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Worcester County Wills JW 4 Part I 1769 - 1774

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Submitted: April 2006

James Davis, Senior
26 March 1772
To son James Davis - land on the north side of Pound Branch. Also negro boy Whitne (about ten years old)
To son Saul Davis - dwelling plantation on the south side of Pound Branch
To wife Sabrah - $4, her side saddle in addition to what the law allows her
To daughters Rachel Davis, Elisabeth Davis - 20 pounds each
That negro man Peter may be sold
Executor: wife Sabrah Davis and Daniel Fooks
Witness: Samuel Davis, Joshua Dorman, Stephen Beachamp
24 April 1772 Then came
Daniel Fooks "declines taking out letters in the estate of the late deceased James Davis, giving it up to his widow, my sister."
Thomas Evans
6 April 1772
To wife Hannah and four youngest children Cathran, Ananias, Mary and Hendal Evans - 100 pounds divided. Also negro girl Hanah and her increase
To son Stephen Evans - tract called Bush Ridge bought of John Morgan
Executor: Wife Hanah
Witness: William Tingle, Truitt Wilkens, John Miller Junior
29 May 1772 Then came
William Fassitt, son of John
9 August 1768
To daughter Sofiah Fassitt - land bought of Davis Hudson lying on the seaboard side at the head of the sound called Hudson's Neck. Also tract called Happy Luck containing 25 acres. Also 200 acres of tract Don't Puzzel which was in partnership with Charles Rackliff lying at the head of St. Martins River . Also negro girl Pegg
To son Thomas Simpson Fassitt - part of Lamberson's Venture near to Buckingham containing 16 acres and bought of James Rook. Also tract of 23 acres called Little Worth, part of tract Assateague, lying towards William Richardson and bought of Outten Sturgis. Also part of tract in partnership with Adam Spence. Also negro Lydda and Comfort
To son John Fassitt -negroes Prince, Maria, Saker
That brother James Fassitt be empowered to divide lands held in partnership
Executor: wife Mary Fassitt
Witness: John Postly, James Wilson, John Long, John Nienbuergh
15 May 1772 Then came
Levi Hopkins
9 December 1771
To wife Margaret Hopkins - use of all estate
To daughter Rese Hopkins - negro girl Sarah
To children William Wanous Hopkins, Maxcamilyon Hopkins, George Hopkins, Levi Hopkins, Margaret Hopkins - estate after wife's death
Executor: wife
Witness: Nehemiah Dorman, Christopher Glass, Adam Spence
3 January 1772 Then came
James Houston, Planter
26 October 1770
To son John Houston - plantation where he now dwells called Chestnut Ridge for his natural life and then to his wife Mary. Also negro man Jack
To grandson Levi Houston - Chestnut Ridge after Mary's death
To son Jehu Houston - negro man Durham and woman Dinah
To son Joseph Houston - dwelling lands tract Scott's Lott and tract Langton. These after the death of my wife Mary
To son James Houston - negro man Derry
To daughter Caty Houston - negro women Lucy and Jane
Executor: wife Mary
Witness: Isaac Layfield, Thomas Brittingham, Littleton Long
3 March 1772 Then came
Sarah Johnson
7 September 1771
To daughter Charity Johnson - , the first living child of negro woman Leah. Leah "to keep and nurse the said child till it be two years old if it should live to that age." Also mare and wearing clothes
To son Leonard Johnson - negro woman Leah
To son Daniel Johnson - bed and furniture, cow and calf
That corn crop be divided between children
Executor: son Leonard
Witness: Levi Beachboard, Hugh Nilson
3 July 1772 Then came
Jean Irons, widow
26 January 1771
To son Aaron Irons - 150 acres lying on the south side of Indian River being part of tract where he now dwells which was purchased of John Johnston
To granddaughter Mary Perry - negro girl Sarah
To granddaughter Maddalen Perry - negro girl Nanney
To grandson Aaron Perry - negro boy Waymouth
To grandson Cornelius Perry - negro boy Solomon and boy Sirus
Negro woman Valentine, woman Ruth, girl Sabro, and boy Ceaser to be divided among four grandchildren
Executor: son Aaron Irons
Witness: William Kollack, Thomas Godwin, Mary Irons
3 January 1772 Then came
Mary Kerby
