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1891 Alberta - Northwest Territories Census Index for the Edmonton District

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme

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Surname, Given Name(s)PageSchedule No
Alexander, William2119
Anderson, Adalide A. (Mrs)183
Anderson, Cathern (Mrs)4315
Anderson, Gilbert J.185
Anderson, Jane Emma184
Anderson, John187
Anderson, Magnis4314
Anderson, Mary (Mrs)186
Anderson, Sarah188
Anderson, Sarah4316
Anderson, Thomas182
Andrew, Robert821
Anthony, Harry512
Bage, Alvina397
Bage, Donald395
Bage, Donald393
Bage, John396
Bage, Julia (Mrs)394
Bage, Lidia398
Bangs, Ernest J.718
Banquet, Sister2224
Banson, Alexander222
Banson, An (Mrs)221
Banson, Richard220
Barard, Eliza365
Barard, Eustas3525
Barard, John364
Barard, Margaret (Mrs)361
Barard, Peachon362
Barard, Thomas363
Barom, Catherine1820
Becher, Charles D.F.414
Belden, John A.420
Bell, Robert401
Bellesle, George1022
Bellesle, Joseph62
Berard, Charls2723
Berard, Clara282
Berard, George281
Berard, Margaret2725
Berard, Mary2724
Berard, Roasey (Mrs)2722
Berg, Adam319
Berg, Adam317
Berg, August3112
Berg, Carolina3115
Berg, Catherina (Mrs)318
Berg, Emelia3114
Berg, John3110
Berg, Rinehold3113
Berg, Rudolf3111
Bergeron, Joseph327
Beveridge, Charles1515
Beveridge, Stellah (Mrs)1516
Bilodeau, Eva A. (Mrs)423
Bilodeau, Joseph W.422
Bird, Caroline3725
Bird, Charles4211
Bird, Eliza4210
Bird, Fanney (Mrs)3724
Bird, Florah382
Bird, Hariot428
Bird, James424
Bird, Jane429
Bird, Jobe421
Bird, Joseph426
Bird, Mary A. (Mrs)422
Bird, Nicholas381
Bird, Sarah427
Bird, Teresa (Mrs)425
Bird, William3723
Bird, William423
Birtwell, Joseph165
Blanc, Adolph431
Blanc, Albert435
Blanc, Elisabeth438
Blanc, Henery4224
Blanc, Isabella4310
Blanc, Isabella (Mrs)4225
Blanc, Jane Mary439
Blanc, Joseph433
Blanc, Louis432
Blanc, Louisa4313
Blanc, Mary R.4311
Blanc, Peater436
Blanc, Roase A.4312
Blanc, Robert437
Blanc, Vital434
Borwick, Betsey (Mrs)2512
Borwick, Elisa (Mrs)416
Borwick, John415
Borwick, Peter2513
Borwick, Simon2514
Borwick, William2511
Bourk, Jane216
Boyle, Adam823
Boyle, Elizabeth824
Bradshaw, Clara335
Bradshaw, Elizabeth334
Bramin, Charls116
Brenton, Charls J.P.297
Brenton, John R.295
Brenton, Julia (Mrs)296
Brown, John1014
Brunelle, Adolph92
Brunelle, John195
Brunelle, Josepine194
Brunelle, Louis825
Brunelle, Mary93
Brunelle, Mary B. (Mrs)192
Brunelle, Osker197
Brunelle, Peter196
Brunelle, Vitaline (Mrs)91
Brunelle, William193
Brunelle, William191
Bruno, Abraham2924
Bull, Robert George720
Burns, Ellen C.2324
Burns, Mary (Mrs)2323
Burns, William J.2322
Byrns, Patrick125
Cairney, James G.233
Cairney, Julia P.234
Cairney, Margaret A. (Mrs)232
Cairney, Thomas P.231
Cameron, Alice2022
Cameron, Elizabeth A. (Mrs)2017
Cameron, Florance2021
Cameron, Howard D.2019
Cameron, John2016
Cameron, John Hilliard2018
Cameron, Mabel A.2020
Campbell, Peter716
