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Newspaper: The Town Council - Calgary

and Bow River District Advertiser
September 23, 1885

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme.

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Fire Protection Discussed - Grading the Roads

A special meeting of the Council was held on Thursday evening last
with the object mainly of discussing the purchase of a fire engine.
All the members were present, except Dr. Lindsay, the Mayor in the

The Mayor presented the report of the committee appointed to confer
with the ratepayers regarding the purchase of a Halloway chemical
engine. The report read as follows:

GENTLEMEN - At a former meeting of this Council Board, I was
instructed to confer personally with a number of the principal
ratepayers in reference to the offer of Mr. ANDREWS to supply this
municipality with a chemical fire engine on one year's credit,
amount to be covered by note given by this council. I have interviewed
the annexed list of gentlemen, and explained the matter fully to them,
also informing them that my object was to find out 'whether they were
favourable to the immediate purchase of such an engine, and also to
have them covenant with us, as a means of protecting ourselves, should
the deficit be repudiated by the next Council. A great many whom I was
desirous of interviewing on the matter were absent when I called, and
I found it very difficult to get as general an expression as I would
like. I am pleased to be able to state that, with but two exceptions,
the gentlemen who were spoken to on the matter, expressed themselves
ready and willing to support the Council in the movement, and do all
they could to aid us in carrying it out. But in a case of this kind,
where we have not time to put it to a regular vote, I would recommend
that a meeting of ratepayers be called and a general voice be taken on
the matter, as I hold that in a matter of this kind the town should be
as unanimous as possible.

The "annexed list" referred to in this report was, the Mayor stated,
not a public document, and it therefore could not be "put in" by the
reporter as evidence. More's the pity.

On motion Councillor MILLWARD seconded by Councillor FREEZE, the
report was adopted, and a meeting of ratepayers ordered to be called
by advertisement for Tuesday evening.


On motion, Mr. DesBRISSAY addressed the Council regarding the grading
of Stephen Avenue. He said the cost of the work would be proportionate
to the lowness of the grade required. In a grade of four feet in one
hundred, something like 960 yards of filling would be necessary. At a
cost of less than 50c a yard this would amount to somewhere in the neighbourhood of $408. He rather favoured the four feet grade, because
if a lower one were adopted, an action might lie against the 
Corporation by those whose property was interfered with. He would
suggest that McIntyre and Angus Avenues might be imporved at the same
time, and with no additional cost, by having the contractor for the
work on Stephen Avenue take the filling out of the portions of these
streets requiring to be graded.

Councillor MILLWARD gave notice that he would introduce a by-law at
the next meeting of the Council fixing a standard grade for the


A communication was read from MR. GROGAN asking the Council to ratify
the election of MR. S. W. JARRET as captain of the company.

On motion the election was confirmed. They Mayor was not certain
whether it was necessary to pass a by-law to that effect, but he
would enquire into the matter.


Councillor CLARKE requested that the use of the Town Hall be granted
to the band for practices. Request granted.

The Mayor suggested that at the next meeting of the Council a
committee should be appointed to prepare a paper setting forth the
needs of the town, to be used by the representatives of this District
in the Northwest Council.

The meeting adjourned.

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