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Worcester County Wills JW 4 Part I 1769 - 1774

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Submitted: April 2006

Moses Smith, Planter
7 March 1766
That stallion to be sold for children's education and residue of estate divided between children
To son Moses Claywell Smith - land on southwest side of branch called Dogtum Bottom, negroes Tom and Tina
To son William Smith - remaining land, negroes Matthew and Jesse
To daughter Betty Smith - negro woman Vashance
To daughter Sarah Smith - negro woman Commonder
Executor: friend Joseph Dashiell and brother David Smith
Witness: William Coldwell, George Parsons, Sarah Parsons
20 January 1769 Then came
Joseph Starling (Sterling)
8 February 1769
To son Southy Sterling - land from the county road that joins with Philip Adams
To son John Sterling - that land from the county road, next to the river
To wife Hannah - negro women Jen and Lish. Also two feather beds
To daughter Martha Sterling - negro girl Barsheba
To daughter Hannah - negro girl Eve
To Joseph Sterling - negro boy James
To daughter in law Sarah Cocks - negro girl Sarah upon the condition she pays to her sister Mary Cocks and her brother William Cockes the value of this girl
Executor: wife Hannah and friend James Burnett
Witness: Solomon Webb, George Melvin, Charles Wharton
Widow elects to take her thirds
William Townsend
8 February 1769
To brother Solomon Townsend - tract Pleasant Grove that is southwest of Mount Hope Branch on condition that Solomon convey to my son Charles Townsend an equal number of acres on the north side of said branch adjoining Pleasant Grove and out of a tract called Coventry
To wife Sarah Townsend - use of dwelling house and plantation and personal estate for widowhood
To son Charles Townsend - 1⁄2 of dwelling plantation, 1⁄2 of ploughs, oxen when he is twenty-five. Also gun, young horse. Also that son Charles shall take guardianship of son Henry and school Henry for three years and then bind him to a good trade
To son Benjamin Townsend - after wife's widowhood negro girl Cloe and right to 48 acres in Somerset County purchased of John Alexander
To son Joseph Townsend - after wife's widowhood negro girl Tilla
To three youngest children ___, Mary, Henry - one year schooling each
To children Hannah, Salla, Nancy, Mary, Henry - residue of personal estate
Executor: wife Sarah on condition she abides by this will and not revoke the same by taking her thirds. If she revokes the will then brother Solomon shall be executor and "cozen" William Townsend, son of brother Solomon, shall be guardian to the children until son Charles is twenty-one
Witness: Thomas Beavins, William Allen, Charles Beavins
27 June 1769 Then came
Stephen White
11 August 1769
To wife Comfort - 1/3 of estate. Also negro fellow Prince
To son Stephen White - land on the northernmost side of St. Martins River. Also negro boys Jack and Lott
To son William White - land called Buckenham lying on the northwest side of Buckenham Road and on the west side of Buckenham Branch up to the head of the branch
To daughter Nancy White - negro girl Cate and boy "Seasor"
To daughter Rachel Towsen - negro girls Rose and Didah. Also five cattle, five "yews" and lambs, bed and furniture
Executor: wife
Witness: Natheniel Miller, John White, Henry White
31 August 1769 Then came
Daniel Clifton
10 October 1769
To eldest son Daniel Clifton - dwelling plantation lying on the road from John Mitchell's to Tuseca Branch
To second son Richard Clifton - remaining part of dwelling land
To third son Manlove Clifton - land lying in Hindses Neck. Also negro girl Dine
To wife Tabitha Clifton - plantation on the southwest side of Tusskey Branch known as Morgins Riot.
To eldest daughter Rachel Carlile - negro boy Crookshank after wife's widowhood
To grandson Pemberton Clifton - heifer with white face
To daughters Catren Clifton, Mary Morgain, Darcus Kelling, Magdelor Johnson, Elizabeth Clifton - remainder of estate
Executor: wife Tabitha, Daniel Clifton, Thomas Carlile
Witness: Joshua Hurley, John Johnson, Alexander Maddox
9 April 1770 Then came
John Hall
8 February 1770
To wife Elizabeth - land and plantation for widowhood. Also negro men Jacob and George and woman Vilet
To son Daniel Hall - land and plantation after wife's widowhood.
