L. W. Clelland, filling the office of county clerk of Converse county and making his home in Douglas, was born in Ohio on the 13th of December, 1847, a son of William. A. and Betsy (Ricketts) Clelland. The father was a cabinet maker by trade and in 1849 he left his Ohio home en route for Council Bluffs, Iowa, after which he was never heard from again. His wife died when their son, L. W., was three months old. The boy was thus left an orphan when but two years of age. He pursued his education in the public schools of Ohio and at an early age went to work on a farm, being thus employed until he came to the west in 1881. Attracted by the opportunities which he believed might be secured in this section of the country, he made his way to Wyoming, settling at Wagon Hound creek, where he turned his attention to stock raising. In this venture, however, he lost all that he had saved. Undiscouraged, he nevertheless started again in the live stock business and is making good in the undertaking. Losses at times seem a great blow but in realty may be counted a substantial gain, for in addition to the strength and capability which the individual previously possessed he adds an experience that has been a valuable asset and the new combination of strength, capability and experience ofttimes constitutes the broad foundation upon which is built substantial success. Thus it has proven in the case of Mr. Clelland and by determined effort, perseverance and capable management he has steadily worked his way upward, being today one of the substantial residents of Converse county.
    His fellow townsmen, appreciating his worth and ability, have several times called Mr. Clelland to positions of trust and responsibility. In 1902 he was chosen county treasurer and occupied the position for four years. In 1906 he was elected to the office of county clerk and served in that capacity for four years. In 1910 he was chosen to represent his district in the state legislature and in 1912 became the candidate of his party for the state senate but lost the election by a single vote. In 1916 he was once more elected county clerk, a fact indicative of the confidence and trust reposed in him by the people of his home county, who had tested his ability, efficiency and his devotion to the general good.
    On the 25th of February, 1873, Mr. Clelland was united in marriage to Miss Olive L. Guthrie. Fraternally he is a Mason and has attained the Knight Templar degree of the York Rite. His political allegiance has always been given to the democratic party and he has been found true and loyal to every trust reposed in him. Those who know him, and he has a wide acquaintance, entertain for him warm personal regard by reason of his social nature, his genial disposition and his many admirable traits of character.

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