Campell, Henery2919
Campell, John2920
Campell, Joseph2917
Campell, Nancy (Mrs)2916
Campell, William2918
Carey, Alice414
Carey, Bella413
Carey, Edward89
Carey, Edward411
Carey, Jane (Mrs)412
Caroll, Albert163
Castles, Ann (Mrs)4213
Castles, Thomas4212
Caverhill, Edward4016
Chable, Charles3214
Chandler, Sarah223
Christophe, Tissier4223
Clark, William1618
Coghlan, Andrew523
Coghlan, Sister2222
Coleman, Annie (Mrs)12
Coleman, Gordon16
Coleman, John13
Coleman, John11
Coleman, Margaret18
Coleman, Sharlott14
Coleman, William15
Coleman, Wright17
Connor, Luedna1223
Connor, Mary J. (Mrs)1220
Connor, Minnie1222
Connor, Morrison1221
Connors, Annie725
Connors, Elenor724
Connors, Jemima (Mrs)723
Connors, Robert1825
Connors, William719
Courshine, M?329
Cunningham, Charls446
Dagnault, Louis2812
Dagnault, Margaret2815
Dagnault, Mary (Mrs)2813
Dagnault, St peare2814
Daignault, Adalide375
Daignault, Adaline3817
Daignault, Betsey3815
Daignault, Caroline3818
Daignault, Cerbert3812
Daignault, David3625
Daignault, Eliza376
Daignault, Elizabeth3710
Daignault, Florah3814
Daignault, January379
Daignault, John373
Daignault, Louis374
Daignault, Mary372
Daignault, Mary (Mrs)371
Daignault, Millia3711
Daignault, Moronse378
Daignault, Peater3816
Daignault, Sarah (Mrs)3813
Daignault, St Pear377
Daly, Annie A.1621
Daly, Eliza (Mrs)1620
Daly, Philip E.1619
Davidson, Alick26
Davidson, Mrs Isabella27
Degagne, Alexis F.1720
Degagne, Angeline1722
Degagne, Emma1724
Degagne, Eugene1723
Degagne, Hortence1721
Degagne, Mary Anna1725
Demmo, Clarah198
Denes, Joseph2120
Deshar, Mary (Mrs)336
Desormeau, Peater1616
Dinner, James2117
Dinwoodie, David4022
Dinwoodie, Francis (Mrs)4019
Dinwoodie, George4021
Dinwoodie, James4020
Dinwoodie, Richard4018
Doignault, Dolfhis3720
Doignault, Ealey3721
Doignault, Francis3719
Doignault, Julia (Mrs)3718
Doignault, Reshor3717
Doignault, Unor (Mrs)3722
Donald, Betsey388
Donald, Elisabeth (Mrs)384
Donald, George383
Donald, Henery385
Donald, Joseph389
Donald, Morouse (Mrs)3810
Donald, Robert386
Donald, Robert3811
Donald, William387
Donley, Edward3924
Dowler, John4214
Dowler, Rachel4215
Dungey, Charls455
Duplessis, Alice1923
Duplessis, Alphonce201
Duplessis, Blanche1922
Duplessis, Elise (Mrs)1918
Duplessis, Emile1924
Duplessis, Emma1920
Duplessis, Eva1921
Duplessis, Evelina1919
Duplessis, Joseph1925
Duplessis, Raphael1917
Eccles, Samuel J.1317
Edmonton, Caroline (Mrs)610
Edmonton, Florah E.611
Edmonton, Gordon S.612
Edmonton, John69
Ellett, Charls451
Ellett, Frederick452
Emlaw, Henery2923
Emlaw, Nancey (Mrs)2922
Emlaw, Shal2921
Erasmus, George417
Favel, Bella79
Favel, Catherine78
Favel, Hebron711
Favel, Joseph75
Favel, Margaret (Mrs)76
Favel, Moriah710
Favel, Robert712
Favel, Thomas77
Finch, Caroline (Mrs)142
Finch, Harry A.141
Flater, Nathen G.167
Fleming, Ezekiel4413
Foaley, John3121
Fogal, Mary (Mrs)3117
Fogal, William3116
Fongnet, Lean203
Forbes, David32
Fraiser, Albert253