To daughter Mary Hall - bay horse called Jack and livestock. Also negro woman Jude
To daughter Leah Hall - livestock and negro man Frank
To Catherine - negro boy Abraham, gray horse and 3 pounds in cash
To daughter Elizabeth Hall - negro boy Jacob and girl Jenne and livestock
To daughter Betty Hopkins - 6 pounds in cash and negro woman Vilet at the death of wife
To daughter Ann Adams - 20 bushels of corn
To wife and children Daniel, Mary Betty Hopkins, Leah, Catherine, and Elizabeth - rest of estate
Executor: wife and son Daniel
Witness: Hugh Nilson, Jehu Johnson
16 February 1770 Then came
Robert Hill
19 December 1769
To son Elisha Hill - plantation and land, wearing apparel, negro man Gloster for four years
To son Joshua Hill - bed and furniture
To son John Hill - 4 pounds cash
To son Brittingham Hill - 4 pounds cash
To daughter Elisabeth Hill - negro man Gloster after 4 years
To children Elisabeth Hill, Sophia Hill, Tabitha Hill, Polley Hill, Levin Hill, Nancy Hill, Levinah Hill - remainder of estate
Executor: son Elisha Hill
Witness: Daniel Selby, Michael Tarr, Nehemiah Holland
26 January 1770 Then came
Hannah Jones
5 May 1768
To daughter Mathew Jones - until married, the use and benefit of negro man Boss, negro woman Sue, all working oxen, two chairs, one plow, one harrow, colt, bridle and saddle, table and chairs, fire tongs, best ax
To daughters Bridgett ___, Ann Cannon, Agnes Tindle, Lavinia Prettyman - above after Mathew's death
To sons Thomas Jones and Zakeriah Jones - rest of estate
Executor: son Thomas
Witness: Cornelius Kollock, Thomas Marvell, Philip Marvell
23 November 1770 Then came
Elisha Johnson
7 January 1770
To son Elisha Johnson - 10 acres at "Mattipini" Landing with a store there on. Also my little gun and silver shoe buckles
To son Severn Johnson - land and dwelling plantation. Also old gun and "fidel"
To daughter Welthy Johnson - bed and furniture, chest, corner cupboard, six chairs
To daughter Suse Johnson - desk, chest, "four laged tabel", case of bottles
To daughter Sarah Johnson - desk, "tabel", six chairs
To daughter Mary Johnson - bed and furniture, case of bottles, two cows
To daughter Annuten - two cows, two sheep
To daughter Leviner Johnson - negro Rachel
To wife - negro man Will and 40 pounds cash and remainder of estate
Executor: wife
Witness: Thomas Sturgis, James Linsey, Levi Beachbord
2 February 1770 Then came
Widow Dianah Johnson elects to take her thirds
Martin Kennit
15 February 1770
To nephew William Hazard son of sister Arcadey Hazard - 75 acres part tract Gift to be laid off in the woods from the water of Showell's Branch
To "cozen" Presgrave Kennet - remainder of land and personal estate
To "cozen' Turvil Kinnit - young mare
To "cozen" Rachel Steward - cow and calf
To "cozen" Mary Hopkins - negro man Dick
Executor: Presgrave Kennet
Witness: John Dennis, Mordecae Powell, Margret Morris
7 March 1770 Then came
Samuel Richardson, Mariner
2 October 1769
To brother Robert Richardson - tract purchased of William Richardson and containing 200 acres and joining the tract were Robert now lives
To mother Mary Richardson - negro man Benjamin with brother William Richardson to have use of Benjamin
To sisters Polly and Comfort Richardson - negro Benjamin after the death of mother
To brother William Richardson - my part of the estate "coming to me out of Grany Martin estate"
Executor: brother William Richardson
Witness: Walter Smith, John Ayres, John Spence
11 May 1770 Then came
Samuel Stevenson
18 April 1770