1 January 1772
To daughter Sarah - negro man Toney and girl Tabitha, also bed and furniture, young white horse
To daughter Isable - negro girl Pleasant and girl Lesdia, also old sorrel horse. Bed and furniture, shoe buckles
To son John - tract Cornwell, negro man Mengo, bed and furniture
To son William - negro boy Caleb, bed and furniture
To daughter Nancy - negro woman Violet and child Bett, bed and furniture, six teaspoons
That trusty friend and cousin Thomas Predeaux be guardian to my children in their tender years
Executor: daughter Sarah
Witness: Adam Bravard, Ibby Miller
10 may 1772 Then came
Mary Lawrence, Widow
9 March 1770
To son John Lawrence - small pewter dish
To son Elijah - pewter dish and two plates
To son Henry and daughter Elizabeth - negro boy Julius
To daughter Elizabeth - feather bed that was my father's, new counterpane, large pewter dish, wearing apparel, gold sleeve buttons, two silver spoons
To son Henry - silver stuff box
To granddaughter Nancy - white cotton gown
To granddaughter Polly - enough linen to make herself a frock
Executor: son Henry Lawrence
Witness: Adam Bravard, Andrew Simpleur
27 October 1772 Then came
Alexander Massey
13 June 1772
To wife Charity Massey - two beds and furniture, three pewter dishes, six pewter plates, three cows, ten sheep, one square table, woman's saddle, one chest of drawers, negro woman Anna, negro woman Emy, handmill, brown mare
To son John Massey - handmill and all land and marshes
To daughters Elinor Franklin and Sarah Campbell - remainder of estate after wife's death
To grandson Alexander Franklin - small pasture on the plantation which is enclosed by a ditch and called the Sawpit Pasture. Also negro boy Sam
To grandson Isaac Franklin - negro boy Jacob
To daughter Elinor Franklin - negro boy Robbin
To grandson Alexander Massey - negro boy Ben
To daughter Sarah Campbell - "one shilling sterling as her part of my estate provided her husband Samuel Campbell out lives her - but if she survives or out lives him then I give and bequeath to my said daughter Sarah 100 pounds in cash to be paid to her at said husband's decease."
That negro slave called Lowhill be set free as soon as the crop is made
Witness: William Fassitt, James Andrews, John Postly
10 July 1772 Then came
F: 124
Lemuel Purnell
To wife - 1⁄2 part of plantation, 1⁄2 of personal estate provided she divide the personal estate among her three daughters Ann, Sarah, Henerita
To son John Selby - negro Cloe
To son George - right and title to tract Rochester. Also negro Elizabeth
Witness: Chesed Purnell, Mary Purnell, Samuel Marchment
23 March 1772 Then came
John Schoolfield, Senior
13 January 1772
To wife Mary Schoolfield - "dwelling house called the celler room" with 1/3 of the cleared land with privilege of fire wood and log timber during her life and all goods and chattels that were hers before our marriage. Also negro girl Lese. Also note from David Fisgarel and the balance due from David Groums, and money due from sister's estate
To grandson Benjamin Schoolfield - land after wife's death and tract called Smith's First Choice
To brother Joseph Schoolfield - right of tracts on the Pocomoke called Desart and Recovery
To son Thomas Givans Schoolfield - negro girl Esther
To son John Schoolfield - negro boy Ben
To son Robert Schoolfield - negro boy David
To daughter Mary Satchel - negro woman Leviner
To daughter Betty Schoolfield - negro girl Tamer
To daughter Merin Schoolfield - negro woman Briget and her child Briget
To daughter Cate Schoolfield - negro woman Rachel
To grandson William Schoolfield - negro boy Stephen
Executor: son Thomas Givans Schoolfield
Witness: Jabez Fisher, John Spence, Patrick Waters
21 February 1772 Then came
William Smock
7 December 1771
To son Mckimmy Smock - dwelling plantation and the plantation that was my brother Samuel Smock's being part of the tracts called Batchellors Lot, Mount Ephraim, and Conveniency
To son Lemuel Smock - land on the south of Thomas Penuel's plantation being part of Penuel's Purchase and Smock's Purchase beginning at the head of Goose Egg Pond
