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Local History Book Index
Reflections from Across the River – A History of the Area North of Athabasca
Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley M. Smith.

Abbot, OliverAbbot, SidneyAbrianson, GeorgeAddison, J.N.Ahrens, GeorgeAllen, Bernard and MaryAnderson, Antoni (Tony)Anderson, HoraceAnderson, Karl (Charlie)Anderson, TorvilleAndruschuk, JohnArtym, Walter and AnnieAsanger, JohnAstasiewicz, John and MaryAston, JohnAusie, GeorgeBabie, Michael and CharatinaBahun, BillBaker, GeorgeBaker, Mel and SharonBaker, NathanBandola, Bert and KinkoBanks, WesleyBarnstorf, ErwinBaron, Louis and AliceBarrett, AlfredBatars, GayBeatty, Sidney and MabelBell, Cliff and LauraBellamy, CharlesBellamy, Ed and PatBennett, LeeBennett, Terry and DebbieBiaff, JohnBilida, Daniel and MaryBirkigt, Hans and RitaBivard, JosephBlack, Thomas and OliveBlatt, Max familyBlatt; Thomas and MaryBodnar, Harry and AnnaBodnar, John and AngeliaBodnar, Mike and EileenBodnar, ThomasBoily, Jules and AgathaBooy, MihitaBorody, David and LillianBorody, Nickolas and HelenBorody, Slowk and VeraBoven, Tom and RosalieBowes, RichardBowman, FrankBowman, GeraldBowzaylo, William and MaryBraden, Francis and GertrudeBraumen, AlonzoBraun, Dale and PatriciaBreau, Albert and AugustaBreslowski, Peter and MaryBrocchel, JohnBrook, HerbBrown, Francis J.Brown, JohnBrown, Joseph and ElizaBrowne, WilliamBulas, Mike and MaryBulas, Walter and MaryBurlo, George and LenaBury, Albert and MaryBury, Frank and LornaBury, Thomas and AnnaBury, Tom and LeonaByrtus, Alex and SylviaByttus, Alois and AntoinetteByrtus, Anthony (Tony)Byrtus, Anton and AliceByrtus, CarolBrytus, George and MaryBrytus, Joe and Annie (Onnie)Brytus, John R. and MargaretBrytus, John Sr. and EvaBrytus, Joseph and HedwigBrytus, Michael and DeannaBrytus, Michael and ElizabethBrytus, Ronald and DianeBrytus, Roy and AliceByrtus, Stan and DianaCallery, PatrickCallery, ThomasCamsia, AwielCardinal, DavidCarlson, CarlCarlson, Gustav and MetaCarlson, Oscar and MarthaCarnal, F.A.Carnal, O.W.Carter, Charles and MargrettaCass, ArthurChard, ArthurChernish, Calvin and ShirleyChilak, Pete and MaryChorzempa, Josef (Joe)Christensen, Eric and KimChristie, John and TinaChrusch, Bill and EllaChrusch, Fred and WicentiaChrusch, Mike and DebbieChrusch, Raymond and JoanChudek, John and EvaChudek, PaulChudoba, Fred and ElanaChurch, Charles and SadieClement, AlbertCocke, Arthur and AliceCocke, Leslie and JeanCoke (Cocke), Geoffrey and PaulineColleau, F.Costa, Antonio and DonnaCouture, GeorgeCouture, LouisCouturier, Tom and LoriCrawford, Chris and LynettCrawford, CraigCrawford, Frank and EileenCrawford, IsaacCrawford, WilliamCrowley, DaveCruthers, William and DebbieCull, JosephCullen, ArthurCurrie, CliffordCurrie, ThomasCurry, WilliamCurveon, Fred and Mary (May)Danylchuk, Stefan and MaryDanylchuk, Steve and Lou AnnDarbyshire, JackDarsie, GeorgeDavidson, Roger and EmmaDay, CloeDay, Robert and JustinaDe Fries, ChrisDe Fries, JohnDe Vore, GibsonDeford, Gylvia and PearlDegagne, Henry and ThelmaDelornik, AntonDemko, Mike and ShannonDemko, Nick and MargaretDenny, GeorgeDeren, Anton and MargaretDeren, Daniel and JoanneDeren, Frank and JudyDeren, Joe and LenaDeren, John and ElaineDeren, John and VictoriaDeren, Peter and MollyDevlin, George and LillianDevlin, Laurence and