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Local History Book Index: The Story of Ardmore and Friends

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley.


Andrews, Ed and Hannal family

Andrews, Fred and Ragnhild

Barclay, Morely and Eva

Barton, George family

Berg, Olaf and Ester

Bordleaus, Henry

Bowers, Marvin and Charlotte

Courts, Mildred (Butler)

Bunny, Calvin

Cabay, Walter

Courts, Norman Burnell and Mildred family

Desilets, Herman

Ehnes, Gabriel and Christine

Espetveidt, Edwin and Marion family

Fels, Lydia and Ray

Gray, Norris

Halwacks, Henery and Alice

Hamerie, Ingman

Hansen, Violet

Heigh, Art and Elsie

Heigh, Hank and Clara

Heigh, Donald and Isabelle

Holseth, Hans family

Holzman, John and Mary

Hryciuk, Nick

Imrie, Jack and Ethel

Kalbergs, The

Kendrick, Lloyd and Pearl

Kendrick, Mark

Knapp, Austen

Knelson, Jake family

Kuehn, Mildred (Fiveland)

Lacquement, Alfred and Irene (Vezeau)

Larcquement, Florence (Butler)

Layton, Frederick and Mary

Lazore, John

Magistad, Oli and Myra

Marshall, Jack and Anna

Mittenburger, Drew

Mysliski, John and Amelia

Pardell, John and Marie

Pine, Jack and Mable

Perselys, Pauline and Steve

Perepelecta, Bill and Mary family

Rhyason, George and Robina

Rhyison, Evelyn and Howard

Ross, Dave and Kate

Sales, Reg and Margaret

Sheeler, Mitchell and Hazel

Shepert, Bill

Sinclair, Bill and Margaret

Skuba, Steve and Helen

Spreiters, Vernon

Sutherland, Dave and Leah family

Trousel, Harvey R.

Wagner, Jack and Belva

Wilson, Howard and Doris

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