To son William Smock - remainder of land
To son Kendall Smock - tract on the north side of William Bassett's plantation called Smock's Purchase containing 138 acres
To son James Smock - negro boy George
To son Esme Smock - bed and furniture, desk, 5 pounds cash, the child that negro woman Rachel now goes with
To son Peter Smock - oval table and case of bottles, 5 pounds in cash
Executor: Mary Smock and son Mckimmey
Witness: Ezekiel Porter, Daniel Selby, Mckimmey Smock
21 February 1772
John Teague
22 August 1772
To wife Mary Teague - dwelling plantation, and everything I possess for widowhood
To son William Teague - dwelling plantation after mother's widowhood
To daughter Rachel Teague - negro boy Abner
To son Jacob Teague - negro woman Esther, boy Jacob
To son Samuel Teague - one shilling and no more
To six children William, Rachel, George, John, Laben, and Jacob - remainder of estate
Executor: son William Teague
Witness: William Turnell (Purnell?), George Spence, John Turnell (Purnell?) Robins
6 November 1772 Then came
Joshua Atkinson
22 January 1773
To son Angelo Atkinson - dwelling land and land my father bought of John Scott and land my father bought of Joseph Allen and tract called Great Addition. Also negro lad called David. Also still, worm, and tub, two plows. Also that Angelo shall be in the care of friend Solomon Townsen Senior until he is twenty-one or if Solomon should die, in the care of his son William Townsen
To son John Atkinson - right and title to the house and lot that my father bought of John Scott and right and title to the cypress swamp that my father took up on the river against the said lot and house at the landing. Also negro girl Menter, boy Stephen, boy Peter and my right to the old still and worm that is at the old dwelling plantation of my father
To daughter Rachel Atkinson - negro boy Caesor, boy Saul, woman Hagar
To wife Sarah - all the above if all children die without issue
Executor: wife Sarah
Witness: Jonathan Hutson, John Taylor, Neomy Taylor
23 April 1773 Then came
Widow elects to take her thirds
Peggy Brittingham
24 February 1773
To son Belitha Brittingham - yoke of steers, cow and calf
To daughter Pegg Brittingham - negro man Caleb
To brother Levin Davis - negro woman Patience and that he care for my two young children
Executor: brother Levin Davis
Witness: William Teague, John Purnel, Elizabeth Robins
12 March 1773 Then came
Andrew Collings
15 May 1773
To son Andrew Collings - tract where he now lives, lying in Sussex County and purchased of William ____ and the tract adjoining purchased of John Clow and 50 acres of Maryland survey adjoining on the north side of said tract. Also land on the west side of my mills purchased of William Collings containing 100 acres . Also negro man Frank and woman Jenny
To son John Collings - dwelling plantation containing 150 acres and also the plantation where he now lives called Samuel's Adventure and 50 acres adjoining called Long Acre and all my Pennsylvania surveys and the land purchased of Jonathan Vogham. Also negro woman Sarah and man ___
That saw mill and grist mill be divided between sons John and Andrew
To daughter Mary Truitt - Labinah and the children she now has and negro boy Tobey and my part from the sale of 100 acres purchased of William Bradly and held in partnership with Vogham and Company and half of money from sale of land lying in Pocomoke Swamp and now under lease to Ingraham
To daughter Elizabeth Bradley - half of money from sale of land lying in Pocomoke Swamp and service of three negro boys Peter, George, and Jack (who came of negro woman Mireah)
To grandson Collings Truitt - 200 acres of land called Allin's Design, Maryland Right, and Pennsylvania Right and 50 acres purchased of old Thomas Evans and the ten acres adjoining purchased of John Clow. Also negro girl Phillis and boy London a son of Old Beck
To granddaughter Eliza Truitt daughter of Samuel Truitt - negro girl Jenny daughter of Old Becks
To grandson John Truitt son of Samuel Truitt - negro boy Bosen son of Old Becks
Executor: sons Andrew and John
Witness: Samuel Hand, Salathiel Collings, Philip Truitt, John Clows
