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Will of Benjamin Buckhannon (Buchanan), Senr.

In the name of God Amen I Benjamin Buckhannon Senr. of Anson County and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and Diposion of memory do make

and order this to be my last will and testament in manner and form as follows that is to say I lend unto my beloved wife Judah part of a tract of land whereon I now live beginning in the upper line in the mill branch thence down the said branch to the creek across threw the widow Ducts to Sanford Corner from thence round the various courses to the beginning including all the lands on the east side of the said Branch induring her natural life or widowhood and no longer after her death or widowhood then to descend to my son May Buckhannon, his heirs and assigns forever with the following negroes to wit Bet & Ritter Two cows and earlings, all plantation iron working tools, one horse robbin one mare named Twig one bed and furniture the two said negroes Bet and Ritter I lend unto my wife Judah during her natural life and no longger the!n to descend to my son May and them and their increase forever and the said horses to be hers forever. I lend to my wife Judah all my household and kitchen furniture and all my stock, cattle and hogs with this express power to give among my children as she sees fit.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Chapman one negro girl named Sary and twenty shillings in money her heirs and assigns forever.
Item I give unto my son Benjamin Buckhannon a note hand dated twenty second day of October 1795.
Item I give Frances Smith twenty shilings.
Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Judah Pace a negro girl Janne one negro boy name Gloster, a tract of land I bought widow Duckworth exclusive of        the little part taken of the above mentioned to her and her heirs and assigns forever
Item I give unto my son William Buckhannon half of the land on the west side of Mile Branch with the following negroes to wit Dan & riner to him his heirs and     assigns forever
Item I give unto my son John Buckhannon the other part of the land on the west side of the branch with following negroes Breston and Annae
Item I give unto my daughter Delphy Buckhannon Carbor and Premos to her heirs and assigns forever
Item I give unto my son May Buckhannon Let and her child Tamer and George to him his heirs and assigns forever
Item I give unto my daughter Delphy Buckhannon also one negro girl Easter to her heirs and assigns forever
Item I give unto my son Henry Buckhannon to the amount of two cows and Chalves to him his heirs and assigns forever
Item I give unto my five children Judah William John Delphy May all the rest and residue of my Estate of what kind soever equally share and share alike and Lasley      I nominate and appoint Stephen Pace, Senr., my hole and soul Executor to this my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal      this 23rd day of August 1798 Sin'd and Seal'd to be my last will and testament

Benjamin Buckhannon, Snr. (seal)

Ph. May
Henry Price
Moses (his mark) White

Anson October Court 1798
Then this will was proved by Phillip May & Henry Price two of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be registered.
Test. William Johnson Clk.



Slaves mentioned in Stokes County, No. Carolina

Deed Books

Volume I

1 Oct 1789

Wm. Barton Pettycord and wife Margeratha to daughter. Elizabeth, negro boy George 5 y/o child of Ester.
1 Jan 1790 

Wm. Barton Pettycord and wife to daughter. Milea s/o Henry Maas, negro girl Henny, 5 y/o child of Ester.
14 Nov 1787 

Deed of Trust from James Gains to Richard Goode Esq. Negro woman ILL.


Volume II
15 Dec 1792 

Thomas Berry of Charles Co Md. to Sam'l Clark, negro boy James about 13y/o
14 May 1793 

Hannah Thompson widow of Thomas to Martha Brock, w/o Francis Brock and granddaughter, negro Woman Sarah
5 Sep 1795 

James Burnet to his children Luke, Lewis, Nancy, James Jr., Francis, and Rebecca 3 negroes Bob, Jack, Dilse.
17 Dec 1795 

Anthony Dearing to his son John, 7 negroes, Maria, Ben, Nan, Milly, Aaron, Sam, and Aggy.
4 Sep 1796 

Hannah Thompson to Francis Brock h/o Martha and Andrew Ray 3 negroes Sam 12y/o, Jude 10 y/o, Jack 8 y/o children of Sarah.
5 Feb 1796. 

Alman Gwinn to Thorton Gwinn...slaves Frank, Adam, George, Jack, Patt, Lucy, Charity, and Tabby


Registered Slaves of Elizabeth Seaton 1782


Elizabeth Seaton of Cumberland Township registered the following slaves on July 17, 1782:

PATRICK a male slave aged 30 years
STEPHEN a do. do. do. 20 years
MOSES a do. do. do. 20 years
JUDE a female do. do. 40 years
LUCE a do. do. do. 40 years
PENDY do. do. 8 years

Her brother, James Seaton, also of Cumberland Township registered one slave:
Mr. James Seaton
JOE a male slave aged 14 years

Of the slaves listed above, the only one (I) have definite knowledge of is PENDY (Penday, Pendey, Penn). PENDY, as you can see above, was the slave of Elizabeth Seaton of
Cumberland Township in Greene County . Sarah Seaton, her daughter, inherited PENDY when she married John Boreman. Sarah Seaton Boreman died young, so PENDY helped Mr. Boreman rear their children.
In 1814, PENDY was manumitted by John Boreman. The following is her manumission paper:


Julian Grosjean to Frank Allen

Bourbon County Courts 

Deed of Emancipation

Emancipation Deed Book Page 288

 Transcribed by Charee Harvey


Page 288 in the Deeds of Emancipation Book located in the Bourbon County Courthouse in Paris, Ky.


I Julian Grosjean of the City of Paris and County of Bourbon, State of Kentucky, do hereby manumit and set free from my service my slave, Frank Allen age about 23 years and I declare him to be from this day forth a free man. Given under my hand this day, March 18, 1864.

                                                                                                             Julian Grosjean


Bourbon County Court, March called term March 26, 1864.

 This deed of Emancipation was acknowledged in open court by Julian Grosjean, a party thereafter to be her act and deed to be with record.

 Witness I, R. J. Brown, Clerk of said Court the day above.

                                                                        R J Brown, Clerk

Will Excerpt for Nancy Pickett Boulware 1836-1837

Letters to N.B. Hall binding freed boy, Jerry 1866

Research Notes of Debbie Cloud

Dr. N. B. Hall Bible Slave Records

Contributed by: Debbie Cloud

Feb. 2005


The following is an excerpt from the will of Nancy Pickett Boulware of Fairfield County, SC. 

Her husband was Muscoe Boulware and they owned a plantation in Fairfield County, SC. The name of the house was "Eagle House" and they also built a cemetery which is still standing close by that is called "Boulware Walls". I didn't think that you would want the whole will because it is pretty long. This part pertains to the lady named Charlotte who is on the list of slaves of Dr. Nathaniel B. Hall. Dr. Hall married Nancy Boulware the granddaughter of Nancy Pickett Boulware.  This will was dated November 15, 1836 and was probated January 23, 1837.

"Item 2. I give to my son Benjamin Boulware, a negro girl called Charlotte, a negro boy called Kendal, for and during the term of his natural life, and at his decease I give said Charlotte and her increase to his daughter, Nancy Boulware, and said boy Kendal to his son, Musco Boulware. I also give my son, Benjamin Boulware, three other negroes, viz; Flora and her two children Ella and Tom......." (Since I don't have the names of the older male slaves of Dr. Hall, I can only guess that the father of Charlotte's baby Kendall, born Sept. 30, 1861 could be the son of Kendal, in the will, or maybe a nephew or just named after him.)