NannieDevlin, NormanDietzen, Tony and RebeccaDiggory, H.Dobrowski, JackDonaldson, MagnisDonevan, MichaelDoroshenko, Gerald and YvonneDoroshenko, Ken and MaryDoroshenko, Nick and HelenDoroshenko, Peter and BarbaraDoroshenko, Phillip and ParaskaDoroshenko, Robert and LindaDoville, BenjaminDriver, FrankDriver, HarryDubie, Arthur Jr.Dubie, Arthur Sr.Dubie, ErnestDuiger, LaurenceDumont, JohnDumont, VictorDuniece, Larry and BarbaraDziadosz, StanleyEaston, JamesEcker, Chester and AnnieEherer, Gregory and LloydeneFarrell, RomeoFesuk, John; Farrell, RomeoFesuk, Sam and PearlFielders, JohnFilion, Albert and PearlFinlay. Wellington (Bill) and EllaFortin, EdwardFoster, WilfredFowler, WilliamFraser, Neil and MargaretFrigon, FrankGaba, Joseph and MagdalenaGaitrix, AudreyGalley. John A.Galus, Stanley and AmeliaGalus, Walter and JulieGamble, Jack and TenaGardner. Bert and JeanneGarepy, WilfGarton, Dave and AliceGasiorek, Walter and JoanneGauthier, AnacletGauthier, MaximeGeleta, AnnieGeleta, Lawrence and CindyGeleta, Michylo (Mike) and AlexandraGeleta, Mike Jr. and LenaGeleta, SteveGerard. AbeideGiesbrecht, RonGiguere, JospehGillis, WilbertGislason, Gisli and MargaretGislason, Gisli and MaryGislason, Jacob and AlmaGislason, O.V. and LorraineGolonka, Richard and PauletteGoodwin, Daniel Jr. and MaryGoodwin, Daniel Sr. and NettieGoodwin, Walter and FayGoodwin, William (Billy) and MaggieGora, Albert and ElizabethGora, Charles and AnnieGora, Charles and HildaGora, John and JuneGordey, Gary and JudyGorman, Archibald (Archie) and MaryGorman, JohnGorman, Tom and CarolGorman, WilliamGorski, Adolf and SuzanneGorski, Arnold and ShelleyGorski, EdwardGorski, MichaelGorski, Mike and MaryGorski, StanGorski, Thomas and BerniceGorski, Walter and FrancesGosselin, Oscar and MaryGrant, Billy and LauraGray, BlancheGreathead, LawrenceGreen, JohnGreenslade, MervynGregoraschuk, John and EffieGregoraschuk, Peter and MagdaGrey, J.Griffin, Ivan and JaniceGrisdale, ReginaldGrummett, LloydGrummett, WilliamGuay, Len and DorisGunther, EdwardHagen, Oscar and HelgaHagenson, JohnHagermann, MagnusHaines, Anna (Krosek)Haines, Richard and PatriciaHaley, Daryl and SandraHall, CharlieHall, John and BarbHarbatim, PeterHarlock, Eric DonaldHarriman, R.N.Harvey, ThomasHaub, Billy and ArdithHaub, Brian amd SandraHaub, Hannah (nee Abraham)Haub, Herbert (Herb)Haub, Herbert and ValerieHaub, Jack and HuldaHaub, John and CathyHaub, Robert (Bob)Haub, Robert and JoyceHaub, Robert and MaureenHaub, Walter and CatherineHausman, RalphHauzengerger, Edward and FriedaHazelwood, EdwardHebein, Joe and GloriaHeczho, Paul and AnnaHeim, Charles and AnnabellaHein, AlbertHein, HenryHein, Martin and StefaniaHendy, Rick and EileenHillson, BertyHillson, Ted and ElsieHnatyshyn, Paul and MariaHobday, Bill and CecilHodson, LawrenceHolowieski, Brownie and HelenHolownia, MaryHolownia, StanislawHolt, DanielHorning, Douglas and MollieHowick, JohnHrycoy, LenaHrycoy, Mike and IsobelHrycoy, WilliamHrycun, Gary and LindaHurst, John and OliveHusak, Bill and AnnaHusak, Myron and AdelaHutchinson, LeoHutchinson, ThomasIrla, Mike and VeronicaJaegli, Bernard and MargaJany, Joseph and HelenJensen, ChristJensen, EricJensen, Ernie and KarenJensen, Leonard and ShirleyJensen, Tobias (Tony) and LillianJodry, Ray and DianeJohnson, ArthurJohnson, CharlesJohnson, Herman and RuthJohnson, NormanJohnston, CharlesJohnston, ChristopherJohnston, Donald