Fraiser, Caroline251
Fraiser, Charles257
Fraiser, Daniel R.717
Fraiser, Eadith259
Fraiser, Elizabeth258
Fraiser, Florah254
Fraiser, George252
Fraiser, Henery James2425
Fraiser, John2422
Fraiser, John Colin2424
Fraiser, Margaret255
Fraiser, Nancey (Mrs)2510
Fraiser, Sarah (Mrs)2423
Fraiser, William256
Fraser, Adaline921
Fraser, Betsey101
Fraser, Colin James915
Fraser, Collin317
Fraser, Floria (Mrs)318
Fraser, Frederick323
Fraser, George922
Fraser, Henery913
Fraser, James319
Fraser, John Eduard916
Fraser, Lavisa321
Fraser, Louisa103
Fraser, Margaret920
Fraser, Margaret (Mrs)914
Fraser, Mary324
Fraser, Moriah320
Fraser, Narcey924
Fraser, Phillop925
Fraser, Rachel102
Fraser, Roderick322
Fraser, Sarah Jane919
Fraser, Simon917
Fraser, Sofiah (Mrs)918
Fraser, William923
Fulton, Annia M.4119
Fulton, Augustus4118
Fulton, Danial4122
Fulton, Elisabeth (Mrs)4123
Fulton, Harding4120
Fulton, Harriot (Mrs)4115
Fulton, Harry4117
Fulton, Leander4114
Fulton, Margaret4124
Fulton, May4125
Fulton, Thomas4116
Gachie, Oamer199
Galbraith, Malcom272
Garneau, Agatha347
Garneau, Alexander345
Garneau, Archange343
Garneau, Edward342
Garneau, Elonor (Mrs)3324
Garneau, John348
Garneau, Laurance3323
Garneau, Laurance344
Garneau, Lewis3325
Garneau, Malissa349
Garneau, Sharlot346
Garneau, Victoria341
Gavrexeau, Corinne2218
Gavrexeau, Harriette M.2212
Gavrexeau, Hectorine2213
Gavrexeau, Laurie2215
Gavrexeau, Marie2217
Gavrexeau, Pierre2211
Gavrexeau, Pierre2216
Gavrexeau, Valmore2214
Gladu, Isadora326
Goodridge, Alferd4319
Goodridge, Edna518
Goodridge, Fannie (Mrs)4318
Goodridge, Gennet516
Goodridge, Harry4322
Goodridge, Henery4317
Goodridge, James514
Goodridge, Leonard517
Goodridge, Lorne4320
Goodridge, Ross4321
Goodridge, Susan (Mrs)515
Goodridge, Veva519
Gourde, Theophile1021
Graham, Edna1624
Graham, Elizabeth (Mrs)1623
Graham, John A3922
Graham, John E.421
Graham, William J.1622
Griffin, Arther338
Griffin, Carrie L. (Mrs)339
Griffin, Charls1915
Griffin, Charls J.G.1913
Griffin, Mary E. (Mrs)1914
Groat, Alexander119
Groat, George1113
Groat, John1111
Groat, Malcolm117
Groat, Malcom1110
Groat, Margaret1115
Groat, Margaret (Mrs)118
Groat, Mary1114
Groat, Thomas1116
Groat, Walter1117
Groat, William1112
Gullian, Caroline2521
Gullian, Elizabeth2519
Gullian, Florah (Mrs)2517
Gullian, Isabella2520
Gullian, James2516
Gullian, James2522
Gullian, Janet2518
Gullian, John2524
Gullian, Sarah2525
Gullian, William2523
Gwa, Amelia (Mrs)3613
Gwa, Betsy3617
Gwa, Edward3615
Gwa, Gustavis3612
Gwa, Mary3614
Gwa, Roasey3616
Hardisty, Clarah1817
Hardisty, Eliza (Mrs)1816
Hardisty, William D.P.1818
Hare, John3912
Hare, Kezia (Mrs)3910
Hare, Lilley3911
Hare, Robert W.399
Harper, Alexander2219
Hasslop, James4523
Healer, Alvina3920
Healer, Cuttuf3913
Healer, Elena3919
Healer, Eustina (Mrs)3914
Healer, Frats3916
Healer, Lidia3918
Healer, Michael3915
Healer, Otelia3917
Hebert, Joseph328
Henderson, Agnis Anet1510
