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1901 Victoria, British Columbia Census
Alberta - Northwest Territories entries

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Hugh Armstrong

11042RossJennie G.fgr daus7 Dec 188911NWTPsb
11043RossChristina G.fgr daus6 Oct 18937NWTPsb
11044RossJames H.mgr sons15 Oct 18956NWTPsb
216BurnsMaryfwifem24 Mar 189724NWTCE
2130CutlerSalinafmaids12 Jun 188219NWTCEMaid
31528ClayMargaretfdaus30 Sep 18919NWTPsb
31529ClayJohn L.msons26 Apr 18937NWTPsb
31628Baxterunreadablefdaus7 Dec 188614NWTPsb
31629BaxterThomas F.msons11 Jan 18956NWTPsb
81216OkeefeCharles D.msons17 Aug 188614NWTRC
1043WatsonCharles B.msons3 Jan 188714Calg.ABCE
1156LyallMargaret G.fdaus19 Mar 188912NWTCE
1157LyallEmily N.fdaus7 Sep 189010NWTCE
1158LyallEdnafdaus18 Jan 18928NWTCE
1159LyallGladdisfdaus5 Sep 18937NWTCE
121012RileyAnnefdaus12 Jul 18919ABMeth
121013RileyLottiefdaus25 Apr 18937ABMeth
121014RileyWilliammsons28 May 18955ABMeth
122742ByersElizabethfdaus22 Nov 188515NWTMethIroner in laundry
122743ByersWilliam B.msons22 Apr 188912NWTMeth
122744ByersJoseph A.msons22 Nov 188911NWTMeth
151033TurnerFrank W.msons22 Apr 188416NWTCEMariner
151034TurnerAlice R.fdaus1 Apr 188614NWTCE
151035TurnerHerbert L.msons29 Dec 188713NWTCE
16232FordSusan G.fdaus10 Sep 188614NWTMeth
17424ThomsonAlec R.msons19 Jun 188911ABNWTPsb
18131HarrisStella A.fgr daus15 Feb 18938ABRC
18339DriverHenry W.msons12 Jul 188614ABEpisPressman
C1528BrownMalcolm B.msons27 Oct 18919ABCE
C1529BrownCatherine E.fdaus8 Jun 18946ABCE
C1530BrownLucy B.fdaus27 Dec 18964ABCE
C2541McCoskrieWilliammsons7 Dec 187723NWTCEEngineer
C2542McCoskrieAnnelissafdaus18 Oct 188218NWTCE
C2543McCoskrieFrancisfdaus16 Oct 188713NWTCE
C21021BakerHughmsons21 Nov 188812ABCE
C21022BakerGeoffrey M.msons27 Feb 189011ABCE
C21023BakerHilda P.fdaus23 Oct 18919ABCE
C21024BakerGeorge C.msons30 Jan 18938ABCE
C21025BakerWilliam T.msons16 Jan 18947ABCE
C21026BakerWilliam M.msons5 Jan 18992ABCE
A2143FraserStella O.fdaus24 Feb 188715NWTnone
A2240FosterDorafdaus29 Jul 188812NWTCE
H4215JackGertrudefdaus27 Mar 188516ABPsb
I2150HedleyMaudefdaus7 Nov 188614NWTCE
I2734AllisonGladys M.fdaus15 Dec 18982NWTMeth

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