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Worcester County Wills JW 4 Part I 1769 - 1774

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Submitted: April 2006

John Shockley
21 September 1773
To son Thomas Coventon Shockley - land on the west side of divisional fence
To son Jonathan Shockley - dwelling plantation. Also negro man Frank
To daughters ___ Shockley and Amialla Shockley - Jonathan's part if he dies without heir and if my wife is with child, then the child should share in land
To son Elijah Shockley - one shilling and no more
To daughter Mary Smith - one shilling and no more
To daughter Ann Parker - one shilling and no more
To daughter Elisabeth Shockley - one shilling and no more
To daughter Sarah Killiam - one shilling and no more
To son John Shockley - one shilling and no more
Executor: wife Caturn Shockley and son Thomas
Witness: Samuel Davis, John Richardson, Levin Ruark
15 October 1773 Then came
Joseph Smith
20 June 1773
To daughters Nelly, Molley, Sarah - all lands. Also negro woman Nan and her children Ezaek and Leah. Also negro boy Joshua, negro girl Hannah. Also the whole of Thomas Batson's bond for 50 pounds
To wife Sarah - enjoyment of lands for life, negro girl Silve
Executor: wife
Witness: Hampton Hopkins, John Cobb, Joshua Mitchell
20 July 1773 Then came
Parker Selby
20 February 1773
To wife Mary - movable estate and use of plantation and mill for widowhood
To son Samuel Selby - dwelling plantation Roberson Inheritance and the mill containing about 550 acres. Also negro boy Abraham and girl Amey
To son David Selby - plantation whereon Delves Long lives called Selby and Selby's Double Survey containing 217 acres and also 167 acres whereon Johnson Massey lives called Little Worth and also 50 acres of land bought of Thomas Willet called Willit's Addition and Willet's Outlet and also 20 acres of marsh bought of Thomas Willet called Paremors Double Purchase. Also negro boy Abraham son of Diner and girl called Nell
To son John Selby - land at Hopkin's Good Hope 100 acres, Timber Quarter 250 acres. Also negro boy James and girl Easter
To daughter Sarrah Atkinson - negroes Diniel and Tammer
To daughter Mary Selby - plantation whereon William Pepper now lives containing 149 acres. Also negro girl Rachel
To daughter Leah Selby - negro girls Diner and Margere
To daughter Ann Selby - negro girl Roda and child Sarah
To son Parker Selby - use of all land given to son John until John is eighteen and the sum of 400 pounds. Also lease of Tezards Island. Also negro woman Rachel who was bought of my brother James Selby after my mother's decease
To six youngest children Mary, Leah, Ann, John, David, and Samuel Selby - estate not before given
Executor: wife Mary with the assistance of Henry Johnson, George Hayward, and my brother John Selby
Witness: Samuel Davis, Benjamin Stockley, Jehu Jenkinson
8 June 1773 Then came Samuel Davis and Benjamin Stockley. Jehu Jenkinson deceased by this date
Benjamin Vinson
28 April 1773
To son Ebenezer Vinson - 100 acres which bond formerly belonged to George Thompson deceased and all the land taken up by Thomas Caldwell and 50 acres taken out of tract Privilege lying near Cannon's mill
To son George Vinson - bond for 203 acres of Privilege
To son Solomon Vinson - 50 acres of Nubald Lot
To son Benjamin Vinson - dwelling plantation with 20 acres of land called Red Oak Ridge and another tract containing 30 acres and called Piney Ridge
To daughter Anne Vinson - negro girl Venos, 5, small dish, 3 plates, new side saddle, young horse called Buck and free liberty of dwelling house for single life
To daughter Pricey Vinson - negro girl Hannah, bed and furniture, mare and side saddle and free liberty of dwelling house for single life
To son Nubal Vinson - bed and furniture, cow called Brindle
To son Elisha Vinson - cow called Browney, yoke of oxen called Buck and Lyon, two coat vests, pair of leather breeches
To son Eli Vinson - negro Matt, new writing desk, bed and furniture
To sons Solomon, George, Elijah Vinson and daughter Mary Vinson - negro boy Abraham
To son Ebennez Vinson - cow called Pidy
Executor: son George Vinson who shall also have the care of sons Ebennezer and Eli until they are twenty
Witness: Isaac Jones, Lowder Hearne, Ebenezer Whelley
8 June 1773 Then came
Charles Watson
31 March 1773
To wife Elizabeth Watson - negro woman Rachel for life time