and LyndaJones, EdwardJones, EllenJones, EvanJuba, AndrewJuelson, JuelJulien, JosephKachalaba, MikeKachorowski. Michael and MaryKachorowski, Peter and KatherineKanzig, Wally and EthelKapelari, John and DebbieKavulok, Alexander (Alex)Kavulok, Paul and LouiseKawulok, Andrew and AnnaKawulok, Mike and PaulineKawulok, Paul and SofiaKeil, Kristoff and DaisyKent, CarlKephart. JacobKerbes, Ron and CharleneKillinger, Cliff and ClaraKindt, Lothar and MargotKirkpatrick, Mont and AnnieKirkpatrick, Oscar and IsadoraKisinski, LoretteKisinski, Mike and MaryKisinski, Theodore (Ted)Klak, Walter and MaryKleinschroth, Fred and ElaineKleiven, OttoKobzey, Danny and HelenKobzey, Dymter (Dan) and PearlKobzey, Mike and AnnieKobzey, William (Bill) and WandaKokolsky, Rev. AndrewKonior, Joseph and JuliaKorolak, David and WendyKorolak, George and EvaKorolak, Stefan and PelagijaKorolak, William (Bill) and PhyllisKoss, Joseph and BarbaraKotyk, George and AngelaKotyk, Peter and LillianKotyk, Steve and SophieKowalchuk, Alec and AlinaKowalchuk, Barry and SusanKowalchuk, Dmytro (Dan) and MaryKowalchuk, FrankKowalchuk, Gene and ViKowalchuk, John and MaryKowalchuk, Matiy and BarbaraKowalchuk, Mike and MinnieKowalchuk, Nick and AnnieKowalchuk, Peter M.Kowalchuk, Rodney and KristineKowalchuk, Wasyl and MagdaKowalchuk, William PeterKoytyk, John and SophiaKrawec, Alex and HelenKrawec, Alex and MillieKrawec, ChristineKrawec, Harold and BrendaKrawec, John and SandraKrawec, Paul and EvaKrawec, Peter and MildredKrawec, Steve and NancyKrechel, FrankKruger, Eugene and SylviaKruger, William and MaudKukura, IhnatKurk, HerbertLadouceur, David and Marie RoseLadwig, ArthurLadwig, HermanLaferriere, EdwardLangevin, JosephLapierre, AzanieLaporte, Arthur and AgnesLaporte, JosephLaporte, Robert (Bob)Laporte, Rosario and JeanLarson, AxelLashuk, Joseph and AnnieLasourelle, AdelLasourelle, ChalesLasourelle, J.Lasuth, George and JulieLauder, George and JennieLauder, Sam and SarahLea, HansLeach, JohnLebid, Steve and TekliaLebid, Walter and MaryLeguise, EliLemay, Louis and KathleenLeschuk, Andrew and SophiaLeschuk, Joseph and MatildaLeschuk, William and LillianLessard, JohnLewis, CecilLewis, Walton and MabelleLindon, EdwardLines, Thomas and Verna (Kate)Lines, Wesley and EdnaLisowec, Walter and ValerieLissy, KarlLoan, ChristopherLoan, JohnLocher, Albert and KatherineLockman, BrunoLos, Alexander and CherylLos, Anton and AntoninaLovgren, Ragnar and JessieLudwig, A.Lukacz, Joe and HelenLupiezowiec, Paul and HelenLux, HenryLuzny, Konstantine (Kost) and KatherineLytwynetz, NykolaMacadie, ElizabethMacadie, JackMacGregor, Roderick and EvangelineMackie, JohnMagee, IsaiahMaheden, Alex and LobeyMakolka, PaulMalik, Alfred and ChristineMalik, Frank and AdelaMarr, RichardMartin, AlphonseMartin, John C.Martin, JosephMartynek, Joe and EvaMcAuley, CharlieMcCue, BruceMcCue, DorothyMcCulloch, RobertMcCullough, EdMcCullough, George FamilyMcDermot, MaryMcDonald, MartinMcDonald, Roger and BlancheMcKelvey, Sam and PearlMcKelvey, Bill and AmeliaMcKenzie, Dale and JoyceMcKinnon, Harry and RubyMcLeod, WilliamMcPherson, William and ElizabethMcSundine, AndyMelnyk, Peter FamilyMenard, LouisMeroniuk, Metro and Annie (Wolak)Merrifield, HenryMerrifield, JohnMescouski, Carl and KatieMetz, AlbertMetz, ChristianMeyer, FredMichailoff, NicolasMiddleditch, ErnestMihailuk/Hill, FamilyMikalunas, FredMillar, “Scott”Millbank; WilliamMiller, AlexanderMiller, FrederickMiller, Leonard