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Local History Book Index: We Came and We Stayed – History of Bawlf and District

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley.


Abrahamson, Levi and Martha family

Aker, John and Lena family

Aker, Ludwig and Hilda family

Aker, Ole and Rebecca family

Aker, Robert and Marthea family

Albers, Darrell and Dianne family

Anderson, Axel 

Anderson, Edwin and Beret

Anderson, John

Anderson, Thorvald Eugenen family

Anderson, William “Bill 

Aspenes, Albert K. 

Batke, George and Melissa family

Baumle, George and Cleophia (Malloy)

Beddoes, Tom and Rhona

Bellingham, Frank and Iva family

Berg, Norman and Julia

Bergquist, Mons and Louise family

Berke, Herman and Myrtle family

Bien, John 

Birkness, Halvor (Henry) and Mary family

Bjorge, Marvin and Norma

Blades, Laurie 

Bohmer, Herman and Margit 

Bolding, Thorvald and Alberta family

Bolding, Willis Leon and Bernice

Bosch, George and Geneve family

Braa, Nels R.T. Rev. and Alma

Brager, Cliff and Petra family

Brager, Raymond and Clara family

Brooks, Roy G. and Hattie family

Brown, Thomas Sr. and Sophia

Bruce, Elmer and Diane family

Bruce, Jens J. and Ingeborg family

Bruce, John Magner and Sophia family

Cappis, Arnold and Anna family

Cappis, Ed and Ida family

Carlson, Carl Ephraim and Anna family

Carlson, Gunner and Louise family

Carmichael, Andrew Dr. and Minnie family

Chapin, Ida

Charpentier, Joseph Walter and Marie

Clark, Bill and Julia

Clennin, William and Ruby family

Cleven, Carl and Elvira family

Connelly, Robert and Verna

Courtney, Thomas Oliver and Bertha

Creath, Frank and Mandy

Cross, Ed family

Damberger. John and Florence family

Eastly, Arthur LeGrande and Nellie family

Eggen, Karenus O. 

Erickson, Edward and Mildred family

Erickson, Erik and Hedvig

Erickson, M.O. family

Ewald, Fank and Willie

Fadum, Hans and Hilda family

Fadum, Oscar and Edna family

Fadum, Yngvar and Merle family

Falkeid Odin and Lauretta family

Falkeid Ole L. and Hannah family

Farness, Harold Robert and Delores family

Fitzgerald, Frank and Ruby family

Fjalestad, Olaus and Signe family

Forre, Peder family

Fransen, Ole and Johanna family

Fraser, Dave family

Friberg, Hans and Lovisa family

Gabrielson, Gustav George family

Gabry, Thomas and Pearl and sons

Gallant, William “Bill” J. and Louise family

Garbe, William and Irene

Gendreau, George family

Gertsch, John and Lydia family

Gilroy, Stuart and Sadie

Gordeyko, Allan and Elouise

Graham, Jesse R. and Mary family

Grove, Clarence K. 

Grove, Gregg and Inga family

Grove, Hans 

Grove, Helmar and Bertha

Gunderson, Albert and Marit

Gunderson, Alvord and Alma family

Gunderson, Conrad and Muriel

Gunderson, Irvin

Haesloop. John and Bertha

Hagen, Lloyd and Lois family

Hagen, Thorvald “Tom” and Fernanda

Hanna, George family

Hanson, Clarence and Laura

Hanson, Gilbert and Martha family

Hanson, Hans and Julia

Hanson, Henry H. 