To daughter Ufamy Watson - negro man Caleb, girl Marget, boy Stephen, large iron pot, large cupboard, oval table, case of bottles
To son John Watson - negro boy Jonathan, girl Nelley
To wife and children Ufamy and Jehu Watson - rest of personal estate
Witness: friend Fisher Walton
Witness: William Aydelotte, David Dixon, Thomas Hancock
13 August 1773 Then came
Esther Downs
21 April 1768
To Sarah Downs - negro girl Lusey
To sister Mary Martin - 6 pounds in cash
To sister in law Betty Downs and her children - remainder of estate
Witness: James Martin, Mary Martin
25 November 1774 Then came
Littleton Dennis
10 February 1774
To eldest son James Dennis - tract Fittsborough and mills on Pitts Creek and also the marshes on Pitts Creek from the easternmost side of the point whereon Jesse Brittingham now lives to begin where the creek turns near the high land and up the creek to Levin Dickerson's land. This containing 100 acres. Negroes Joe and his wife Betty; Little Joe, Haray, Draper, How and her children, Daniel, Abraham, Ned, Munday
To son Henry Dennis - remainder of land ___ Point bought of Benjamin Hayward and part of Pitts Borough beginning at the line of the land whereon John Mills now lives and from thence across to the easternmost corner of Abraham Lamberson's land . Also 1⁄2 of the cypress swamp purchased of Levi Brittingham to begin next to the Old Meeting House Landing and up the river to include half by a line drawn from the river to the high land. Also the plantation purchased of Jesse and Lamuel Purnell on the Sea Side. Also a part of the mills at the head of the Wicomoco. Also negroes Pater, Bridget and her youngest children, and also Moses, Joshua, Will, Levin, Hector, and Isaac. Also all my law books. Also land purchased of Levin Porter adjoining the lands adjoining the lands of Solomon Townsend and William Allen
To son Littleton Dennis - all lands, marshes, and cypress swamps in Somerset County. Negroes Landon, George, Daniel, Major, Dido, Duggy, Tite, Little Leah, Doctor, and Jaque
To son John Dennis - dwelling lands. Negroes Jack, Betty and Betty's child Sam, Rose, Elijah, Ephraim, Alice, Adam, Sambo, Tamer, Cede, and Rachell
To daughter Elizabeth Dennis - negroes Big Leah, Hannah, and Bob
To daughter Sarah Dennis - negroes Tom, Ebb, and Sinah
To wife - horses and carriages, use of household furniture, silver plate and china
That sons shall have creatures that are on the plantations and all the lumber and utensils for chopping that
Executor: wife Susanna Dennis and friend and relation Samuel Handy to be guardian to all my children with full power to bind them to some lawful calling or profession such as my said children may choose. Also that friend John Teackle to assist in the administration of estate with the aid of friends William Allen and George Corbin
Witness: James Houston, Joseph Houston, Thomas Tyler
"whereas I entered into a partnership with Josiah Polk and Gillis Polk in the building of a saw mill and grist mill at the head of Wicomico River and not having any settlement to know the profits ... the settlement ... be so made ... to the best advantage to my son Henry
Witness: Abraham Gibbs, Isaac Outten, John Merril Junior
8 June 1774 Then came
Mary Fassitt widow of John Fassitt the Elder
That negroes Sackor and Easter be free to choose their master among my children
To grandson Elijah son of James Fassitt - negro fellow Tom
To son Elijah - negro boy Isaac and pair of hand irons and hand mill
To son John Fassitt - all lumber, ploughs, harrows, hoes, one grindstone and all poultry
To daughter Elizabeth Tingle - large iron kettle, one book by John Wiltson
To daughter Sarah Colyer - use of negro woman Comfort. Also horse and riding chair and the first choice of my apparel from shoes to cap and my Psalm Book
To granddaughter Mary Collier daughter of Sarah - negro Comfort after her mother's death
To Lambert Collier - negro girl Comfort if Mary Collier dies without heir
To youngest daughter Mary - silver spoon marked M.R.
To granddaughter Mary, daughter of son John Fassitt - negro boy George, one of my best bed and furniture,
two new dishes, 6 pewter plates, table, spinning wheel, looking glass, silver spoon marked W.F. , loom, table cloth
To grandson John, son of son John Fassitt - Mary's part if Mary dies without heir
To grandson Thomas Simpson Fassitt - silver spoon marked W.F.
