Since 1906 Dr. Ernest E. Levers has been an active member of the medical profession in Sheridan, and has in the intervening period of twelve years built up an extensive and gratifying practice. He acts both as physician and surgeon and along these general lines has successfully treated many patients.
Dr. Levers is a native of Massillon, Ohio, having been born in that city April 21, 1871. a son of William and Lucinda (Hassler) Levers. Ernest E. Levers received his elementary education in the Massillon public schools, there preparing himself for entry at college. From 1890 until 1895 he was a student at Heidelberg University of Tiffin, Ohio, and he subsequently entered the medical department of Ohio University at Columbus, from which he was graduated with the degree of M. D. in 1898.
Advising with himself, he decided upon the west as the most favorable location for a young physician and the year 1898 found him at Rock Springs, Wyoming, where he continued until 1899, acting during that time as assistant surgeon for the Union Pacific Railway Coal Company. He then removed to Evanston, Wyoming, where he remained until 1905. In the fall of the latter year he came to Sheridan, becoming medical director of the Wyoming General Hospital and so continuing until 1906. In this connection as well as railroad surgeon he gained a large amount of medical experience, well qualifying him to take care of a diversified private practice. Since 1906 he has been so engaged and as the years have passed his clientage has grown and he enjoys a reputation as a faithful and highly experienced physician and surgeon. He has grown with the onward march of the profession and keeps in close contact with the latest discoveries and the most modern processes of medical science. His ability is justly recognized and he well deserves the honor of having been named a member of the Wyoming state board of medical examiners, in which capacity he served from 1900 until 1903. Another indication of his high professional standing is given in the fact that he is an ex-president of the Wyoming State Medical Society, of which organization he remains a valued member. Through the interchange of experience he keeps in touch with the latest developments in his line and is ever ready to study and approve the latest phases which pertain to surgical as well as medical treatments.
The professional side of the life of Dr. Levers is, however, only one—even if the most important—of his activities, for he also has taken his place in the political field. Since coming to the west and to Wyoming he has made the interests of his adopted city his own and has done everything in his power to further the same. From 1903 until 1907 he was a member of the Wyoming state senate—a high testimonial from his fellow citizens considering the short length of his residence in the state. While connected with the legislature he left no hand unturned to promote bills and measures of benefit to the whole state, at the same time taking good care of the particular interests of his constituents. In 1905 the honor fell to him to serve as the president of the state senate and in that executive position he wielded great influence, contributing in no mean measure toward the legislative history of the state.
Dr. Levers stands high in the Masonic order, being a Knight Templar and a Shriner. He also is a member of the subordinate lodge and encampment of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and in his life practices the teachings of brotherly love and helpfulness which underlie these organizations. Personally he is popular, having made many friends in Sheridan, and all those who know him speak highly of him in regard to every relation in his life whether professional. public or private.