and RoseMochid, Felix and EarlanaMochid, Mike and WandaMonroe, ClaytonMonson, George (Mickey) FamilyMoorehouse, BruceMoorehouse, KentMoorehouse; LewisMoorehouse, PaulMorley, Phil and MaryMorley; WilmerMorrison, R. Bruce and JoyceMurphy, BenjaminMurphy, Pat and MollyMurtaugh, MattMurtaugh, Mrs. T.B.Murtaugh, WilliamMutton, HerbertMykietowich, Joseph and KatyMykietowich, LeonMykietowich, NickNelson, Earl and KatherineNelson, Halmer and FerneNelson, John and HannahNelson, Ronald and RosemarieNelson, Wayne and DawnNeville, MichaelNewell, WilliamNutt, JohnNye, JohnNye, NormanO’Brien, ConO’Donoghue, TimothyO’Farrel, MichaelO’Neill, CharlesO’Rielly, ChesterO’Rielly, RussellO’Riley, TedOlson, OleoOlsson, Georgina FamilyOlynyk, William and AnnaOveracker, Harrison (Buster) and AnnieOverholt; Allen and CarolOverholt; Arthur and JeanOverholt, Chester and HjordisOverholt, Dexter and ElizaOverholt, Harry and MabelOverholt, Lewis and MaryOverholt, NormanOverholt, Walter and ViolaOverholt, Zenis and MaryOverwater; Joe and VeraleeOwens, GillOzga, Kazimer (Kazik)Pacholok, Nick and BettyPacholok, Richard and KelleePalash, Alex and JulianaPatton, John ThomasPayne, RalphPearce, William and AdelinePellan, Doug and SharonPeters, Walter and IzolaPeterson, FredPeterson, HansPeterson, Lenore FamilyPeterson, Philip and BeulahPiche, WilliamPichota. TammyPidzarko, Peter and MaryPidzarko, Steve and MaryPidzarko, Wasyl and ChristinaPlews, John and M. KatherinePocalyko, Ignac and ZetaPolok, HelenPolok, Larry and TheresaPopowich, Gawril (Gordon) and MariaPopowich, George and MaryPopowich, John and Ludmilla (Lucy)Popowich, John and MaryPopowich, William and LorrainePorayko, AlexanderPorteous, Jim and MaryPorteous, RuebenPorteous; ThomasPozniak, Bruno and Alexandra (Sadie)Pozniak, John and MaryProkopchuk, Frank and DorothyProkopchuk, John and HattiePruden, PeterQuimet, Joseph Jr.Rabin, George and MaryRachner, LouisRedkewich, Stephen and JosephineRadkewich, William and JuliaRadkewich, William Jr. and JeanReap, HarryReap, Joseph (Bart) and OliveReap, Steve and RachelRein, Glenn and VeraRhodes, Mark and HuldaRhodes, WalterRichards, Charles Todd and ElizabethRichards, H. Allen and DoreenRichards, L. Allen and ElaineRichards, Wayne and MurielRichardson, Craig and SherryRichardson, WilliamRoberts, M.D.Robinson, SheilaRobottom, JohnRobottom, VernusRogers, Barent and AlphaRogers, George (Mike) and IlsaRogers, George and EvaRogers, HarveyRogers; Roy and HarrietRojowski, Frank and HelenRojowski, Lukasz and MaryRojowski, Peter and FlorenceRoy, JosephRoyle, HenryRuffell, AlbertRush, JohnRussell, NormanRussell, Rollin and EstherRyan, Archie and DoreenRyan, Barney and EttaRyga, George and MaryRymer, Kim and MaureenRypien, Bruno and StephenieRypien, Charles and MaxineRypien, Joe and KatherineRypien, John and JuliaRypien, JosephRypien, Mike and AnnieRypien, Walter and MarySahaydak, SamSaley. Mike and AnnieSaley, Nykola and MariaSaley, Sam and SophiaSantrock, FamilySavoyard, J.Savstedt, AlfSawchuk, Fred and StellaSawdy, William FamilySchmelzle, Christian and MaudeSchmelzle, Dennis and LeasaSchmelzle, George and EstelleSchmelzle, William (Bill)Schmidtke, Garth and LoreneSchoeppe, EdnaSchultz, Melvin and VeldaSchwaga, John and MillySchwaga, Nick and