To granddaughter the daughter of my deceased son William Fassitt - 15 pounds at age sixteen and silver spoon marked W.F.
To granddaughter Elizabeth Tingle - silver spoon
Executor: John Fassett and son in law Kendal Collier and that they see me decently buried
Witness: John Parker, William Bowin, John Rackliff
15 November 1775 Then came William Bowin, John Rackliff. John Parker dead by this date
William Fooks
17 March 1774
To son Jesse Fooks - 50 acres being part of a tract called Long Acre and part of tract called Fooks Cost. Also a bond of Stephen Buckanis of 22 pounds
To wife Mary Fookes - remainder of Long Acre and remainder of Fookes Coste, 100acres of Foote Neck
To youngest Benjamin Fookes - above land after wife's death. Also negro boy Dover and negro girl Ester
To Joseph Fookes - right and title to track Long Acre taken up by John Roach
To son William Fookes - tract called Sommer Paster and tract called Bacon Quarter. Also negro woman Hager
To son Daniel Fookes - tract called Little Worth and negro girl Dinah when he is twenty-one
To grandsons John Lingo and William Lingo - 10 pounds each when they are of age
To daughter Tebitha Ennes - 20 pounds
to daughter Abigil Ennes - 20 pounds
Executor: brother Daniel Fookes
Witness: Samuel Davis, Adam Christopher, Thomas Fookes
15 April 1774 Then came
Joseph Morris
7 December 1773
To son Icak Morris - tract Ellick's Hool
To son Stephen Morris -tract ___ Humor
To daughter Ann Morris - negro girl Ester
To son John Morris - grist mill and land not given. Also negro girl Leda
To Edy William Morris wife - negro man Perras, woman Dinah
Executor: wife and William Morris
Witness: Joseph Robinson, Joshua Morris, William Goslee
28 January 1774 Then came Joseph Robinson, Joshua Morris, William Goslee who "declare upon oath ... that the said Joseph Morris departed this life sometime in December last."
Widow elects to take her thirds
Mary Martin
27 January 1774
To son James Martin - negro girl Levinah, boy Tom, boy Sampson
To son George Martin - negro woman Jenny, boy Toney
To son Thomas Martin - blacksmith tools
To daughter Mary Schoolfield - calf, sow and pigs
To daughter Margaret Irving - cow and calf
To daughter Elizabeth Handy - cow and calf
To daughter Jermah Ayres - 25 pounds
To daughter Elizabeth Harris wife of Benton Harris - debt owed
Executor: sons James and George
Witness: William Merril, Dolly Merril, Henry Johnson
18 February
George Parker Senior, Gentleman
6 December 1767
To son John Parker - tract called W___ (Wickenoughs Neck ?) except that part conveyed to son Schoolfield
To wife Elizabeth - use of land for life
To son Ely Parker - tract Woolfs Den lying in Sussex County containing 140 acres
To son Samuel Parker - tract called Parker's Chance containing 150 acres. Also negro boy George
To seven youngest children - rest of movable estate
Executor: wife Elizabeth and son John
Witness: James Noble Senior, Joshua Sturgis Junior, Sarah Noble, Elijah Laws Junior, Elijah Laws
16 September 1774
Thomas Purnell
9 September 1774
To son Melby - plantation now in the possession of my uncle Azarel. Also 8 acres of branch and timber next to the causeway being part of tract now live on. This at the age of eighteen
To daughter Mary - negro girl Seb
To wife Rhoda - rest of estate
To friend William Holland - land taken up in partnership of my father with the said Holland
Executor: wife
Witness: Schoolfield Parker, Thomas Duncan, Delilah Brittingham
9 December 17
74 Then came
James Round
24 November 1765
To son Samuel Hopkins Round - tracts in Sinepuxent Neck called Wellbuck containing 450 acres and Tompkins Meadow and part of tracts Neighborhood containing 70 acres and containing 44 acres
To son James Round - part of dwelling tract at Tuxburry Branch beginning at the first bounder until it comes to the county road then to where the signpost stood near Guns Shop and then running with the courses of my brother John Rounds deed until it intersects with the line of tract Jacobus Addition and from thence to the last cart bridge which I made across a branch going to Solomon Davis and then until it intersects with a tract called Silver Street. Also tract called Mill Angle containing 25 acres together with the mill house and mill stone. Also large copper still with the worm, tub, and cap
To daughter Martha Caldwell - lot of ground at The Trap with the house. Also negroes Priz, Lozor, Jules