18 June 1773 Then came
Ebenezer Campbell
28 June 1773
To wife Neomi - third part of estate and free use of plantation for widowhood
To John Campbell, Capt. Adam Brevard, James Rownd, Thomas Pridue Elders of Buckingham Congregation - the sum of 50 pounds to use for the advantage of the residing minister
To son Ebenezer Campbell - negro boy Spencer, boy James, boy Steven, boy Amel, boy Robin, girl Trip, girl Dinah, girl Minte. Also 12 silver spoons marked E.C., gold buttons. Silver shoe buckles, and Mr Henry's Exposition on The Old testament in five volumes and Mr. Flavel's whole works in one volume. The rents from lands shall be applied to Ebenezer's education at the New Jersey College. That friends John Campbell, Adam Brevard, John Brevard, and John Postly oversee his education
That the plantation where my brother John Campbell lived called Brother Hood shall not be planted in Indian Corn more then every three years. Timber shall be supplied out of tract Golden Quarter
To nephew William Smith - part of a tract taken up by my brother John Campbell including where William Merril now lives. Also my blacksmith's tools now in the possession of William Merril
To sister Tabitha Dale, Rhoda Coard, and Sarah Bravard - the remaining land
To Adam Bravard, John Postly, and James Bravard - 50 pounds to buy good religious books for the poor
To niece Elizabeth Townsend - negro girl Dianah
To niece Sarah Burton - negro boy James
To niece Hannah Evans - negro girl Mintes
To niece Mary Fassitt wife of John Fassitt - negro girl Trip
To niece Tabitha Covington - remainder of estate after my wife's part
Executor: wife
Witness: Milby Atkinson, Edward Franklin, Isaac Murray
11 November 1773 Then came
Joshua Evans
1 July 1773
To wife Betty - dwelling plantation
To son John - dwelling plantation after wife's death
To daughter Betty - negro girl Easther
To son Joshua and the child my wife is now with - rest of estate
Executor: wife
Witness: John Williams, James Nilson, Hugh Nilson
20 August 1773 Then came
John Fassitt Senior, Gentleman
12 November 1772
To grandson John Fassitt son of William Fassitt - 1⁄2 of tract Fishing Harbor lying on Finixes Island
To son John Fassitt - negro man Herry. Also my large Bible and wearing apparel
To daughter Elizabeth Tingle - negro woman Dill, man Will, boy Ezekiel
To daughter Sarah Collier - negro woman Grace, boy Luthey
To son Elija Fassitt - tract called Nathan's Chance containing 300 acres. Also tract called Increase bought of Elihue Bridal containing 50 acres and 57 acres of a resurvey and all lands in the swamp. Also three negro boys Minney, Frank, and Sam. Also two old negroes Minney and Jenny. Also livestock
To sons James and Elija Fassitt - remainder of land on Finixes Island or beach, also livestock. Also negro men Robin and Isaac
To daughter Mary Fassitt - negro woman Jenny, girl Sue, boy Jack, boy Charles. Also livestock
To wife - her horse and chair. Also negro girl Ester, negro Saccour, Tom, Comfort, boy George, child Isaac.
Also livestock and horses Fox and Nimrod. Also third of pewter, chairs and tables. Also third of all lands
To daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary - tract by Indian River or Cypress Swamp containing 250 acres
Executor: sons Elija and James
Witness: William Bowin Senior, William Bowin Junior, Vincent Crapper, Robert King
9 April 1773
Delilah Gray
28 April 1773
To son George Howard Gray - negro girl Jane
That children Jesse Gray, William Gray, Sarah Gray and shall be kept by my uncle George Howard or Mr. Jordan Hall
To daughter Sarah Gray - negro girl Sall
Executor: Jordan Hall
Witness: Robert Dennis, Tabitha Woodcraft, William Jordan Hall
8 June 1773 Then came
George Hayward, Attorney
6 February 1773
That land at Nassawango Bridge, where the tanner now lives, to be sold. And also household furniture and lumber and all my books, law, divinity, and history ( except as my wife shall use), all horses ( except my two bay horses, Jenny Quetium and White Stockings) all of my stock of cattle, and schooner called The Speedwell after she has made this voyage.
