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Georgia Probate Records

Letters to N.B. Hall binding freed boy, Jerry 1866

The following is the transciption of the papers giving Dr. Nathaniel Barber Hall guardianship of a young boy who was the son of one of his slaves. I think he is Jeremiah on the list, born in 1854 and his mother was Rose who died in 1854 just a couple of weeks after his birth.  Russell Hall, a distant cousin, found this document in the Webster County, GA courthouse.

Cover paper on document says: "Letters to N.B. Hall binding freed boy, Jerry."

State of Georgia,  Webster County

Whereas the fact having been brought to my knowledge that Jerry Hall a freed boy of the age of twelve years is without father or mother or any legal agent to protect him in his rights and the law requiring that minors so situated should be bound to some suitable person until they arrive at lawful age. Therefore I C.R. Moore Ordinary of Webster County by the authority vested in me do hereby bind unto N.B. Hall of said county the said freed boy minor on the following terms viz that the said N.B. Hall doth obligate himself to furnish said freed boy with good and wholesome quarters, food , ?, and clothing and medical and other necessary attention in sickness and protect the said minor in person and property during his minority and when he arrives at the age of twenty one years pay him the sum of one hundred dollars with two good suits of clothes extra with 1 pr of shoes, hat and blanket. The said freedman is to live with and serve the said Hall during his minority and obey all lawful orders of the said Hall or his agent, they using such means to cause his obedience as a father would to cause the obedience of his child.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and official signature this March 19th 1866.
                                                    C.R. Moore, Ordinary"



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