To son John Whittington Round - above land if James dies without heir. Also 50 acres of land in Sinepuxent Neck at the head of the tract devised to son Samuel being part of the vacant land which I took up and paid caution money in virtue of a special warrant granted Edmond Crapper Senior (deceased). Also 500 acres on the Indian River being part of tract Lady's Delight
To son Hampton Round - the mill if James dies without heir
To daughter Hannah Round - negroes Ruth and Hagar when she is sixteen
To daughter Sarah Round - negroes Sal and Robin
To wife Rhoda - negro girl Young Dinah and negro Orson. Also riding chair and chair horse and she may possess any one of the plantations for her lifetime
To friend John Rackliff - part of tract Conclusion as in deed from Savory Wing
To brother Edward Round - 50 acres at the back of brother John Round's
Executor: wife and that sons be bound out to trades at the direction of friend John Henry and son-in-law W. Samuel Caldwell
Witness: Samuel Piles, Eli Campbell, Nathanial Murray
13 May 1774 Then came Samuel Piles of the City of Philadelphia who is the only surviving witness and he authorizes Benjamin Chew, James Tilghman and Thomas Bond to take probate of the will
William Sharpe
29 June 1774
To son William Sharpe - dwelling plantation and also 20 acres out of a tract called Elbornme
To son Peter Sharpe - remainder of called Elbornme
To grandson John, son of James Sharpe - the land where his father now lives in Sussex County in Angela Neck
To son Thomas Sharpe - negro boy Sambo
To son Joshua Sharpe - negro girl Ester
To son Jacob and grandson John Truitt Sharpe, son of John Sharpe deceased - Woodmans Stocley's bond for 132 pounds
To daughter Ann Sharpe - bed and furniture, cow and calf and 10 pounds
To daughter Comfort Sharpe - bed and furniture, cow and calf and 10 pounds
To sons Peter, Thomas, Jacob, and Joshua Sharpe and grandson John Truitt Sharpe and daughters Mary Messick, Ann and Comfort - remainder of estate among them, my wife Elizabeth's part and son James Sharpe excepted
To son James Sharpe - one shilling
Executor: son William
Witness: Benjamin Phillips, Thomas Kellam, William Thompson
18 July 1774 Then came
Solomon Townsend
11 February 1774
To brother William Townsend's son Charles Townsend - land out of tract Coventry that my brother William Townsend devised to me on the south side of Mount Hope Branch
To wife and son Solomon - remainder of Coventry and also tract Townsend's Security. Wife to maintain and educate my four youngest children. Son Solomon is to pay to son my Denwood Townsend the sum of 50 pounds
To son James Townsend - 142 acres of Dumfrees
To Roland Beavens son of Roland Beavens - 142 acres of Dumfrees provided he pay son James for the surveying
To son William Townsend - 100 acres of tract New Year's Gift
To son Elias Townsend - tract of land called Standfast
To daughter Elisha? - negro girl Leah, bed and furniture
To wife - negroes Adam, Tony, Tamer to assist her in the bring up of the four youngest children and also 1⁄2 of remainder of estate. Also two mares and yoke of oxen
To children William, Solomon, James, Elias Townsend, and Mary Beavens wife of James Beavens and Prisilla Brittingham - remainder of estate
To son Zadock Townsend - negro boy Norway and 30 pounds
To son Lemuel Townsend - negro girl Phillis and 15 pounds. Also still, worm, and tub
To son Denwood Townsend - 30 pounds and negro boy Bob
Executor: sons William and Solomon
Witness: William Allen, Nehemiah Tilghman, Moses Carey
22 March 1774 Then came
John Waples
23 June 1769
To son Elihu Waples - dwelling tract called Morris Purchase containing 150 acres. Also negro boy Jacob
To son John Waples - tract purchased of Able Nottingham containing 240 acres. Also negro boy Belfast
To daughter Prisala Waples - land purchased of William Johnson containing 70 acres and land purchased of John Hana formerly belonging to Elihu Hugs known as Fery Point containing 24 acres
To son Elihu Waples and daughter Prisala Waples - tract that my father Paul Waples gave me by deed of gift bordering on the Indian River
To daughter Prisala Waples - negro boy Sambo
Executor: wife Mary and brother William Waples
Witness: Daniel Smith, Mary Robinson, Peter Waples
2 February 1774 Then came Mary Lockwood, late Robinson and Peter Waples. Daniel Smith dead by this date
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