Henderson, Charles A.1511
Henderson, Isablla1424
Henderson, Jenat Rubona158
Henderson, Margaret (Mrs)157
Henderson, Margaret J.1513
Henderson, Mary (Mrs)1421
Henderson, Mary J.1422
Henderson, Piercy S.159
Henderson, Thomas1423
Henderson, Thomas1420
Henderson, Thomas156
Henderson, Vilot1425
Henderson, Walter S.1512
Herbert, William454
Hetu, Henery1024
Hislap, George W.2121
Hislap, Louisa (Mrs)2122
Hislap, Oscar2123
Hodgins, William98
Holland, Flora1417
Holland, Henery1415
Holland, John1418
Holland, John1413
Holland, Louisa1416
Holland, Mary (Mrs)1414
Houghton, Edward453
Hourston, Catherine (Mrs)236
Hourston, Helen R.237
Hourston, John235
Hourston, Moriah (Mrs)820
Hourston, Thomas819
House, Bllah178
Howey, William R.1419
Humberstone, William169
Hunter, Isaac172
Hurssell, Joseph447
Ibbatton, William2822
Inkster, George391
Inkster, James3819
Inkster, Margaret A.3823
Inkster, Oliver3824
Inkster, Robert J.3822
Inkster, Sharlott3825
Inkster, Sharlott (Mrs)3820
Inkster, William305
Inkster, William3821
Irvin, Alice3223
Irvin, Bella3224
Irvin, John3221
Irvin, Nancy (Mrs)3222
Jackson, Isaic W.3215
James, Arthur3921
Jewell, Earnest B.168
Johnston, Alferd189
Johnston, Catherine E.1811
Johnston, Cora M.1814
Johnston, Ethel1813
Johnston, Frances E. (Mrs)1810
Johnston, Maud1812
Johnstone, James122
Joset, Salafu817
Kee, John1312
Keelan, Sister2225
Kelley, Agnis61
Kelley, Ethel E.176
Kelley, Hannah (Mrs)174
Kelley, James H.173
Kelley, Joseph525
Kelley, Margaret (Mrs)524
Kelley, Morris B.R.175
Kelley, William A.424
Kelley, William G.177
Kelly, Eliza (Mrs)418
Kelly, Georg E.211
Kelly, Georgina (Mrs)2025
Kelly, John A.212
Kelly, John E.2024
Kelly, Luke417
Kelly, Mary419
Kelly, Maryanna213
Kennedy, Alice4517
Kennedy, Emma4515
Kennedy, George4512
Kennedy, George4516
Kennedy, James4514
Kennedy, Moriah (Mrs)4513
Kennedy, William4518
Kernohan, Frank36
Kernohan, George310
Kernohan, James34
Kernohan, James39
Kernohan, Lousia38
Kernohan, Martha37
Kernohan, Mary (Mrs)35
Kildahl, Joseph2821
Knowles, Jeremiah1514
Krabs, Catherina (Mrs)314
Krabs, John313
Krabs, Mena315
Krabs, Tereasey316
Labrie, Edward457
Labrie, Josephine (Mrs)458
Labrie, Lena459
Labrie, Peater4511
Labrie, Rosanney4510
Laderout, Josephine109
Langmore, John3712
Langmore, Roasey3713
Langmore, Roasey3715
Langmore, William R.3714
Larocque, Amelia625
Larocque, Angelick (Mrs)2616
Larocque, Caroline2625
Larocque, Charls271
Larocque, Clara2623
Larocque, Eduord Ena72
Larocque, Edward2624
Larocque, Eliza2621
Larocque, Elizabeth (Mrs)623
Larocque, Flora2617
Larocque, George73
Larocque, Henery2619
Larocque, James2622
Larocque, Lewis2620
Larocque, Louis2615
Larocque, Mary74
Larocque, Mary2618
Larocque, Maud624
Larocque, Meast71
LaRue, Elizabeth (Mrs)1612
LaRue, Stanisla1611
Latuke, Joseph816
Lauder, Alexander53
Lauder, Annie L.54
Lauder, Clara59
Lauder, Hannah (Mrs)51
Lauder, James425
Lauder, James123
Lauder, Jennie S.56
Lauder, Maggie E.55
