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Newspaper: Local Intelligence - Calgary

and Bow River District Advertiser
September 16, 1885

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme.

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NEARLY FINISHED - The handsome new residence of Mr. Matt DUNNE, on 
McIntyre Avenue is nearly finished.

THE PERJURY CASE - The MERCIER case has been postponed till tomorrow. 
Counsel for the defence, it is understood, has been retained in 

PREPARING HOMES FOR THEM - Messrs. HOGG and DEACON are fitting up 
residences for their families, who are expected to arrive from the 
east early next month.

ENLARGING AND IMPROVING - Councillor MILLWARD is making some 
extensive improvements on his house on McIntyre Avenue, prior to 
his Honor Judge TRAVIS taking up his abode there.

DOMINION v. B.C. - Col. MACLEOD arrived on the Macleod coach last 
night. He goes to Farwell today as a commissioner to adjust some 
difficulties that have occurred between the B.C. and Dominion police.

THE CENSUS - The census takers are hard at work throughout Alberta, 
and expect to finish their task toward the close of next month. The 
officials in the various sub-divisions are as follows: Pincher Creek, 
J. OWENS; Macleod, A. BLISS; Calgary, E.G. THOMAS; Morley, Rev. J. 
McDOUGALL; Red Deer, C. WHITFORD; Edmonton, A. DUNLOP; Lac La Biche, 

PROGRESSIVE - Messrs. JARRETT & CUSHING have purchased three additional 
lots adjoining their present premises, and will at once begin the 
erection thereon of a steam sash and door factory. The dimensions of 
the building will be 30 x 80 feet, two stories high, and will be ready 
for occupancy this fall. The motive power will be a 25 horse power 
engine from the Galt Works. Four thousand dollars will be expended to 
make this advance.

FRENCH DELEGATES - Calgary has been visited for the last few days by 
a deputation of the French delegates, who have come from France to this 
country for the purpose of locating a colony of French people. The 
deputation, under the guidance of Father LaCOMBE, has driven over a good 
deal of country, and we understand are particularly well pleased with 
that portion adjacent to the Industrial School. In all probability 
application will be made to Parliament for a land grant in that locality.

STRUCK IT RICH - Information contained in a letter received by Mr. George 
HAMILTON, of this town, from his brother John, who has been mining in 
British Columbia during the past fifteen years, indicates that Messrs. 
JENKINS and CLANCEY have "struck it rich" on the Similkameen Creek, 
southwest of Kootenay. They are reported to be taking out from $300 to 
$600 a day. The gold-bearing portion of the creek appears to extend over 
five miles. Tommy FRAY is "rocking" out from $35 to $40 a day. There are 
now about 200 white men and 400 Chinamen in the diggings. If this 
information is correct, and there seems to be no reason for doubting it, 
this is the most important "find" that has yet been made in British 
Columbia, and justifies the opinion that has been held by miners and 
prospectors for so long a time, that there is abundance of the precious 
metal to be had there if only the "secrets of its hiding place" could 
be unfolded.

CURLING - Mr. F.J. CLAXTON is about to build a new skating rink. Should 
not the knights of the ? and ? organize a curling club and have Mr. CLAXTON 
add a curling rink. Who will move the matter?

DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS - Our pharmaceutical friend TROTT has got the right 
lots fenced off all right, but judging by the lack of any evidence of 
immediate building, we presume the important event has been deferred till 
the spring.

A PARTING SOUVENIR - Mr. R. HARDISTY, on the eve of his departure for 
Edmonton, placed in the hands of the treasurer of the Methodist Church 
a souvenir in the shape of a cheque for $60, to be applied to the trust 
funds of the Church. 

IS HE TO ?? - We notice that Chief of Police INGRAM has begun the 
erection of a residence on McIntyre Avenue. All of the Chief's lady 
friends are looking with very enquiring eyes at the new structure. 
The Chief should certainly rise to explain.

EDMONTON LIVE STOCK MARKET - Mr. T.W. ROBINSON who lately took a band 
of cattle to Edmonton for Mr. LYNAM, returned last evening. He sold all 
the cattle, but reports things not very brisk in the Edmonton cattle 
market at present. Mr. J. McLAUGHLIN who took up a band of horses to the 
same place, reports prices dull and sales slow.

THE BIGGEST AND THE BEST - What will be the handsomest residence in town, 
is now being erected by Mr. YARLET, on McIntyre Avenue for Mr. George 
LAWSON. The building is two storeys high, very commodious, and planned 
in a manner that will secure the utmost possible convenience. Unlike most 
all other residences in Calgary, this new one will be minus the eyesore of 
a lean-to for a kitchen, instead of which he has attached a neat gable roof.

SPECIAL SERMON - Rev. Mr. DYKE, Methodist Church, will next Sabbath evening 
preach a special sermon to young men. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper 
will be administered in the morning.

LUMBERING OPERATIONS - Major WALKER is just receiving his last million of
feet of saw logs of the cut of 1883, from his timber limits in the mountains.
These will all be converted to lumber at the Major's mill on the Bow River
here this winter. He purposes commencing operations immediately for a cut of
from one to two million feet of logs for next season's business.