To wife Mary - land and plantation, negro woman Tamer and a mulatto boy named Jesse
To son James Stevenson - land and plantation after wife's death. Also land where he now lives bought of Robert Nilson
To daughter Betty Stevenson - negro girl Hannah and 110 pounds
To daughter Hannah Stevenson - 110 pounds
To grandson Samuel Stevenson son of John - storehouse in Snow Hill Town and also and house and lot purchased of the Outtens
To all grandchildren - 10 pounds each
Executor: wife Mary and son James
Witness: Hugh Nilson, Jonathan Nilson, Lesse Nilson
20 September 1770
William Stevenson
To wife Tobith Stevenson - negro woman Leah, negro boy Simon, two beds and furniture, riding horse, side saddle, livestock, and remainder of estate
To William Stevenson son of Jonathan Stevenson - beds and furniture after wife's death, six pewter plates
To Rily Welborn son of Daniel Welborn - negro boy Simon after wife's death
To "cosen" James Stevenson son of Robert Stevenson - two cows and calf
Witness: Ayres Gillett, Jonathan Stevenson, Hamilton Dreaden
2 February 1770 Then came
John Smith
4 November 1768
To sons Fletcher Smith and Abraham Smith - tract called Streights Addition with 41 acres that was bought of William Selby being part of tract called Timber Grove
To son John Smith - dwelling plantation with 50 acres bought of Thomas Pointer. Also negro man Jacob
To daughter Rebecca Porter - 5 pounds
To daughter Mary Hetter - 5 pounds
To daughter Eleanor Selby - 5 pounds
To daughter Eliphal Smith - bed and furniture and 5 pounds
To wife Ann - two beds and furniture, oxen, plough, horse named Jock and side saddle, use of land and plantation .
Executor: wife Ann
Witness: Hugh Nilson, James Townsend, Turnell Flethcher Smith
18 May 1770 Then came
Daniel Selby
28 April 1768
To wife Mary Selby - all estate and negroes Tamma, Rachel, Sarah, Jerah, Jack
To Parker Selby - the house built by him at Giddens
To Philip Selby son of Philip - half of neck of land and marches bequeathed me by father's will
To Philip Selby - half of the other lands
To Daniel Selby son of Philip - the other half of lands
To brothers Mathew Selby and Parker Selby and sister Mary Walton - rest of estate
Executor: wife Mary
Witness: Parker Selby, John Milbourn, Robert Hill
30 March 1770 Then came
Isaac Brittingham, Planter
2 December 1768
To grandson Isaac Brittingham son of "Jth" Brittingham - part of tract Jones Adventure beginning at the bayside and running northwest line to the corner of son Nathan Brittingham's plantation. Also the tract called Fishing Point after wife's widowhood. Also negroes Jamaica, Adam, Solah, Tite and Matthew
To son Nathan Brittingham -remaining part of Jones Adventure but never to sell or mortgage excepting grandson Isaac . Also negro man George
To son Elisha Brittingham - negro man called Tower Hill
To grandson Brittingham Beavins son of William Beavans - negro boy Davy with the proviso that son Nathan will give negro girl called America to Brittingham Beavans
To granddaughter Mary Brittingham daughter of John Brittingham - the first two issue of negro woman Selah with that proviso that "she marrys to my grandson Isaac Brittingham"
To granddaughter Lovina Brittingham - tract of land that Joseph Schoolfield bought of Richard Hill containing 240 acres
To wife Mary Brittingham - use of negro woman Dol and use of the above lands and negroes and movable estate
To grandchildren Isaac Brittingham and Mary Britttingham - remainder of estate
Executor: wife Mary and Samuel Ennis.