Lauder, Margaret (Mrs)124
Lauder, Maude58
Lauder, Norman57
Lauder, Thomas52
Lenney, Bella (Mrs)418
Lenney, Charls4111
Lenney, Colin4110
Lenney, William419
LeRoy, John166
Linklater, Peter822
Livock, William T.2614
Lloyde, Edith31
Lloyde, Lavinia (Mrs)224
Lloyde, Marshal225
Lloyde, Silas223
Loagen, Albert2421
Loagen, Nomi2418
Loagen, Robert2420
Loagen, Simon2419
Looby, Edward1824
Looby, George E.137
Looby, John135
Looby, Ruth138
Looby, Sarah (Mrs)136
Loutit, Alexander49
Loutit, Collin413
Loutit, Eliza410
Loutit, Ellen (Mrs)41
Loutit, Florance44
Loutit, Frederick48
Loutit, George45
Loutit, James47
Loutit, Katherin411
Loutit, Lavisa412
Loutit, Peater325
Loutit, Peater42
Loutit, Thomas43
Loutit, William46
Lyons, Clara May96
Lyons, Edmond94
Lyons, Margaret (Mrs)95
Lyons, Thomas C.97
Magilvey, Isabel (Mrs)2413
Magilvey, John F.2414
Magilvey, Louisa2417
Magilvey, Mantrose2415
Magilvey, Napolian2416
Mark, Benjamin4121
Martin, Frank1211
Martin, Jean1212
Martin, Jean (Mrs)126
McAuley, Alexander145
Mcauley, Daniel359
Mcauley, Donald3516
McAuley, Frank1412
Mcauley, Izabella3513
Mcauley, James3512
Mcauley, Jemima3517
Mcauley, John3511
McAuley, Julie A.148
McAuley, Lillie B.146
McAuley, Mable149
McAuley, Margaret147
Mcauley, Mary3514
Mcauley, Mary (Mrs)3510
McAuley, Matilda (Mrs)144
McAuley, Matthew143
McAuley, Maud1411
McAuley, May1410
Mcauley, William722
Mcauley, William3515
Mccollam, John620
Mcdonald, Alexander65
Mcdonald, Caroline A. (Mrs)152
Mcdonald, Catherine68
Mcdonald, Colin3716
Mcdonald, Cristina241
Mcdonald, Donald4112
Mcdonald, Duncon522
Mcdonald, Eliza67
Mcdonald, Ellen M.304
Mcdonald, Emma303
Mcdonald, Emma (Mrs)64
Mcdonald, Florah66
Mcdonald, Henery302
Mcdonald, Henery3219
Mcdonald, Isabela3218
Mcdonald, James151
Mcdonald, Joseph3216
Mcdonald, Kenith63
Mcdonald, Lorah2325
Mcdonald, Margaret (Mrs)3217
Mcdonald, Margaret J.3220
Mcdonald, Rachel (Mrs)301
Mcdonald, William2925
Mcdougall, Alice A.84
Mcdougall, Annie E.87
Mcdougall, Edmond H.88
Mcdougall, James G.86
Mcdougall, John A.82
Mcdougall, John C.85
Mcdougall, Lovisa (Mrs)83
Mcfaden, Stanley721
Mcgilles, Daniel408
Mcgilles, Justin (Mrs)409
Mcgillis, Amelia3522
Mcgillis, Cuthbert3523
Mcgillis, John3520
Mcgillis, Margaret3521
Mcgillis, Mary3524
Mcgillis, Moriah (Mrs)3519
Mcgillis, Pascal3518
McIan, Jane2023
McKay, Agnis2910
McKay, Annie M.1013
McKay, Cora445
McKay, Cristena2912
McKay, Daisy441
McKay, Donald4323
McKay, Gilbert4325
McKay, Hugh298
McKay, Jasper443
McKay, Jessey (Mrs)299
McKay, Margaret G.1012
McKay, Mary E. (Mrs)1011
McKay, Murdock4113
McKay, Murrey442
McKay, Sharlott2913
McKay, Teresa444
McKay, Theresa (Mrs)4324
McKay, William1010
McKay, William2911
McKenzie, John3211
McKeracher, Peater33
McKernan, Annie M.3415
McKernan, Elizabeth (Mrs)205
McKernan, Elvira206
McKernan, Emma J.3419
McKernan, Ethel208
McKernan, Graise E.3420
McKernan, James204
McKernan, John W.3416
McKernan, Mary E.3414
McKernan, Robert3411
