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The Site Tour

Thanks for joining us on our tour! This should give you a good overview of what we have here in our home. To your right as you come in the front door is our guestbook, where you are encouraged to leave us your co mments and suggestions for the GENHOME site. We like knowing who visits us, so please take a moment to sign the book before leaving today!

Guest Book

To our left now is the Kitchen , where we offer a number of treats, for both 'newbies' and 'old-timers' alike. Browse through our "Recipes for Success", our suggestions for how to get sta rted researching your family roots, as well as some links to very helpful places to start looking for those missing people. Or scan our message board, "PA Genealogy Message Center", where we encourage you to post your questions (or answers to others' questions) or share your success stories or frustrations. The message board is your place to chat with each other so grab a cup of coffee and meet your fellow travelers on the research road online!

Behind the kitchen is our research library. This is where we keep all the genealogy info we've been collecting for ages. We've compiled all kinds of lists pertaining to PA and we're always adding new st uff here! We do research as well, and you'll find our specialities listed here

Next, we come to the Family Room, where we proudly display families. A poem and a coat-of-arms are there, now.

Main|Kitchen|Library|Family Room|Studio|Tour

You are the [an error occurred while processing this directive] person to take our Tour since our counter was installed on 12/1/96! Come back soon and be sure to bring your friends! We love having company!