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Will of Nathaniel Woodruff

Recorded in Bibb Co., Ala. 

Admr. Rec. Book D, Page 89


State of Alabama 

Bibb County


In the name of God, Amen.

I, Nathaniel Woodruff of the State and County aforesaid, being in perfect mind and memory and in good health and strength of body and intending to travel and not knowing whether I may live to return and for other good causes, do make this my last will and testament and do make and ordain it to be my will and none other heretofore written.


Item 1st

      As tutchin/(touching) the property that I have been blessed with in this life, all to be valued agreeably to law,

      and after all my debts is discharged and expenses paid.


      I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Anny,  my negro man named Juley for her use and benefit during

      her natural life, and then for her to have the right of disposing of him as she may think proper.


      And I further give her my negro woman Winney for her use and benefit during her life and at her death the remain

      the property of my children, the lawful heirs of my body, to be divided equal among them, as every other fact of my

      property that will be hearafter mentioned.


      It is also my will that my wife Anny shall have one fourth part of all my stock such as cattle, horses, hogs and

      household furniture, and one fourth of the property of the cleared land, together with the mantion house and building,

      for her use and benefit.


      I now give and bequeath unto my three children; Newton, Henry and Martha Ann, all the remainder of my negroes, that is

      Ephraim, Cuft and Caroline, together with all the balance of my estate of whatsoever it may consist to be and remain in the

      possession of my beloved wife Anny for the use and benefit of my above named children as long as she may think proper

      to be their guardian and for her and them to have the benefit of the whole jointly as one family, and when she wishes to

      resign this charge or any part of the same, I wish Thomas Crawford, whether then officiating as Judge or not, to act for the

      children's benefit in keeping their estate in service and usery; this is to hire the negroes and keep all in service jointly for their

      benefit until the oldest child may come of age to act for himself and then to divide by lot equally as the law directs, but I do

      not wish the Negroes to be sold, but to remain in the possession of my children that may then be living as the law may divide



      But lastly and finally, if my three negroes within mentioned, that is Epriam, Cuff and Caroline, is alive when my within named

      children is of age to receive their dower my Will is for Newton to have Epriam  and Henry, Cuff and Mary Ann, Caroline

      and the balance if any to be equally divided as the law may direct. 


      I do hereby ordain and appoint my beloved wife Anny to be the sole executriz of this my last will and testament made this

      11th day of January 1830 signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of:

                                                                                                                            Nathaniel Woodruff


D. B. Boyd

N. L. McGuire


Probated 8 Jan. 1835


 Will of Ann Woodruff

Bibb Co., AL – Probate Records



In the name of God Amen

I Ann Woodruff of the State of Alabama and County of Bibb being of sound and perfect mind and memory do hereby make ordain and establish this as my last will and testament touching such worldly goods as I have been favoured with in this life the whole of which I do give devise and dispose of in manner and form following


      1st    I do will and bequeath unto my Nephew James W. Crawford my Negro Woman Mary and all the children which she may have born after the date of this will to him and his heirs and assigns forever

      2nd   I do will and bequeath unto my Niece Eleanor M. A. Coleman a Negro Girl by the name of Eliza about ten years old to her and her heirs and assigns forever

      3rd   I do will and bequeath unto my Niece Margaret M. Bernhard a Negro Girl called Lucinda about eight years old to her heirs and assigns forever

      4th    I do will and bequeath unto my Nephew Thomas P. Crawford a Negro Girl called Melinda about six years old to him his heirs and assigns forever

      5th    I do will and bequeath unto my Niece Jane A. Crawford my Negroe Man July and a Negro Girl called Cecelia about four years old to her heirs and assigns forever

     6th    I do will and bequeath unto each of my three Nieces Eleanor M. A. Coleman, Margaret M. Bernhard and Jane A. Crawford one feather bed and bedstead.  Also all my bed clothing and bed furniture

                     of every kind to be equally divided between them share and share alike and their heirs and assigns forever

      7th    I do will all the balance of my Estate both real and personal to be sold upon a reasonable credit as provided by Law and out of the proceeds of such sale I do will all my Just debts and expences to be

                     paid and the balance of my Estate so remaining after the payment of my said debts. I do will and bequeath to be divided among my Nephews and Nieces already mentioned in such manner as

                     will make those who may have received the least valuable specified legacies equal among themselves and equal so far as my estate may extend to those which have received the most valuable

                     specific legacies taking the appraisement of my estate by the order of the Orphans Court as the standard of value.

      Lastly I do constitute and appoint James W. Crawford sole executor of this my last Will and testament


            In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 4th day of August A. D. 1843


                                                                                                                                                             her  x   mark



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