McKernan, Sarah A. (Mrs)3412
McKernan, Sarah M.3417
McKernan, Thomas W.3418
McKernan, William207
McKernan, William J.3413
Mclennan, John358
Mcleod, Agnis2314
Mcleod, Alexander2313
Mcleod, Alick21
Mcleod, Alick25
Mcleod, Angis E.4412
Mcleod, Bella (Mrs)4024
Mcleod, Catherin122
Mcleod, Catherine (Mrs)622
Mcleod, Christina (Mrs)22
Mcleod, Danial123
Mcleod, Danial W.2312
Mcleod, Danial W.4410
Mcleod, Dolema121
Mcleod, Frederick24
Mcleod, James621
Mcleod, James A.4411
Mcleod, John119
Mcleod, John23
Mcleod, John4023
Mcleod, Mairgy118
Mcleod, Malcom4015
Mcleod, Malcom448
Mcleod, Margaret120
Mcleod, Mary2311
Mcleod, Mary J.449
Mcleod, Murdock116
Mcleod, Murdock124
Mcleod, Sarah125
Mcleod, Sarah (Mrs)117
Mcleod, Sharlott4025
McMunn, James416
Mcnamara, P.L.3124
Mcphadden, John3410
Mcphadden, John3421
Mcphaden, Donald3213
Mcqueen, Catherine R. (Mrs)3123
Mcqueen, David G.3122
McRae, Danial456
Mearon, Joseph273
Meaver, Annie332
Meaver, Henery333
Meaver, Jane (Mrs)331
Meaver, William3225
Michael, John1023
Miller, Cristopher3317
Miller, Donald3322
Miller, Eva3321
Miller, Louis3319
Miller, Louisa (Mrs)3318
Miller, William3320
Mincely, Andrew2410
Mincely, Elizabeth247
Mincely, Ella246
Mincely, Ellen (Mrs)243
Mincely, John242
Mincely, John245
Mincely, Joseph H.249
Mincely, Minney244
Mincely, William248
Moaren, Samuel1610
Mohr, Minnie2612
Mowat, Andrew3013
Mowat, Florence3020
Mowat, Isabela (Mrs)3014
Mowat, James3015
Munro, Benjamin369
Munro, Franses3610
Munro, Mary3611
Munroe, Bessie128
Munroe, Charls1210
Munroe, Edna129
Munroe, Elisabeth (Mrs)4011
Munroe, Eliza4014
Munroe, Jane4013
Munroe, John127
Munroe, Joseph4010
Munroe, Mary4012
Murray, John164
Nagle, Edmond3925
Newby, Margaret (Mrs)324
Newton, Eliza3012
Newton, William3011
Noaren, James2412
Noris, Annie (Mrs)4423
Noris, Clorah814
Noris, Dolfis812
Noris, Dolphis4424
Noris, James4422
Noris, John810
Noris, Mary4425
Noris, Mary (Mrs)811
Noris, Miles813
Noris, Richard815
Nutt, Reginald B.513
Oamand, Allan3210
Oavery, George392
Oliver, Anna1325
Oliver, Clara1324
Oliver, Dora1323
Oliver, Frank1320
Oliver, Harrot1322
Oliver, Harrot (Mrs)1321
Oliver, William A.4017
O'Nielle, Sister2221
Osborne, Aroemous154
Osborne, Frank2824
Osborne, Lilian M.155
Osborne, Owen1822
Pattison, Albert E.713
Pattison, Elisabeth (Mrs)714
Pattison, Norah715
Patton, William520
Paul, Eliza4421
Paul, Florah4416
Paul, John4414
Paul, Joseph4418
Paul, Joseph4417
Paul, Margeret4420
Paul, Mary (Mrs)4419
Paul, Philomine (Mrs)4415
Peacock, John M.1916
Pegare, Alice2013
Pegare, Catherine2011
Pegare, Emma2012
Pegare, Felix2010
Pegare, Florince2014
Pel, Frederick3212
Petrie, Douglas1517
Petrie, James A.1019
Petrie, Jane Barnett (Mrs)1518
Phillips, Emma2823
Picard, Joseph H.202
Piercy, Ethel H.162
Piercy, George A.161
Piercy, Martha1525
Piercy, William J.1524
Plumley, James218
Plumley, Martha (Mrs)217
Plumley, Thomas219
Plumley, William216
Poquett, Julia (Mrs)2817
