West African Griots are historians, storytellers, traditional praise singers and musicians.  Their roles are hereditary and their surnames identify them as Griots.  For example, Toumani Diabate of Mali comes from 70 generations of Griots.  His father, Sidiki Diabate was considered the “King of the Kora” in Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali and The Gambia.  When he died, memorials were held in each of these countries, attended by foreign diplomats, government officials and musicians.  The most famous Griot in each of these countries was chosen to preside over the memorials and to celebrate the life of Sidiki Diabate by “singing his praises” and recounting his life story.
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USGenWeb Project - This site has genealogy and history records for all 50 states and special projects. It is run by voluteers and is always in need of more. This website is free and has maps, death records, estate extracts, state and local records to name a few that are important in researching.

 Africana Heritage - This site is sponsored by the University of South Florida and is a great resource. It has a research library which includes but not limited to DNA research, Freedman's Bureau Contracts and Family Lineages. Various states are represented and there are numerous databases to search.

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