Wyoming has always been distinguished by the high rank of her bench and bar. There is no city of the state which cannot boast of one or more particularly capable lawyers whose ability would enable them to cross swords in forensic combat with the strongest representatives of the profession. On the whole, the members of the bar have been thoroughly trained for their duties, for it is well known that the profession is one in which advancement must depend upon individual merit. Ranking with the leading attorneys of Fremont county, Bryant S. Cromer is now accorded a liberal patronage in Riverton, where he makes his home.
He was born in Carthage, Illinois, February 8, 1881. a son of the Rev. James M. Cromer, who for forty years was a minister of the Lutheran church and for twenty-eight years filled a pulpit in Kansas City. He was also widely known as a magazine and newspaper writer of note. Following his retirement he removed to Casper Wyoming, where he engaged in the sheep industry, and has acquired extensive property holdings in that section of the state.
Bryant S. Cromer was largely educated in the public and high schools of Kansas City and in 1899 entered the University of Michigan. in which he pursued his law course, winning his LL. B. degree upon graduation with the class of 1902. He acquired a scholarship in the Chicago University prior to taking up his law studies in the University of Michigan. but preferred to pay his tuition in the latter institution on account of its superior law department. Following his admission to the bar in Kansas City on the 12th of September. 1902, he there entered upon active practice and through the succeeding decade was a prominent attorney of that city. In November, 1912, he came to Wyoming and early in 1913 located in Casper. In June, 1916, he removed to Riverton, where he has now become well established in law practice, a liberal clientage being accorded him that is constantly growing in volume and in importance. He has been connected with many leading law cases during the period of his residence in Wyoming and has demonstrated his power to successfully handle the interests intrusted to his care. He prepares his cases with great thoroughness and care and his sound reasoning, his logical deductions and the force of his arguments are salient features in his growing success.
In 1912 Mr. Cromer was married in Kansas City, Missouri, to Miss Josephine Smith. They are loyal members of the Methodist Episcopal church and in the community where they reside are held in high regard.
Mr. Cromer votes with the republican party and while in Kansas City was appointed by Governor Hadley of Missouri to the position of special counsel for the Kansas City board of police commissioners, in which important official capacity he served for two years. He is a member of Phi Delta Phi, a college fraternity. He enjoys the high esteem of professional colleagues and contemporaries, who recognize his fidelity to the highest professional standards of ethics, his fairness to opposing counsel and his courtesy to the court.