Poquett, Lectab2819
Poquett, Louis2816
Poquett, Mary2820
Poquett, Moriah2818
Potvin, Joseph1815
Price, Emely (Mrs)110
Price, James111
Price, James19
Price, Jane113
Price, Margaret114
Price, Richard115
Price, Thomas112
Prise, William3923
Proctor, Annie (Mrs)225
Proctor, Clarah226
Proctor, John227
Proctor, Joseph228
Proctor, Julia2210
Proctor, Peter229
Proctor, Peter H.224
Procunier, Charls3023
Rabiseaw, Annie2720
Rabiseaw, Austa2717
Rabiseaw, Batice2714
Rabiseaw, Batice2712
Rabiseaw, Flora2716
Rabiseaw, John2721
Rabiseaw, Joseph2718
Rabiseaw, Margaret (Mrs)2713
Rabiseaw, Mary A.2715
Rabiseaw, Voronick2719
Raymer, Emanuel1316
Rees, William209
Reid, Archibald1823
Reid, John415
Richardson, Edgar3022
Ridsdale, Agnis4219
Ridsdale, Elisabeth (Mrs)4217
Ridsdale, John4221
Ridsdale, Mary4218
Ridsdale, Thomas4222
Ridsdale, Thomas4216
Ridsdale, William4220
Robertson, Annie1217
Robertson, Frederick1216
Robertson, Gracie1219
Robertson, Harriett R. (Mrs)1215
Robertson, Margaret D.153
Robertson, Robert M.1218
Robertson, Walter S.1214
Robison, Harry337
Rondeau, Benjamin1613
Rondeau, Caroline (Mrs)1614
Rondeau, Margaret1615
Ross, Catherin (Mrs)239
Ross, Donald111
Ross, Donald115
Ross, Frederick1319
Ross, Hellen (Mrs)1314
Ross, James113
Ross, James1313
Ross, James F.S.1315
Ross, Mary E.2310
Ross, Olive114
Ross, Olive (Mrs)112
Ross, Thomas G.238
Rowland, Adeline (Mrs)312
Rowland, Agnes2115
Rowland, Amelia2114
Rowland, Archey2110
Rowland, Betsey313
Rowland, Betsy (Mrs)2116
Rowland, Caroline (Mrs)619
Rowland, Emma615
Rowland, Flora315
Rowland, Frederick311
Rowland, Frederick219
Rowland, George210
Rowland, Hellen (Mrs)614
Rowland, James217
Rowland, John316
Rowland, John616
Rowland, Julia (Mrs)218
Rowland, Margaret2113
Rowland, Margaret (Mrs)29
Rowland, Napolian211
Rowland, Peter617
Rowland, Samuel2112
Rowland, Sharlott314
Rowland, William28
Rowland, William613
Rowland, William618
Rowland, William2111
Roy, Antoynette1718
Roy, George1714
Roy, George1719
Roy, Geosette1716
Roy, Girdordine1717
Roy, Mathilde (Mrs)1715
Ruset, Eusta366
Ruset, Joseph368
Ruset, Louise (Mrs)367
Ruttan, Robert A.2220
Salafo, Lenora2613
Sanderson, George P.1519
Sanderson, Herbert G.1521
Sanderson, Julia A.1523
Sanderson, Julia S. (Mrs)1520
Sanderson, Robert H.1522
Sandison, Charls1625
Sandison, Helen (Mrs)171
Sashe, Frances1018
Sashe, Frederick1015
Sashe, Helen1017
Sashe, Mary (Mrs)1016
Savard, Lucille1819
Secord, Richard1025
Shaw, Charles Lew1910
Shervinor, Linsey357
Shouster, Frederick3316
Shouster, Mary (Mrs)3315
Shouster, Michael3314
Sinclair, Elizabeth (Mrs)3119
Sinclair, John3118
Smith, John2118
Spence, Eliza404
Spence, Joseph402
Spence, Joseph407
Spence, Madaline405
Spence, Mary (Mrs)403
Spence, Robert406
Squarebrigs, James4519
St. George, Harriet (Mrs)214
St. George, Wilford215
St. Jean, Xavier1020
St. Jeane, Caroline (Mrs)2810
St. Jeane, Earnest289
St. Jeane, Earnest2811
Stanlick, John213
Stanlick, Samuel212