Witness: John Ennis, Levin Davis, William Tegue
26 April 1771 Then came
Isaac Morris
7 October 1771
To Hannah Stewart daughter of James Stewart dec. - tracts Philadelphia and Acquango. Also negroes Southy, Jacob, Bess, Abner, Levin, Eben, Sam, Young Abner, Finah. Also silver teapot, silver pint, 12 silver spoons, silver ladle, silver sugar dish
To Elizabeth Morris Hough daughter of Nath. Hough dec. - above tracts if Hannah dies without heir
To Betsy Hough daughter of Nath. Hough dec. - 20 pounds current money of Pennsylvania
To Sarah Hayward wife of George Hayward - above tracts if Hannah and Elizabeth die without heir. Also negro girl Priss
To Edmond John Hough Hayward son of George Hayward - negro boy Josiah, son of Finah
To Charlotte Hough Hayward daughter of George Hayward - negro girl Priss daughter of Finah
To brother Luke Morris and sister Sarah Morris - 500 pounds Pennsylvania currency each
To brother Luke Morris and sister Sarah Morris and Sarah Hayward wife of George Hayward - residue
Executor: brother Luke Morris and friend George Hayward
Witness: Smith Bishop, James Nairne, Elias Taylor
2 November 1771 Then came
Thomas Flint
29 September 1771
To son John Flint - dwelling plantation excepting wife Sarah's thirds
To son William Flint - dwelling plantation if John dies without heir. Also writing esk
To son Thomas Flint - tract where my father John Flint formerly lived known by the name Huggs Purchase and the adjoining tract called Flints Safeguard. Also gun
To son George Flint - the above tracts if Thomas dies without heir. Also colt
To daughter Betty Flint - cow
To daughter Nancy Flint - cow
To wife Sarah Flint - her right of dower and negro girl Milla
Executor: wife Sarah
Witness: John Cathell, Joshua Sirman, John Bratten
6 November 1771 Then came
James Hayman
15 November 1770
To son John Hayman- dwelling plantation known as Fatas Quarter containing 132 acres
To son Hezekiah Hayman - tract called Hayman's Outlet containing 50 acres
To wife Margaret Hayman - negro boy Titus during widowhood, use and benefit of third part of the dwelling plantation
To daughter Elizabeth Tilghman Hayman - negro boy Titus after wife's widowhood
That children John Hayman, son Hezekiah Hayman, and Elizabeth Tilghman Hayman be under the care and direction of my brother John Hayman and Isaiah Tilghman until they are of proper age and that the sons be bound out to proper trade
Executor: wife Margaret
Witness: Davis Hayman, Isaac Hayman, John Hayman
4 October 1771 Then came
Rebeckah Jones
27 December 1770
To Elizabeth Glasgg - negro woman Mirah
To Patrick Glasgow - negro Pompy
To Nancy Glasgow - negro girl Liddy
Witness: David Wolsey
25 January 1771 Then came
Cornelius Kollack
5 January 1771
To son Simon Kollack - dwelling land Luck containing 200 acres including plantation, mills, and houses. Also negro boy Cato, silver watch. This provided he purchase from William Cary of Sussex County land amounting to 15 pounds for his brother William Kollack
To son William Kollack - 15 acres of tract Rock Hole in Sussex County
To daughter Sarah Griffith - 10 pounds
To granddaughter Hester Griffith - cow and calf
To wife Hannah Kollack - residue of real and personal estate in Maryland for widowhood
To children Mary Neill, Ryally Kollack, Lemuel Kollack, William Kollack and granddaughter Hester Griffith - estate after wife's widowhood
Executor: wife Hannah Kollack
Witness: Thomas Jones, John Waples, William Evans
6 March 1771 Then came
John Nearn (Nairne)
24 March 1771
To cousin Southy Whittington son of Southy Whittington - 1⁄2 of dwelling land known as Cedar Hall with the restriction "that in case William Whittington son of Joshua Whittington should incline to purchase this half and it should be agreeable to the aforesaid Southy's father that the William should have it at any price the said Southy the father shall think reasonable ... provided my sister Esther the wife of the said Southy also approves"