To son Edmond John Hough Hayward - one silver can which I sent for this year with the inscription of Edmond John Hough Hayward on it. Also negroes York, Jack, Guy, Chester, and Little Rachel she being a negro girl which his grandfather gave him
To daughter Charlotte Hayward - negroes Levisa, Priss, Nell, Chloe, Bristol, and a boy John Allen
To son George Hayward - one silver can which I bought at Philadelphia without any inscription. Also negroes Jacob, Michael, Frederick, Great Rhoda, Robin, Amelia, and Jim
To wife Sarah Hayward - negroes Rachel, Old Pleasant, Frank, Moll, Scipis, and Little Rhoda.
To Hannah Stewart and Elizabeth Hough - the goods which I sent for them this year from London
That sons Edmond John Hough Hayward and George Hayward be given a good education
Executor: wife Sarah
Witness: Henry Johnson, James Martin, John Done
5 May 1773 Then came
Maclemy Jones
12 April 1773
To wife Martha Jones - all land for widowhood, negro fellow Will
To daughters Nancy, Sarah, Comfort Jones - negro fellow Will after wife's widowhood
To son John Jones - land after wife's widowhood
That son Joshua Jones should be bound out to a trade
Witness: Robert Dennis, Thomas Wildgoose, William Roan
8 June 1773 Then came
Joshua Jones
11 April 1773
To wife Comphord Jones - tract ___ Field, negro fellow Till, negro Samm, negro Stephen, movable estate
To son Jorge Jones - land after wife's death
To son Thomas Jones - land bought of Hammon Runnals and riding horse
To children Thomas, John, Mary, James, Rebecca - movable estate after wife's death
Executor: wife
Witness: John Duncan, James Purnell, Michael Purkins
11 June 1773 Then came
Abigail Layfield
20 October 1773
To sons Littleton Long and Levi Long - negro boy Baruch
To son David Long - negro girl Leah
To son Jesse Long - negro boy George
To son Josiah Long- negro boy Friendship
To son Levin Long - negro boy Bob
To son Littleton Long - 18 pounds
To sons Levi Long, David Long, Jesse Long, Levin Long - negro woman Violet
Witness: Joseph Houston, Thomas Marshall
21 December 1773 Then came
Obadiah Messix
22 January 1768
To sons John and Obadiah Messix - 280 acres of land "Pensilvaniah" Survey whereon they now live
To son Jacob Messix - 100 acres of "Pensilvaniah" Survey adjoining the tract where on I now dwell
To son Isaac Messix - dwelling plantation being Maryland Survey
To daughter Millasent Messix - negro boy Peter aged about seventeen months
To wife Comfort - remainder of estate for widowhood
To daughters Jessoly Short, Sarah Messix, Rachel Messix, Millasent Messix - negro woman Rose
Executor: wife and son John
Witness: John Clows Junior, Isaac Ingraham Senior, Phillip Hugings
23 April 1773 Then came
William Martin
27 May 1771
To wife Agness (who may be with child) - estate and negro fellows Will and George, girl Tibb, man Frank.
Witness: Edward Round, Ann Rownd, Sarah Miller
25 June 1773 Then came
John Morres (Morris)
5 April 1773
To son John Morres - dwelling tract called Mealey's Beginning and part of tract Collins Chance
To son Joshua Morres - John's part if John dies without heir and negro boy William
To daughter Tempey - negro boy William if Joshua dies without heir
To son Samuel Morres - remainder of tract Collins Chance except one small field which shall fall to those caring for my small children.
