191
Singer, Francis193
Singer, Lilly198
Singer, Margret192
Singer, Peggy197
Singer, Samuel1910
Singer, Soloman199
Spence, Bella218
Spence, George217
Spence, Margret2110
Spence, Sara219
Taylor, Alexander106
Taylor, Edith105
Taylor, Flora104
Taylor, Joseph107
Taylor, Thomas103
Thompson, Adliate?1920
Thompson, Clara1922
Thompson, Cleophas1923
Thompson, Louis1919
Thompson, Sara1921
Trauquelle, Elizabeth424
Tremblay, Alexandre1113
Tremblay, Arrillia1112
Tremblay, Cathrine1119
Tremblay, Duncan119
Tremblay, Geophelle1116
Tremblay, Lazeah?1123
Tremblay, Louis1111
Tremblay, Louis1120
Tremblay, Louisa1121
Tremblay, Mary1115
Tremblay, Raffell1118
Tremblay, Rose1117
Tremblay, Sara1114
Tremblay, Scelinie1122
Tremblay, Sophy1110
Tupper, George F.201
Tupper, Louisa202
Vermette, Olivia46
Villineuve, Adliade94
Villineuve, Edward95
Villineuve, Edwin98
Villineuve, Fredrick93
Villineuve, John B.99
Villineuve, Mary96
Villineuve, Moses97
Whiteford, Thos209
Whitford, Arthur Gordon124
Whitford, Edwin James122
Whitford, Elizabeth118
Whitford, Herbert125
Whitford, John Chas.123
Whitford, Mary2022
Whitford, Mary Ann120
Whitford, Rodrick119
Whitford, Samuel2021
Whitford, Simon117
Whitford, William121

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