Mrs. N. Artisee Erickson, county superintendent of schools of Albany county and a well known resident of Laramie, pursued her education in the Pennsylvania State Normal School at Millersville, Pennsylvania, from which she was graduated with the class of 1892, winning the degree of M. E. She has largely devoted her life to teaching and was connected with the graded schools of Laramie for ten years. On the 27th of June. 1900, in Laramie, she became the wife of Andrew Erickson and after her husband's death in 1909 returned to school work. In 1911 she was elected to the position of county superintendent of schools serving for four years or until January 1, 1915, and in 1917 she was again elected to the office. In this connection one of the local papers said of Mrs. Erickson:
    "She is the democratic candidate for county superintendent of schools and it is far from necessary for us to apologize for Mrs. Erickson in any particular whatever. Nothing can be said in favor of Mrs. Erickson that will be of higher tribute to her than to ask you to look up her record when she served in this capacity two years ago. Mrs. Erickson has proven herself competent and able, she has proven that her first interest is the interests of the schools of Albany county and if she is reelected the office of county superintendent will be filled by a woman against whom no word has ever been spoken and in whom the people of Albany county can place their entire confidence and feel that there is no doubt as to how that office will be conducted for the next two years."
    Mrs. Erickson is a descendant of the Edward Mott family, prominently known in Pennsylvania, and a daughter of Levi Smith, of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. She belongs to the Woman's Club of Laramie and was state treasurer of the Wyoming Federation of Women's Clubs from 1909 until 1911. She belongs to the Methodist church and she has taken a most active and helpful interest in various lines of uplift work, keeping in touch with the broad sociological, economic and political questions which have important bearing upon the welfare of the individual and the nation at large, she has traveled extensively in this country, and in the summer of 1910 toured Europe in the interest of school work, incidentally visiting the Passion Play at Oberammergau and other places of interest
    Throughout Albany county she is spoken of in terms of the highest regard, for her work in behalf of the schools has been most effective. Her ideals are high, her methods are practical and in all of her work she is actuated by a progressive spirit that is most resultant. Broad-minded, keeping in touch with the general trend of public thought and progress, she is alive to all the interests and questions of the day and recognizes the fact that the real object of education is to prepare one for whatever life may bring that duties may be well performed and responsibilities fully met.

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