MINING CLAIMS - Mr. James MORTIMER has just secured a mining claim on Moose
Mountain between the Elbow River and Jumping Pound Creek, about 16 miles
south of Morley. Assays have been made from the cropping which show $8 per
tom in gold, and the iron pyrites show $12 per ton. It is the intention of
Mr. MORTIMER to develop his claim and ascertain its real value.

HOT SPRINGS - It is reported that another hot spring has been discovered by
Conductor HALL in Hot Spring Mountain. The locality is not divulged. Mr. HALL
is to deal directly with the Government for its possession. The singular part
of the report is that this spring is claimed to be the source of the Banff
Spring, and that a diversion of the water will completely dry the latter up.

A VALUABLE FLOCK - Mr. Frank WHITE has just returned from Montana with 2,500
Merino sheep. 250 of these have been sold to Mr. C. McDONALD, Sheep Creek. The
remainder will be driven to Mr. WHITE's ranche near Morley. Mr. WHITE intends
placing thoroughbred Merino bucks with his band instead of crossing them with
the heavier class.

A CAPITAL SHOWING - Mr. J. PATERSON has some splendid specimens of barley,
oats, turnips, carrots, potatoes and onions on exhibition at his store. These
samples were grown on his ranche at Sheep Creek, and Mr. PATERSON assures us
that his crops are realy first-class, and have suffered no injury by frost,
although the barley has been a trifle blackened by the wet weather.

THE INDIAN PAYMENTS - The Blackfeet will be paid at the Crossing this week.
There will be the usual rush of merchants who count on doing a lively trade
while the lucre lasts. Mr. FRASER, formerly of the Hudson Bay, and Mr. FERLAND
will be amont the representatives from this town. It will be a strange thing
if the old timer, Joe BUTLIN, don't loom up there also. There is a possibility
of the Governor-General being present to witness the scene.

REMOVED - Messrs. McINTYRE & DAVIDSON, watchmakers and jeweller, have removed
their building two lots west and enlarge their business accommodation, in order
to give room for their large stock of new goods.

ENLARGES - Messrs. RANKIN & ALLAN's business having outgrown their former limited
accommodations, the premises have been enlarged by the addition of 20 feet to
the rear of the store. This change will give accommodation to the extensive
purchases of fall and winter goods recently completed by Mr. RANKIN in the east.

BOYNTON HALL - Mr. BOSWELL, the present lessee of Boynton hall, is to be 
congratulated on the improvements he has made there, and the enterprise he is
exhibiting in furnishing attractions. He announces a Calico Ball for Tuesday next,
an event which should bring out a gay assemblage of Terpeichoreans. He is also
arranging at present for a company of actors to give performances at a future
date. These efforts will not fail to be properly appreciated by his patrons.

A MAGNIFICENT LOT - Mr. HARRIS, manager of the Halifax Ranche Company, has arrived
from Macleod with the entire band of horses belonging to the company. The stock
have been located on the Elbow River Hark Farm, recently purchased from Mr. Ben
ARNOLD. The horses are all of the Norman Percheron strain, and among them is the
celebrated imported stallion Kimo, purchased from Dunham, of Chicago. There are
also several thoroughbred mares. On Sunday and Monday a great many people visited
the ranche to inspect the stock which are acknowledged to be the best in the
Territories. It is the intention of Mr. CHIPMAN, President of the Company, to 
breed thoroughbreds entirely, and become the "Dunham of the Northwest".

OUR FRUIT PROSPECTS - During a conversation with Professor McCOUN, when in town
a few days ago, that eminent botanist expressed his undoubted opinion that the 
Bow River district would yet become a prolific fruit growing country. The soil, 
he said, was just suited to the growth not only of small fruits but of the larger 
varieties as well, and particularly of apples. He said that care, of course, would 
require to be taken to introduce the proper varieties. The rapid thawings, followed 
by sudden freezings, that occur during the winter in this climate, would be very 
trying on some varieties, but there were others that it would be perfectly easy to 
grow. Mr. Sam LIVINGSTONE is already preparing to put this statement to the test,
and he at least has no fear for the result. Prof. McCOUN's opinion on a matter in
which he is so well versed is worth a great deal, and that the valleys and uplands
in these delightful western prairies will yet be dotted over with luscious orchards
is a thing that we may look forward to with a very considerable degree of certainty.
What we should like to see is an experiment on an extended scale - both as to
locality and variety - that would set the question at rest once and for all.

BUILDING OPERATIONS - The erection of new building in Calgary is going on with
great industry. On all sides the clatter of the hammer is to be heard, and almost
every day the framework of one or more new structures are raised into position.
Among those not mentioned elsewhere are the residences of Mr. E.R. ROGERS and Mr.
J.G. FITZGERALD on the Roman Catholic Mission property. These two are similar in
size and design, and will make most comfortable homes for those fortunate ones
who are destined to fill them. Rev. Mr. SMYTH and Mr. DESBRISAY are also erecting
neighbouring houses on Northcote Avenue. Mr. H. DOUGLAS has just completed a
very tasty and beautiful cottage east of Mr. G. C. KING and Co.'s store. This is
one of the most desirable locations fro residential purposes in town. Mr. H.
BLEECKER's new residence on the STEWART property, to the east of the town, gives
a pleasant relief to the eye looking in that direction. It is to be fitted with
hot air furnaces and many other modern improvements.

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