To cousin William Whittington son of Joshua Whittington - the other half of dwelling land and that he should allow his sister Esther to have a home for her single life
To cousin Esther Whittington - white horse and 7 pounds. Also negro girl Lucy
To cousin Betty Whittington daughter of Joshua - negro boy Tilberry
To Molley Whittington daughter of Joshua - 30 pounds "to be paid by John Marshall hereafter named - unto the afs. William Whittington upon his giving the said John security which money I desire may be put to interest & the principal and interest to be paid unto the said Molly
To John Marshall - right and title in the lands descended to me as heir to my mother. Also negroes Cloe, Lanton, Derrum, Shadrick, Glasgow, Jacob with the restriction that Glasgow and John have their liberty to act for themselves. Also black horse Talbot
To Robert Marshall son of Esme Marshall - land in Somerset County
To William Allen Marshall, brother of Robert - land in Somerset if Robert dies without heir
To Molly Whittington daughter of Southy Whittington - bed and furniture
To sister Mary Marshall - negro woman Madge
"I also desire that John Marshall, Southy Whittington my brother-in-law, and William Whittington each of them pay twenty shillings currency by the year during the space of five years to such desenting minister as shall settle in this place"
To cousin John Marshall - remainder of personal estate except pistols which go to friend Littleton Dennis to be given to his children to make buttons and rings. Also that Esme Purnell the son of Betty shall have 10 pounds current money and to Thomas Marshall son of Esme, ten pounds ("my meaning by current money in this my will that it is dollars at seven shillings and sixpence")
Executor: cousin John Marshall
Witness: Littleton Dennis, Stephen Drummond, Nathiel Wilkins
11 December 1771
Henry Spears Sen.
November 1771
To wife Sarah and daughters Ailce, Nancy, and Mary - use of manner plantation and negro woman Florah
To son John - part of tract called Gillises Rich Island after wife's decease and after daughters' single life
To son Henry - remainder of Gillises Rich Island
To William - tract Spears Venture containing 50 acres
To son Jenney Walls - 6 pounds
Executor: Wife Sarah and son William
Witness: Schoolfield Parker, Jonathan Fooks, William Farlow
5 November 1771 Then came
Mary Townsend
24 April 1769
To son Luke Townsend - four year old chestnut sorrel horse named Dobin on condition that he discharges the Executors of his fathers estate of 15 pounds . Also negro girl Patience
To son William Townsend - negro girl Dinah and girl Rachel
To daughter Hamutel Franklin - negro girl Phillis
To daughter Ann Townsend - negro fellow Jim
To son John Townsend - negro girl Sall
To sons Jeremiah Townsend and Brickus Townsend - one shilling sterling each
To daughter Mary Townsend - little horse Dolphin
To four younger children Mary, Luke, John, and William - remainder of estate
Executor: son Luke Townsend
Witness: Thomas Batson, Daniel Coe, William Hudson
8 August 1771 Then came
Baxter Bennett
no date
To son John Bennett - debt due from him
To daughter Elizabeth Tarr - 50 shillings and new stamped cotton pattern for a gown which I now have in the house
To daughter Mary Williams - one good cow
To daughter Sarah Wainwright - negro girl Annis
To daughter Rachel Chambers - two young cows
To son Charles Bennett - cider casks and cow
To granddaughter Betty Tarr - negro girl Grace
To son James Bennett - rest of estate
Executor: son James Bennett
Witness: John Selby, Marcy Maddux, John Done
5 July 1771 Then came
John Hammond Senior
6 August 1770
To wife Alce Hammond - 20 pounds, bed and furniture, horse and saddle, two iron pots
To daughter Comfort Outten - 50 acres of land called Long Ridge and then to her son John Outten
To granddaughter Mary Hammond - remainder of dwelling land
To Sarrah Hammond sister of Mary Hammond - the above land if Mary dies without heir
