Ove H. Peterson is proprietor of the Rawlins Music House, a dealer in pianos and high grade phonographs, specializing in the Edison line. His business has shown a constant development and steady growth and his is today one of the leading music houses in this section of the state. Thoroughly familiar with everything that has to do with the trade, Mr. Peterson has closely studied the wishes of the public and his enterprising methods have brought to him a substantial patronage.
    A native of Denmark, he was born in Copenhagen, August 15, 1883. a son of the late I. H. Peterson, who was a native of Denmark, where he engaged in merchandising. He continued his residence in Copenhagen until called to his final rest, passing away in 1901, when he had reached the age of sixty years. He was a very successful merchant and took an active part in public affairs, being recognized as a man of considerable influence in national politics. He married Ann Margaret Hanson, a native of Denmark. She became the mother of five children.
    Ove H. Peterson, who was the third in order of birth, pursued his education in the national schools of Denmark and under private instructors in leading cities of Germany. He specialized in the study of instrumental music and was graduated with high honors in piano. During his residence of four years in Germany he was also studying the German system of mercantile and business pursuits and on the expiration of that period he returned to Denmark, where he entered his father's store, there remaining for a year. The opportunities of the new world, however, attracted him and, crossing the Atlantic to the United States, he arrived in New York city in June, 1901. He did not tarry on the Atlantic coast, however, but made his way direct to Rawlins, where he had relatives and friends living, his primary inducement to making Rawlins his choice of a place of residence being that an uncle was a resident of this city. On his arrival he secured employment with the firm of Hugus & Company, proprietors of the leading general merchandise establishment of the city, the predecessors of the Ferguson Mercantile Company. Mr. Peterson remained with that house for a year and from 1901 until 1907 he was traveling over the United States, also spending eight months of that period abroad, visiting his old home, also London, Paris and Berlin. Upon his return to America he again took up his abode in Rawlins and became identified with his uncle, Jim Hanson, in the stock raising business, the latter being one of the most extensive sheep, cattle and horse raisers in this section. Mr. Peterson remained with his uncle as private secretary until 1914. when he established his present business, in which he has since been continuously and successfully engaged. This was the first exclusive music house established in Carbon county, if not in western Wyoming, and his trade covers the entire western part of the state. Not only does he handle pianos of high grade manufacture but also the Edison Diamond Disc phonograph and has an Edison laboratory, being a licensed representative of those interests in this section of the country. He is also engaged in teaching music and has organized the Rawlins High School Band. In a word he is one of the most prominent figures in musical circles in this city and has done much to develop musical taste and promote the standards of musical education in this section.
    On the 7th of June, 1916, Mr. Peterson was united in marriage in Colorado Springs. Colorado, to Miss Lois Derby Wallace, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wallace, prominent people of Denver. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson have become the parents of a daughter, Ruth H., who was born in Rawlins, July 20, 1917.
    Mr. Peterson maintains an independent course in politics but has become a recognized factor in connection with public interests and Social activities in Rawlins. He is a member of the Lutheran church and his influence is always on the side of those interests which have cultural value and lift the individual from the drudgery of everyday business life, thus broadening his interests and augmenting his powers. While Mr. Peterson was most liberally educated ere he left Europe, he had attained comparatively little financial standing when he came to the new world and sought the business opportunities here offered in order that he might advance in that way. His progress is due to his own efforts and perseverance. He is more than satisfied with Wyoming as a place of residence, believing that the state has a great future, and he is contributing in substantial measure to the upbuilding and development of Rawlins, his efforts constituting a valuable contribution to those interests which must ever prove a balance to commercial activity if a well rounded development is to result.

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