Hanson, Lewis and Hazel family

Hanson, Peder Carl and Kari

Hanson, Peter Carl and Ida 

Hardy, Edwin C. and Emma

Haugen. Henry family

Hendrickson, Clarence and Phyllis family

Hendrickson, Hendrick and Gunhild family

Hendrickson, Julius and Anna family

Hendrickson, Thomas Harda family

Henty, Erik and Esther

Hiffman, Ed and Vi

Hillaby William family

Hilland, Nels and Olga

Hilland, Peder and Gjertine

Hirsch, Fred and Christina family

Hitchcock, Guy and Lillian

Hoem, Arnold and Emma family

Hoem, Ole and Marit family

Holmberg, Hjalmer and Alma family

Holt, W.J. “Emerson” and Marion family

Huseby, Conrad and Alice family

Huseby, Denis and Annette family

Huseby, Duane and Audrey family

Huseby, Hans O. and Anna family

Huseby, Henry Norman and Theodora family

Huseby, Terrance and Beverly family

Iverson, Olaf and Stella

Iverson, Peter and Hilda family

Jackson (Jakobson), Lars and Oline

Jacobs, George 

Jacobs, Jake and Marie

Jacobsen, Gordon 

Jacobsen, Sofus and Gertrude family

Jacobson, Holger F. and Elizabeth family

Jacobson, T.P. Clan

Jensen, Lars and Olena

Johansson, Uddo and Sarah

Johnson, John

Johnson, John and Bertha

Kinnee, Peter and Edith family

Kirk, Chester and Karen

Kirkpatrick, Lewis Henry and Ethel family

Kittley, Walter

Kjenner, Gustav and Thora 

Knudson, Lars and Martha family

Koetke, Norman and Leona family

Koetke, Otto and Alma family

Kringen, Peter and Anna

Krogstad, Ole

Krogstad, Thomas

Kvale, Evan and Emily family

Kvale, Gullik and Tilla

Kvale, Ole family

Kvigstad, Andrew family

Kvittem, Nils

Larson, Axel family

Larson, Herbert and Vivian family

Larson, John and Sofie family

Larson, Karl Oscar and Jenny family

Larson, V. Hjalmer and Hilda family

Lassesen, Palmer and Irene family

Lassesen, Peder family

Lawes, Harry

Ledene, Eva and Albin

Lee, Walter and Marion family

Leiren, Morris and Esther (Olesberg) family

Leiren, Ole and Bertha

Leiren, Oscar and Lillus family

Lemke, Chris H. and Lillian

Liebe, Herman and Bertha family

Lindroth, Alvar and Ida family

Lockstad, Carl Norman, William, Lars and Nils

Loken, Ole and Karen 

Lokken, Mons and Ole

Lomness, Richard and Herdis

Lomness, Samuel and Julianna

Lotzer, Families

Luger, Alvin and Maggie

Lynnes, Alfred and Hulda family

Magee, Fred and Margaret family

Magee, Nelson family

Manners, J. Dawson family

Matzens, The

Mayhew, Gordon and Anna family

McArthur, Ed and Myrtle

McCarter, George family

McIlveen, Frank and Jean family

McIlveen, Ross and Orline family

McIlveen, Thomas “Arthur” and Louisa family

McKay, Clifford and Beulah family

Meadahl, Edward and Martha family

Meadahl, Leslie and Joyce family

Meadahl, Ole M. family

Melby, Lars and Eli family

Melby, Ole

Moan, Andrew and Bertha family

Modal, Paul

Moen, Hans 

Molstad, Olaf and Solveig family

Molstad, Solveig C. (Owren)

Moore, James and Harriet

Mosand, Arnt and Marit

Mosand, Milton and Florence

Mrakota, Lado and Grace

Murphy, Bill and Irene family

Murphy, Joseph H. and Annie 

Myrmo, John and Julia family

Myrmo, Martin and Alice family

Naslund, Andrew and Signe

Naslund, Jonas Peter

Nasselquist, Oskar and Magnhild family

Nelson, Arnold and Selma

Nelson, Arthur F. and Minnie family

Nelson, Clarence K. and Yvonne family

Nelson, Elmer Christian and Ida family

Nelson, John George and Karen 

Nelson, Lindet and Lilly

Nelson, Mirrel and Clara

Nelson, Olgar and Clara family

Nelson, Steven Leonard and Mary

Nichols, Roy and Robina

Nickolson, Julius and Gladys

Nielsen, Nels Christian family

Nielson, Hjalmer and Louise

Nordgaard, Math M. and Emma family

Norman, William, Lars and Nils

Noullett, Dominic and Maryanne family

Noullett, Jacob and Ruth

Noullett, John and Amelia family

Olesberg, Engvald and Hansine (Mikklesen)

Olesberg, Ever O. and Sigrid families

Olofson, Richard and Elda

Olsen, Harald and Lovise

Olsen, John 

Olsen, Martin and Ragnhild

Olsen, Ole and Joyce family

Olsen, Ole R. 

Olsens, Sivert “Sam” and Martha

Olson, Alex 

Olson, Gust and Betty

Olson, Kund and Sina family

Olson, Oscar Ludvig and Elsie family

Oppen, Ole Olson and Lisa

Orr, George E. 