To son Jacob Morres - negro boy Dick
To daughter Elener - negro boy Dick if Jacob dies without heir
To youngest daughters Mary, Tempey, and Elener Morres - bed and furniture each
To wife - negro woman Silnce for a term of eight to care for my small children and remainder of estate
To son Jonathan Morres - tract called Turkey Ridge
Executor: wife and son John Morres
Witness: Stephen Roach, Levin Gunby, Benjamin Hitch
31 May 1773 Then came
Widow Mary Morris elects to take her thirds
Thomas Purnell
19 April 1772
To son Mathew Purnell - land that my father Mathew Purnell willed to me, also part of tract Purnell's Industry
To son Thomas Purnell - land willed to Mathew if Mathew dies without heir. Also negro girl Judy
To brother Elisha Purnell - land lying against his land on condition that he pay 29 shillings sterling
To son Isaac Purnell - rest of Purnell's Industry except 100 acres beginning at the Old Bridge and running to Solomon Collings line and then to line if tract Lord Down and then to Bradford's line till it intersects with the branch. Also negro boy James
To son Zadoc Purnell - negro boy Nimrod
To son Peter Purnell - negro boy Bosen
To daughter Sary Marshall Purnell - negro girl Doll and negro girl Lydie if Walton dies without heir
To son Robert Purnell - negro boy Daniel
To son James Purnell - 20 pounds
Executor: wife Elizabeth Purnell and Mr. Zadock Purnell
Witness: John Duncan, Thomas Duncan, John Purnell
15 March 1773 (added to will)
To son Walton - negro girl Lydie purchased from Angelo Atkinson
Witness: Rev. John Rosse, Thomas Duncan, Smith Bishop
25 June 1773 Then came
Jacob Pain
7 February 1772
To wife Tabitha Pain - all creatures, all working tools, benefit of the plantation where Samuel Hutson now lives until son Jacob Pain comes to age. Also 1⁄2 of dwelling plantation until son Moses comes of age. Also all wool and flax. Also negroes Leah, Major, Fose, Jerrum
To brother Moses Pain - 1⁄2 of dwelling plantation for his life. Also his choice of my wearing coats
To brother John Pain - striped shirt cloth
To daughter Mary Pain - negro girl Jenny, bed and furniture, oval table, spinning wheel
To son Moses Pain - dwelling plantation and land at his uncle's death. Also my long gun
To Jeptha Pain - still, case of bottles, negro boy Jerum
To son Jacob Pain - plantation where Samuel Hutson now lives
That brother Moses have to care of son Moses until he is of age
Witness: William Aydelotte, Benjamin Aydelotte, Richard Roley
11 December 1772 Codicil
That youngest son John Pain be bound to a good trade at the age of fourteen
Witness: David Dixon, Samuel Tarr Junior, Michael Tarr Junior
13 August 1773 Then came
Edward Round (Rownd)
28 August 1769
To wife Ann - dwelling plantation being part of tract called Blackinghurst devised to me by my honored father James Rownd containing 200 acres. Also 83 acres of land purchased of brother John Rownd being part of tract called Collickmore but now called John's Comfort. Also 28 acres purchased of Joshua Blizard called Cades Contrivance. Also tract taken up which joins land of John Smith back in the woods called Edwards Garden Spot containing 81 acres. Also lot in Snowhill Town left by my father. Also one tract bought of my brother John Round being part of Timber Grove. Also case of drawers, my gray horse, silver ladle, two large looking glasses, my picture that now hangs in my house.
To daughter Catherine Round - plantation whereon Davis Briddle now lives containing 547 acres and also 25 acres purchased of John Smock Senior to be made over to Mrs. Leah Hammon widow to Edward who hath paid for 25 acres part of tract Inlargement joining a tract now in the possession of John Hamon Senior
Also small piece of land at Lokes Landing and joining Thomas Migley and William Fossett son of William called Edwards Lott. Also part of tract called Partnership containing 100 acres near the westernmost end of tract Unity
To four "coussins" Catherine Morris, Mary Morris, Justus Morris, Sally Round - the lands given to Catherine if Catherine dies without heir
To "coussins" Catherine Morris and Mary Morris daughters of John - tract called Inlargement containing 500 acres
To "coussin" Justus Morris son of John - 100 acres pf Partnership joining Thomas Midgles and William Fassitt called Edwards Lott
To cousen Sally Round daughter of James Round - 99 acres joining Timber Grove near the tract called Yorkshur and also tract called Edwards Garden Spot containing 81 acres
To cousens Elizabeth and Nancy Round daughter s of John Round - negro girls Sue and Pegg
Executor: wife Ann
Witness: James Porter, John Rownd, Hannah Ball
2 April 1773 Then came
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