To grandchildren Sarah, Alce, and Leah Hammond - negro fellow Jack
To daughter Comfort Outten and grandchildren Sarah Outten, J__ Outten, Elizabeth Outten, Sarah Hammond, Mary Hammond, Alce Hammond, Leah Hammond - personal estate
Executor: daughter Comfort Outten
Witness: Jehu Houston, John Bowin, Joseph Taylor
15 May 1771 Then came Joseph Taylor; Jehu Houston, John Bowin "since dead"
Mary Purnell
21 June 1772
To four grandchildren - Peter Marsh, Mary Moll, Thomas Marsh, and John Marsh - bond due from George Martin for 100 pounds
To grandchild Purnel Wright - negro woman Leah
To grandson John Fisher - negro child of Leah
To granddaughter Nancy Fisher - 50 pounds
To granddaughter Ziporah Rackliff - negro girl Sarah
To grandsons Charles, John, and James Rackliff - 80 pounds that their father had of me to let out
To daughter Polly Rackliff - chest
To granddaughter Mary Purnell - negro woman Dinah
To grandchildren Elizabeth, Zadock, Esther, Sarah, and Thomas Purnell - 100 pounds that their father Thomas Purnell had of me to put to use
To son Thoms Purnell - still and utensils, one small seal skin trunk
To grandson John Purnell - 80 pounds and negro boy Caleb
To granddaughters Polly and Nancy __ kinson - negro woman Flora
To granddaughter Sally Atkinson - negro child Phillis the child of Flora
To granddaughter Charlotta Atkinson - 20 pounds
To grandson Zadok Wright - 15 cattle and 15 sheep, 15 hogs, pewter didhes, six plates, six chairs, large white mare
To grandson Phillip Marsh - negro man Isaac, one great chest that is upstairs, six chairs, two pewter dishes, six plates
To grandchildren Hezikiah, Polly and Purnell Wright - three beds and furniture,
To granddaughter Polly Wright - looking glass
To Peggy Givans - horse known as the chair horse
To grandson Philip Marsh - 8 cattle, 12 sheep, 14 hogs
To son Thomas Purnell, Elizabeth Fisher, Polly Rackliff, Comfort Purnell - remainder of estate
Executor: son Thomas Purnell and son-in-law Thomas Purnell
Witness: Jabez Fisher, Abraham Sturgis, John Purnell Robins
7 August 1772
Samuel Adams
21 September 1772
To sons Samuel and John Adams - tract called Castwood containing 234 acres lying near Wood Creek on the east side of a branch issuing out of creek. Also negro girl Jane
To daughter Leah Adams - negro boy Phillip
To daughter Christina Adams - negro boy Saul
To wife Rebeckah Adams - negro girl Pegg
Rest of estate to be divided among all children
Executor: brother William Adams
Witness: Peter Dolby, Charles Riggin, John Worrilaw
3 December 1772 Then came
Widow elects to take her thirds being "that I am not satisfyed with my legises that my husband left me in his will but both I and my family is so sick at present that it is out of my power to come just now"
John Bowin
2 January 1772
To wife Sarah Bowin - all land and negroes for widowhood
To sons William and John Bowin - land called Hoghnoten after wife's widowhood
To son Elisha Bowin - negro fellow Jacob
To son Nathaniel Bowin - negro boy James
To daughters Rachel and Rhoday Bowin - negro girl Easter
To daughters Caty Bowin and Hessey Bowin - negro boy Tilbery
To all children - negro woman Mol and movable estate
Executor: wife Sarah
Witness: John Huston, John Burbage, Edward Hammond
3 July 1772 Then came
Isaac Brittingham
21 November 1771
To wife Peggy - 2/3 of dwelling plantation and the other plantations for her widowhood. Also use of negroes Caleb, Abel, and Patience
To son Belitha - store house and 1/3 of the plantations, negro boy Stephen
To daughters Peggy, Nice, Mary, and Cate - hire of negro Caleb for two years. Also Sarah, girl Nanne, girl Esther, boy Ben, girl Tamer, man Abel
To brother Pointer Brittingham - 4 acres
Executor: son Belitha and wife Peggy
Witness: John Teague, Nathaniel Ennis Junior, Hugh Nilson
28 January 1772
Solomon Brittingham
8 October 1769
To wife Mary - use of plantation for widowhood. Also negroes Fillis, Ben, Dinah, and Will