Paulsen, Chris and Lavina family

Paulson, Erick and Sofia

Paulson, Paul and Anna family

Paulson, Ted, Joe and Pete brothers

Paulson, Victor and Palma family

Peacock, Allan and Margaret family

Peacock, Gordon and Gladys family

Pederson, Albert J. family

Pederson, Halvar and Anne

Pederson, Harvey and Mildred family

Pederson, Henry and Mary family

Pederson, Irvin and Anna family

Pederson, Pete and Karen

Pederson, Peter and Olena 

Pehrson, Adolf and Marie (Clark)

Pehrson, John family

Pehrson, Ole

Pehrson, Peder family

Pepper, Clifford G. and Grace

Peter, Adam and Margaret

Peter, Anton and Frances family

Peterson, Russell and Gertie

Pfeiffer, Henry and Minna family

Piro, Alex and Alice family

Piro, John family

Piro, Leon and Janet family

Piro, Steve and Ila “Jean” family

Plastow, George family

Proctor, Gordon C. family

Rasmussen, Albert 

Rasmussen, Mejnert and Nora family

Reich, William and Minnie family

Reutter, Carl and Melida family

Rhyason, Charlie and Jessie family

Rhyason, Clarence and Mildred “Millie”

Rhyason, George and Robina

Rhyason, Harold and Marie

Rhyason, Howard and Evelyn family

Rhyason, Parker 

Rhyason, Story 

Rhyason, William and Christine

Riley, William Henry and Besse family

Robson, Robert and Jenny

Rogness, Ole and Oliver

Rollevstad, George and Elsie family

Romstad, Olaf 

Ronsberg, Haakon and Levina family

Roth, Adolph and Mary family

Roth, Helmut and Agnes

Roth, Roswell and Madeline family

Ruthven, Albert and Frances family

Saby, Adolph and Gilma family

Saby, Endre and Breta

Saby, Tom and Augusta family

Sarjeant, Charles 

Sarjeant, Charles Bedford Jr. and Ethel family

Scheidegger, Family

Schleuder, Otto B. and Emelia family

Schmitz, Francis and Jean family

Schmitz, Jacob and Estella family

Seney, Robert J. and Marlene family

Shaw, Robert and Margaret family

Siebold, Emil and Doris

Silverwood, Warris 

Skinner, Charles and Carrie family

Soberg, John and Cora family

Sollid, Emil and Ida family

Sonfloo, Olf and Myrtle family

Sonfloo, Peter and Rogna family

Sorensen, Esben and Linea family

Sorensen, Fred and Gerda

Sparby, Haakon and Helene

Spoklie, Archie and Agnes family

Spoklie, Edwin and Annie family

Staboe, Oscar B.

Starcheski, Rudy and Barbara

Stava, Gunnar and Lillie family

Stensrud, Haakon and Helen family

Stentroen, Hans 

Stern, Christian 

Stitt, Bert and Doris family

Stordahl, Carl and Hazel

Stordahl, James and Doris family

Stordahl, Ole and Rosalie (Scheidegger)

Storvick, Edvin and Erna family

Storvick, Einar and Helga family

Storvick, John and Marion 

Storvik, Ragnvald and Ellen family

Strom, Axel 

Styles, Septimus T. 

Swanson, Ole W.

Swenson, Nels and Sara family

Szott, August and Ruth family

Szott, Michael J. and Barbara family

Tennant, Wuilliam

Thompson, Nobel and Jean family

Thorstad, Ludwig family

Torpe, Herman and Clara family

Tylosky, John and Julia

Tylosky, William E. and Mabel family

Uglem, Larry family

Uglem, Mikal and Marit

Urlacher, Family

Urlacher, Joseph and Rosa

Vassberg, Richard and Eunice

Verhey, Chris and Froukje family

Voss, Albert and Ellen

Vrolson, Helga (Kjenner)

Vrolson, Joseph Alexander and Helga

Wanner, Jacob and Rosalia family

Webster, William John and Annie

Weir, Norman Alexander and Jean 

Wiebe, John and Ruby family

Williams, Walter and Maude family

Young, Cyrus and Florence

Young, Robert 

Young, Robert and Elizabeth family

Youngberg, Ole and Christine family

Yuha, Joe and Maria 

Zimmerman, History

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