MaryScott, JohnScotton, BasilSeber, JosephSenyk, Ronald and JennyService, JamesSeymour, Charles PercyShalapay, David and DebraShalapay, David and NancyShalapay, John and HelenShalapay, Nick and DorisShalapay, Prokop and MatronaShalapay, Sawa and FevroniaShand, WilliamShmeh, GeorgeShtokalko, EugeneShtokalko, LucasShwaga, Kenneth and ConnieShwaga, Max and MaryShwaga, Steve and TheodoraShwaga, William (Bill) and MargaretSimion, JosephSimon, MitaSlatir, EarlSleeman, SamSmith, CalvinSmith, LeighSmith, RoySmith, Terry and CarolSnyder, M.C.Sollanyk, JohnSoluk, Daniel and FrancesSoluk, David and LindaSoluk, Peter and JoyceSonenberg, WalterSorenson, AlfredSquarebigge, JosephSquire, Ralph and JoyceStashko, Ken and ShirleySteinke, William and EdithStinsman, Walter and NormaStirling, David Jr.Stirling, David Sr. and MargaretStone, PrestonStrom, OlafSubic, PaulSundin, LeonardSutherland, AugustSutherland, Larry and CarolSwanberg, Archie and FlorenceSwanson, HenrySwanson, NelsSwitcher, HarveySwitcher, WilfredSwitle, JamesSydor, John and KatieSylvain, Arthur and Rose AnnaSypos, John and CarolineTalbert, FredTann, AlfredTann, Sidney and AgnesTarabula, Frank and BlancheTchir, Dennis and DebbieTelling, GeorgeThese, MichaelThomas, John and RetaThomas, William and HelenThompson, AlbertThompson, GeorgeThorn, Edward and Mary familyTomlinson, George and IsabellaTrainer, JohnTucker, AlbertTudershaw, D.Tufferran, ArchelausTurner, JohnUchytil, Lois and GeraldUchytil, William (Ed) and MaryVan Lyco, R.Vance, RobertVance, Robert Jr. and VestaVerroneau, Frank and MaryViccars, WilliamVincent, JamesVoss, GustafVoss, HenryWagner, CharlesWagner, Ron and AnnieWallach, Charles and PearlWallach, John and KatyWallach, Joseph and MaryWallach, Nick and MariaWallach. Paul and AnneWalton, Leonard and MaryWard, HordinWasylyk, Fred and MaryWatmough, EdwardWatson, BanksWatson, GeorgeWatson, Jim and LettieWatt, GeorgeWaugh, S.J.Webb, Allan and TheresaWebb, Chester and EvelynWebb, Gerald and RuthWebb, Harry and AudreyWebb, Jim and MaryWebb, JohnWebb, Larry and LoreeWebb, WayneWedge, HaroldWeekley, Don and EstherWeekley, Elzie and HazelWeldon, George and JeanWeldon, Ralph and DorothyWeldon, Robert and AnnieWest, WilliamWhitford, Neil and YvonneWien, FlorenceWien, FrankWien, RobertWildfong, Jim and ElaineWiles, Al and MaggieWilger, Greg and Anna MaeWilliams, Earl and BerthaWilliams, Oran TempleWilliamson, LorneWilliamson, Norman and RuthWilliamson, Vic and PatWilliamson, WilliamWinelha, JerryWintonyk, TerryWiselka, Chester and JeanieWiselka, George and MaryWiselka; Paul and HelenWodasch, August and OlgaWolak, Marion and AnnieWolak, Sebastian and StellaWolanuk, John and LenoreWolanuk, Victor and AnneWolanuk, Wasyl (Bill) and AnnieWolchansky, Andrew and EvaWolneman, FredWood, Carrie McCulloughWood, JamesWoodbury, Clair and MaryWoodhouse, Ron and JeanWorley, UlyssesYanik, Joseph and MaryYanik, TomYaramus, Mike and MaryYartys, Mihail and MyrnaYartys, Wasyl and HelenaYoung, David (Dave)Young, Lorne and DarleneZachoda, AlbertZachoda, Dennis and LouiseZachoda, SandyZachoda, Steve and MaryZahara, Lawrence and GloriaZahara, Sam and JennieZahara, Samuel and BerniceZahara; Tom and BrendaZawatka, JosephZmuda, Adam and MaryZolkowski, Matt and AgnesZolkowski, Wesley and PattyZuk, John and MariaZwarun, John and MaryZwarun, Thomas and Pearl
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