To daughter Delilah - negroes Ben and Sam and 1⁄2 plantation after wife's death
To daughter Attalanta - negro boy Jeffery and 1⁄2 plantation after wife's death
To daughter Nancy - negro boys Will and Abraham
To daughter Elizabeth - negro girl Fillis and black walnut desk
To daughter Rhoda - negroes Tom and Sebb and the new desk
To daughter Mary - negro girl Morear
To daughter Rebekah - negro girl Patience
To daughter Andesiah - negro boys Cott and Jacob
Executor: wife and son-in-law Thomas Purnell
Witness: Joseph Ennis Junior, John Morris, William Morris Junior
17 April 1772
John Collier
19 December 1771
To wife Tabitha - land bought of James Benson adjoining James Wainwright for her lifetime. Also negro girl Sall
To son Layfield - above land after wife's death
To daughter Neomi Collier - above land if Layfield dies without heir
That negro man Grant, woman Sue, girl Comfort shall be sold to pay debts
Executor: wife Tabitha
Witness: John Postly, Noble Crapper, Isaac Crapper
7 April 1772 Then came
Ebenzer Collings
22 January 1772
To eldest son Ebenzer Collings - tract named Friends Good Will lying in "Senipuxon"
To eldest daughter Mary Collings - negro girl Esther
To second daughter Catherine - the negro girl born of Esther
To youngest daughter Rachel - the further increase of Esther
To daughter in law Andozia Hether - negro boy Rixam
Witness: William Hildyard, Mckimmey Smock, John Smith
10 March 1772 Then came
Jonathan Cathell
16 April 1772
To father James Cathell - tract Safeguard lying southward from his house and beginning at the north of George's Purchase and running west until it intersects with Samuel Davis's land. This provided he leaves the lands to any of my male heirs
To son Daniel Cathell - part of tract Safeguard lying between the land I gave him and the road that goes to Snow Hill until it intersects with Matthias Christopher Road
To son Joseph Cathell - that part of Safeguard beginning north of George's Purchase until it intersects with White Marsh Branch and down the branch until it intersects with Samuel Davis land
To son Luben Cathell - tract of land called James Delight
To son Jonathan Cathell - tract called Midland that lies on the north side of a road or path that goes from head of Wicomico River to Benjamin Shockley's Bridge
To son Thomas Cathell - dwelling tract called Driskill's Folly and 250 acres out of Safeguard that leads from Wicomico River to Snow Hill
To wife Sarah - use of land left to son Thomas
To son James Walker Cathell - 5 pounds
To Betty Cathell - bed and furniture and one side saddle that was her mother's
To daughter Nancy Cathell - bed and furniture and her mother's cloak and gown
To Esther Cathell - bed and furniture and her mother's gold ring
To daughter Mary ___ - 3 pounds
That lot in Salisbury be sold for debts
That sons may be bound by the court to trades; except for son Jonathan who is to continue under the direction of his master and be kept at his trade until he is twenty-one
To Thomas Stanford - negro woman Hager to be sold to pay debt that the said Stanford is bound for me to Capt. William Murray
Executor: wife Sarah
Witness: Joseph Dashiell, James Thompson, David Haymon
1 May 1772 Then came
James Cathell
24 April 1772
To grandson Josiah Cathell - dwelling plantation called George's Purchase. Also part of the tract Safeguard
To three grandchildren Josiah, Laben, and Thomas Cathell - negro Nedd
To son James Cathell - tract called Cathell Chance and 50 acres of James His Addition. Also shooting gun
To grandson David Cathell son of David- tract called Cathell's Venture containing 50 acres
To daughter Esther Humfires - negro boy Misellas
To the children of son David - 1/3 part of movable estate
To daughter Sarah Balden - negro girl Rose
To grandsons Josiah and James Cathell sons of James - tract of land called
Executor: son James
Witness: Stephen Roach, Daniel Dikes Junior, David Hayman
8 May 1772 Then came
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