Steele, Hughina (Mrs)215
Steele, James214
Stennett, Barbara (Mrs)1122
Stennett, Walter B.1121
Stephens, John R.132
Stephens, Mary E. (Mrs)1225
Stephens, Samuel J.131
Stephens, William1224
Stewart, Charls F.3019
Stewart, David294
Stewart, Frank3018
Stewart, James3017
Stewart, Margaret (Mrs)3016
Stewart, Olive (Mrs)1119
Stewart, Robert O.1120
Stewart, Thomas1118
Stiff, William1821
Storie, Annie (Mrs)307
Storie, Catherin309
Storie, Cristopher3010
Storie, Margaret308
Storie, William306
Strachan, Robert181
Strang, Colin F.139
Strang, Emily (Mrs)1310
Strang, Robert A.F.1311
Stringer, Herbert288
Swales, Sister2223
Tate, Ann (Mrs)910
Tate, Ann Louisa911
Tate, George912
Tate, Phillup99
Taylor, Alexander104
Taylor, Eleanor106
Taylor, Harrot T. (Mrs)105
Taylor, James107
Taylor, Sidney S.1213
Taylor, Walker108
Taylor, William3021
Thomas, George1911
Thomas, Margaret1912
Thomson, George1617
Thurston, John521
Todd, Achibald2319
Todd, Margaret (Mrs)2316
Todd, Margaret M.2317
Todd, Robert H.2321
Todd, Thomas2315
Todd, Thomas J.2318
Todd, William A.2320
Tom, Carolina (Mrs)3311
Tom, Donald3310
Tom, Matilda3312
Tom, Mena3313
Trimble, Ida L.277
Trimble, James A.274
Trimble, Jane279
Trimble, John H.276
Trimble, Lydia2710
Trimble, Lydia A.275
Trimble, Myrtle2711
Trimble, William O.278
Turner, Alexander1318
Underwood, William2411
Vance, Helen (Mrs)134
Vance, Robert133
Vandal, Adalide3622
Vandal, Julia (Mrs)3619
Vandal, Louise3623
Vandal, Margaret3621
Vandal, Margaret3620
Vandal, Meglair3624
Vandal, Normon3618
Vearey, Annie E.286
Vearey, Catherine285
Vearey, Charls C.287
Vearey, George W.284
Vearey, Sarah Ann (Mrs)283
Vivina, Joseph2914
Vivina, Maryan (Mrs)2915
Walker, Gracie511
Walker, Grahame1125
Walker, Isabella (Mrs)510
Walker, Janette121
Walker, Jenette I. (Mrs)1124
Walker, William J.1123
Walter, Annie E. (Mrs)321
Walter, John3125
Walter, John W.322
Walter, Stanley323
Watson, Gerge A.81
West, Elizabeth (Mrs)292
West, George2515
West, William A.293
West, William R.291
Wharton, George4520
Wharton, Laurince4522
Wharton, Louisa (Mrs)4521
Whiteford, Margaret3120
Whitson, Alice356
Whitson, Danial3425
Whitson, John3422
Whitson, John A.3424
Whitson, Mabel353
Whitson, Margaret325
Whitson, Mary (Mrs)3423
Whitson, Robert351
Whitson, Stanley354
Whitson, Thomas352
Whitson, William355
Wilkinson, Samuel818
Wilson, Benjamin2825
Wilson, Charls A.221
Wilson, Emily Shotel (Mrs)2125
Wilson, Herbert C.2124
Wilson, Mary E. (Mrs)3025
Wilson, Sharlott F.311
Wilson, Violet H.222
Wilson, William3024
Wilson, William A.312
Wood, Harison L.2611
Wood, Hellen (Mrs)2610
Wood, Lesley W.269
Young, Campbell2015
Young, Clifford1713
Young, Edith263
Young, Eliza B.264
Young, Elizabeth (Mrs)262
Young, Frederick267
Young, George266
Young, Hannah (Mrs)179
Young, Harison261
Young, Margaret1710
Young, Nellie268
Young, Wallace1712
Young, William1711
Young, William R.265

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