John Watt long well known in Laramie, has an enviable reputation for honesty and fair dealing and is today at the head of one of the leading clothing establishments of the city as the result of his close application and progressive business methods. He was born in Fraserburgh, Scotland, February 7, 1878, a son of John and Elizabeth (Trail) Watt, who came to America in 1890 and took up their abode in Laramie. In early life the father was a seafaring man and in that connection visited almost every civilized part of the globe. Both he and his wife passed away in Laramie.
    John Watt, whose name introduces this review, was a lad of twelve years when he accompanied his parents to the United States. He began his education in the schools of Scotland and continued his studies in the public schools of Laramie, mastering those branches of learning which well qualified him for life's practical and responsible duties. After leaving the public schools he entered the Wyoming State University, which he attended for one year, and then made his initial step in the business world, entering the employ of Mr. Lehman, with whom he continued as confidential clerk for twenty-two years. Anxious, however, to engage in business on his own account, he carefully saved his earnings and in March, 1915, bought out his employer and has since conducted the business alone on even a more extensive scale, success in substantial measure rewarding; his labors. He has one of the splendidly equipped clothing stores of southern Wyoming, carrying a large and attractive line of goods, while his business methods, his reasonable prices and his enterprise commend him to the support and continued patronage of the public.
    In September, 1907, Mr. Watt was united in marriage to Miss Hattie Lohlein, of Lusk, a daughter of Mrs. M. T. Lohlein. They have become the parents of one child, Lester, who was born in Laramie in 1911 and is attending school.
    Fraternally Mr. Watt is connected with the Knights of Pythias and the Woodmen of the World. In politics he maintains an independent course, voting for men and measures rather than for party, but at all times casting the weight of his aid and influence on the side of progress ami improvement. He is a self-made man, having started out in life empty-handed and worked his way upward through persistency of purpose, diligence and determination. His course measures up to high commercial standards and through the long period of his residence in Laramie he has enjoyed an enviable reputation as a business man and as a citizen.

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